VIDEO: City Commissioner Dianne Williams-Cox Explains Vote on Southside Development, Addresses Urban Sprawl

VIDEO: City Commissioner Dianne Williams-Cox Explains Vote on Southside Development, Addresses Urban Sprawl

Provide below is two-minute clip taking from an interview with City Commissioner Dianne Williams-Cox related to her vote to move forward with a southside development.

City Commissioner Dianne Williams-Cox appears on The Steve Stewart Show, 5/31/2022.


Steve Stewart: Explain to our listeners why you voted to go ahead and expand the urban services area so we could build more homes in those areas?

DWC: I think that it is very important. Well, first of all, let’s look historically. This kind of development has not happened on the south side. It’s happened in other parts of town and I think that it is very important that we move our city up together and not parts of our city.

And so I am very interested in development on the south side being smart. Not being all low rent. We need mixed level housing because we need to make sure that we’re not dumping inferior product on the south side. And you know that may have happened in the past but we’re wiser now.

And we’re making sure that we are monitoring and that we are making sure that anyone who comes to want to develop here they are having to follow the law. They’re following the rules and we’re listening to our neighbors.

I live on the south side. I take great pride in in living and living on the south side. I’ve lived there 30 plus years. That’s where we raise our families. And I know the potential. And I’m looking forward to the potential. But one of the things that we have to make sure is that we do not allow gentrification that will cause people to be moved out of their neighborhoods and their homes because they’ve been priced out.

So we’ve got a delicate balance that we’ve got to have. So we’ve got to stay woke and be smart on how we do this and we have to do it together.

Steve Stewart: So you don’t view this as urban sprawl?

DWC: I do not because it’s not happening uncontrollably. You know urban sprawl happens, you know, you look at the definition of urban sprawl. It’s happening uncontrollably.

We need housing as people are moving in and we need to make sure that we were having a proper housing. I heard someone say, we have 2000 realtors trying to sell 200 homes and my son was just the market to buy a home. I know how difficult it is to find good housing. So, no, I don’t see it as urban sprawl. I see it as an opportunity to grow our city very smartly.


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7 Responses to "VIDEO: City Commissioner Dianne Williams-Cox Explains Vote on Southside Development, Addresses Urban Sprawl"

  1. The southside elected her, and they are getting exactly what they voted for. The southside will always be the southside as long as they keep electing incompetent people like DWC. If the residents want improvement on the southside they have to elect competent people, it is that simple.

  2. I agree with the vote, but I can barely follow her answer. The fallacy of the City and County in a state of “urban sprawl” is nonsense. It’s just a trigger word that the DLPs (Dems/Libs/Progs) use to push the pack ’em and stack ’em mentality. They want everyone living on top of each other so we can all walk, skateboard, and EV scooter everywhere.

    It’s gonna be a big issue in this election, so she should tighten that up. She had also better prepare to answer about the “Out of Sunshine” secret meeting that was held to approved the allocation of taxpayer funds to paint an entire intersection with the “Marxists Welcome” sign.

  3. Yet she is oblivious to the sewage pouring into Lake Munson ON THE SOUTH SIDE…

    Dianne and Curtis Richardson are always screaming how they protect the southside. High crime rate and raw sewage out of control.

    TR, who checks the water quality for the city? I think they need to be replaced.

  4. No one wants low income housing anywhere near their home. The southside is a mess of the residents own doing. A black man passes out on a road at night, gets run over and the family wants the deputy investigated!!!! How do you reason with such ignorance. To make matters worse, black on black inter city shootings are now classified as “mass shootings.” To the southside residents, the solution is in the mirror.

  5. “So we’ve got to stay woke and be smart on how we do this and we have to do it together.”

    You can’t be both……. If you’re Woke, you can’t be Smart.

  6. There have been numerous sewage spills from new developments on Diane’s watch. Now with the Lake Munson water quality unable to be controlled is on her watch.

    One only has to look at the Boulos Corporation development on Apalachee Parkway to see that she fails to deliver a good product regarding new home developments.

    Vote her out!

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