Commissioner Porter Slams City Manager for Hiring Mayor’s Chief of Staff

Commissioner Porter Slams City Manager for Hiring Mayor’s Chief of Staff

City Commissioner Jack Porter accused Tallahassee City Manager Reese Goad of cronyism while criticizing the recent hiring of Thomas Whitley, the Mayor’s Chief of Staff, as the Director of Strategic Innovation, during the city meeting on June 8th.

The hire was first reported by Tallahassee Reports.

Thomas Whitley has worked as the mayor’s chief of staff for four years. However, he began work this week as the new Director of Strategic Innovation. In this position, Whitley will oversee the lobbying efforts by the city at a state and federal level. Also, Whitley will direct and execute the city’s strategic plan and develop policy.

Porter condemned the city manager for hiring someone who has “no formal experience and no formal training, and no formal qualifications,” with the exception of his work in the mayor’s office. “This reeks of cronyism,” Porter said, “it’s a slap in the face to the city employees who have worked for decades to achieve this kind of raise and promotion.”

Whitley holds a doctorate in Religions of Western Antiquity from Florida State University. Prior to his four years assisting the mayor, Whitley served as the Assistant Director of the Office of Graduate Fellowships and Awards at FSU for just under two years.

Whitley received a $36,000 raise with his new position, making his new salary $130,000.

Goad stood by his decision to hire Whitely, stating he was the best candidate for the job. Mayor Dailey reminded the commissioners of the city’s non-interference clause that prohibits them from involving themselves in city employees’ hiring or firing practices.

Dailey wrapped up the meeting, remarking there wouldn’t be further public discussion about the hiring of any city employee.

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  1. @Steve

    You appear to be infatuated with the issue of who broke this story first, TR or the Democrat. Let me assure you, not too many of your readers are sitting around the kitchen table discussing who broke the story first. In short, that’s not an issue anyone really gives a “rat’s _ss” about.

    What most people want to read, especially from TR, are both sides of a story with factual and accurate information presented in a concise, readable form. Who presented that first really doesn’t enter into the picture.

    Think about it.

  2. Time is short. there is no conservative running for any local public office .. it is a real shame we don’t have anyone to run! ? qualifying begins.
    ? Local Candidates: From noon on 6/13 to noon on 6/17/2022

  3. Bellamy Daily donors = Scott Maddox donors. Goad hiring engineered by Maddox…..this is all you need to know about Tallahassee

  4. @Frank lol Elaine was never elected by anyone. The one time she was on the ballot, 60% of Tallahasseeans voted against her.

  5. @DavidB The biggest omissions we readers grouse about are David Bellamy and John Dailey’s campaigns being run by longtime Scott Maddox bag man Reggie Cardozo, who lives in St. Pete. Haven’t seen that published anywhere yet.

    As a lifelong Republican I was interested in Bellamy and even Dailey, but seeing that they are nothing but Chamber mouthpieces with direct Maddox ties… no thanks

  6. DavidB,

    For one…”City budget staff are predicting a shortfall in revenues this year and a $4 million deficit in Tallahassee’s 2023 budget”.
    TD – June 8, 2022

  7. @FLC, I agree with your conclusions.

    I did not know about the incident regarding the vetting for a citizen’s action committee although, I am not surprised. It seems a complaint should be filed if you get the evidence. This is a very serious claim.

    If Matlow and Porter think “white men need not apply”, Matlow is a useful idiot and so is any white man who votes for him or Porter. Any white woman who votes for them should be ashamed and any one who claims they are against racism who votes for them is a hypocrite.

  8. Steve,

    The motive is truth and honesty and you are in the tank for John DAILEY…

    Don’t call me a coward because you being in the tank for John Dailey is unconscionable that you can’t at least report fairly.

    Please disclose the amount you are receiving from the John Dailey campaign for advertising purposes, then we will talk.

  9. Katherine F,

    LOL at the Intel received due to the comment that TW was Dailey’s campaign manager… Keep the Intel coming…

  10. Lol at TW being Dailey’s campaign manager –

    Dailey has hired Reggie Cardozo (former Governance Executive Director and Deputy Campaign Manager to Scott Maddox) to run his campaign from Tampa using Fort Lauderdale-based PAC contributions that go back to all the usual shady characters – out of state billionaires, energy companies, big sugar, etc.

    Everyone who worked for Scott Maddox took deals to testify against him and reopened shops under new names and they are all currently working heavily in Dailey and Bellamy’s races.

    In fact, Scott Maddox is currently being housed at FCI Tallahassee even though we all thought he was in Alabama serving time. I hope he’s here for further depositions and testimony, but ultimately, he’s probably getting a lot of intel from his cronies in the community.

    Dailey used to use Vancore Jones of course, but after two lashings in 2020, they are simply working from the shadows more – in conjunction with Andrew Gay (Dailey’s treasurer/the Chamber’s treasurer/GrimsleyCPAs/Capitol Advisors) to create money sucks like “Progress TLH PAC” – Drew Jones and Andrew Gay are sitting on 25k right there ready to spend.

  11. This person was the most qualified applicant?!?

    Either City of Tallahassee did not do a very thorough search for qualified candidates or no candidate with truly valid qualifications had any interest in applying to work in an environment which seems to wreak of unprofessional and unethical behavior with little accountability.

  12. During the vetting for a citizen’s action committee, Porter and Matlow openly stated that white males were not to be elected and the positions should go to females and minorities.
    I watched online and it is preserved in video which I would like to obtain a copy so I file a complaint of prejudice.
    Her calling out this is nothing more than a distraction from her own vile agenda.
    I agree it should be called out, but she is the last who should be throwing stones.

  13. TR is not reporting the resistance John Dailey is getting on the campaign trail by his opponents, forum moderators, attendees of the forums, his otherwise voter’s base, the Dailey and Bellamy equivocation method, Dailey and Bellamy gaslighting, or giving opinions on their blatant corruption such as what we are seeing here, etc…

    It is as blatant as the Tallahassee Democrat was in the tank for Scott Maddox so it goes for TR is with Mayor Dailey.

    It bodes well for the Sky Boxers and the let them eat cake crowd, but the people on the southside living with tainted water, septic tanks, crime, etc not so good.

    Here is a news flash! FSU had the resources to raise the money for their Stadium and Mayor DAILEY chose quid pro quo for campaign contributions rather than to do the right thing and disperse money for infrastructure to the people whose taxes pay for it. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

    1. Your anonymous hits at TR’s credibility reeks of cowardice and leaves out facts. For example, we were the first to break the Whitley story and we have provided substantial coverage of Dailey’s opponent and her views. Not sure what your motive is. Steve Stewart 850-766-6208

  14. Jack Porter is doing this papers job. Why no one in the Tallahassee media is making this point means you are all on the take. John Dailey is a corrupt political hack and Steve Stewart always seems to cover for him. Tallahassee is being flushed down the toilet by hacks.

  15. Me thinks Dailey is getting Whitley another position since he doesnt think he will get re-elected. Goad is paying back Dailey for not pushing for much needed reform within city staff and policies, or lack thereof. I think the saying is quid pro quo. And, this new position is done just a week after staff came back with budget concerns, plus, after the mid-night management promotions and raises! Where is the citizen outrage call for Dailey’s recall??

  16. Barb,

    She did say with the exception of working in the mayor’s office. Even in this made up position, that is not needed, with what he is supposed to do he has no training in those areas.

    Do you want a surgeon operating on your child who doesn’t have qualifications?

    Commissioner Porter was right to call the mayor out on this farce. She is doing her job.

    I think Mayor Dailey’s days in office are numbered…

    153 Days until the 2022 Election

  17. Porter said Whitley has no formal experience, training or qualifications except for his work in the mayor’s office.
    Why does his work in the mayor’s office not count as formal experience, etc.?

    Apparently, the commissioners are not allowed to get involved in the hiring or firing of city employees. So, why are Porter and Matlow interfering with the hiring of a city employee?

    It seems like it’s just the continuing of the 3 – 2 divide amongst themselves.

  18. Good grief:

    “Goad directly addressed the concerns as Dailey twice reminded his colleagues of the city’s non-interference clause that bars them from being involved in the hiring and firing practices of city employees. The mayor said there would be no public discussion about the hiring of any city employee. ” TDO

  19. Goad abd Dailey put this person in this position to be a campaign manager to handle Mayor Dailey’s campaign… They are setting him up to run for Governor in 2026… at the taxpayers expense.

    I believe you can file a complaint with the FBI online and citizens should turn out at the next City Commission meeting to call out Mayor Dailey on this.

  20. Good for her. She is showing some mettle in this role. It’s not easy to call out the malfeasance and nonsense in front of all the supposedly powerful mucky mucks.

    Wasn’t sure for a while there, but I’m very glad I voted for her. Nice work here altogether (including with TR, mostly) and a breath of fresh air from the tired Chambercrat status quo.

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