Manny Joanos Files for Leon County Commission District 2

Manny Joanos Files for Leon County Commission District 2

On Wednesday, June 1st, former Leon County Commissioner Manny Joanos filed to run for District 2’s vacant seat after County Commissioner Jimbo Jackson passed away on May 28th due to complications from long COVID.

Joanos currently serves as the coordinator for public relations at Lively Technical Center. He previously served as a Leon County School administrator and owned/operated Manny’s Restaurant in Tallahassee for over two decades.

Joanos has experience serving as a Leon County Commissioner representing s District 3 from 1990 to 1998.

As his role as an LCS administrator, Joanos served as the director of transportation. Joanos was reassigned to Lively after the transition to a new transportation approach resulted in students stranded at bus stops for hours in the first few days of the 2019-20 school year.

An election will be held this year to fill the vacant seat and the winner will complete the remaining two-year term. If three or more candidates qualify, there will be an August primary, and the top two candidates will advance to the general election in November.

Also, Governor Ron DeSantis has the authority to appointment a replacement to serve in the seat until the election winner is determined.

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  1. Time is short. there is no conservative running for any local public office .. it is a real shame we don’t have anyone to run! ? qualifying begins.
    ? Local Candidates: From noon on 6/13 to noon on 6/17/2022

  2. Stephen:

    I think you answered your own question. It is right before your eyes in all these years there is no corruption associated with Mr. Joanos; only serving his community to do good.

  3. Hope: for someone who’s as aware as you are about Yordon, Dailey, Maddox, etc., how can you be so unaware of Mr. Joanos. He’s been around quite awhile and knows a lot of good old folks. New blood (not blood from the past) is sorely needed.

  4. Yes, I know I am speaking of the city commission. Blah blah blah and everyone forgets all the horrible terrible felonious adulterous sadistic crap citizens have had to endure from morons like Nick Maddox and his sexual advances investigation at the Boys & Girls Club, the Gillum orgy, the Scott Maddox felonies, the lobbyists and PR hacks, the years of Gary Yordon and his nonsense, Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce ridiculousness junkets and I am sick and tired people beating up on decent people and they say nothing about the above! The most recent the mayor’s CSC which is nothing more than a conduit to their slush funds for their PR hacks! I am sick of it!

    Post Script … Ramon Alexander

    If you are going to beat up on decent people how dare you not mention the above, first.

    Anytime anyone disrespect Manny, a decent man, and not mention all of the above they will get an earful from me…

  5. @ You are speaking of the city commission. Manny is running for the county.
    In reference to the county commission, perhaps you should re-acquaint yourself with my final sentence in my original post. That should make it clear what esteem I hold them in.
    In reference to the city commission, my last sentence could very well apply.
    I understand that reading comprehension is no longer de rigueur and flippant responses rule the day so I shall repeat myself for convenience: incompetence is preferable to what we have in office now.

  6. FLC,

    Hmm… did our former mayor just go to prison, did his girlfriend go to prison, did the former mayor put the Florida Democratic Party office in peril, did the previous former mayor end up in a fetal position in a drug orgy?

    Is our present mayor running around misusing City resources to promote himself? Did the present mayor just get a spanking by his opponent in a political debate? Is the present mayor going around saying he has made “sweeping changes” in ethics…? Hahaha!!!

    Did our present mayor just give away $27 million meant for infrastructure for stadium seats… When children are starving, our waters are becoming tainted, and crime is out of control?
    What’s the saying look in your own backyard?


  7. Did he get his qualification papers in on time, this time? No going to court again to force himself on the ballot like in 1998 when he couldn’t be bothered to keep up with his own paperwork?
    Should we expect more fiascos like his bussing program that got him removed from his position and reassigned?
    If nothing else, incompetence is preferable to what we have in office now with the county commission so he will get my vote.

  8. tODD,

    Provide the address of your penitentiary and I will request that the Hope Aglow Ministry provides you with a Bible.

    Have a Blessed Day!

  9. Go back and look..this is the moron that ran the busses two yrs ago… Remember all the bull shit from that right…go elect that idoit and see what happens…

  10. @ Lisa,

    A district lost a good man. The many needs of the people in that District don’t stop. I think it is touching that someone steps up for the needs of the people and I believe Jimbo Jackson would appreciate that.

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