Leon County Schools Names New Principals

Leon County Schools Names New Principals

In a press release, Leon County Schools announced administration changes at several schools. Listed below are the changes provided to local media outlets.

Leon County Schools Names New Principals for 2022-2023 School Year

Six schools will begin the 2022-2023 school year with new leadership and one school will transition to new leadership in June. The following personnel changes will be recommended to the Leon County School Board for final approval on Tuesday, June 28. All of the staff is present on their new school sites beginning today, June 13, 2022.

Apalachee Elementary School: Dr. Pam Hightower
Dr. Pamela Hightower will be the new principal of Apalachee Tapestry Magnet School of the Arts. Dr. Hightower has an extensive career in elementary education and previously served as the Director of Title 1 Schools as well as the principal of Bond Elementary.

Mrs. Tiffany Williams will be taking on a new role with Lively Technical College.

Conley Elementary School: Ben Threadgill
Mr. Ben Threadgill will be the next principal of J. Michael Conley elementary School. Mr. Threadgill has been the assistant principal at W.T. Moore Elementary for the previous six years. Prior to W.T. Moore, Mr. Threadgill was an assistant principal at Nims, Griffin and Godby.

Fort Braden K-8 School: Todd Lanter
Mr. Todd Lanter will become the new principal of Fort Braden K-8 School. Mr. Lanter has spent the previous 8 years at Godby High School, the most recent 4 as an assistant principal. Mr. Lanter is a Ft. Braden alum having attend as a student growing up in Tallahassee.

Killearn Lakes Elementary School: Jenny Blair
Mrs. Jenny Blair will become the next principal of Killearn Lakes Elementary School. Mrs. Blair has spent twelve years at Godby High School, the most recent eight as an assistant principal. Principal Brenda Wagner will be retiring at the end of the school year. Mrs. Blair will transition to KLES in December as Principal in Transition and then take full reigns of the school beginning in June 2023.

Montford Middle School: Anthony McQuade
Mr. Anthony McQuade is the incoming principal of Montford Middle School. Mr. McQuade will return to Montford after previously serving as a dean there for two years and a teacher for four years. Most recently, Mr. McQuade has been an assistant principal at Lincoln High School for the past three years.

Mr. Lewis Blessing will become the new Director of Curriculum Services at the District.

Sabal Palm Elementary School: Shannon Davis
Mrs. Shannon Davis will be the new principal at Sabal Palm Elementary, a Community Partnership School. Mrs. Davis has served as the assistant principal at Sabal Palm for the previous three years. Prior to Sabal Palm, Mrs. Davis was an assistant principal at Ruediger, Bond and Oak Ridge elementary schools.

Mrs. Anicia Robinson is leaving Sabal Palm to become the new Director of Elementary Schools at the District.

Swift Creek Middle School: Jason Koerner
Mr. Jason Koerner will become the new principal of Swift Creek Middle School. Mr. Koerner served as the principal of Conley Elementary for the previous four years. Prior to serving at Conley, Mr. Koerner served as an assistant principal of Lincoln High School.

Mrs. Sue Rishell is retiring from the District after a wonderful career.

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  1. @ Gabriel = Make that “ole School Science and ole School Biology because what THEY are calling Science & Biology NOW, ain’t REAL Science & Biology.

  2. Superintendent on full alert..,Folks not happy with LGBTQ ABCD shift change in educating their babies with grown folk deviant sexual behaviors. Good grief yall!
    They need ole school math, English, science, social studies, gym etal. We don’t need a generation of social misfits!

    It time for a broad house cleaning. Folks, don’t miss this opportunity to take out the TRASH!

  3. What a surprise! Sarah Hembree, the principal of Cobb Middle School is not on the list. Remember her tirade, in the beginning of May, against parents for “getting in our way” because parents object to the LGBT grooming going on in the schools (not to mention CRT).

    The Superintendent and a couple of board members wrung their hands and muttered something or other about it. We knew at the time, she would not be removed; she’s on the team.

  4. Correct me if I am wrong but…..I have NEVER seen so many “Shake Ups” under any Superintendent as I have with this one. What is going on?

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