Leon County Commission Meeting Briefs June 14

Leon County Commission Meeting Briefs June 14

During the Leon County Board of County Commission meeting on June 14th, the Board heard an update on the preparations taken by the Leon County Sheriff’s Office HOST program. The Assistant Sheriff informed the county that the HOST program launch date is June 20th.

Commissioners unanimously approved additional funding for the Tallahassee-Leon County Commission on the Status of Women and Girls in the amount of $48,750 for a total annual expenditure of $68,750.

After a unanimous vote by elected officials, the county determined that it would contribute $6,000 in funds for the MLK Celebration and a total of $10,000 for Soul Santa.

Florida Civil Rights Museum presented to county officials a proposal requesting funding in the amount of $240,000 for a civil rights museum in Tallahassee. Commissioner Minor made a motion to have the item returned for consideration when the commission works on the legislative agenda for 2023, thereby making it a statewide focus for funding.

Additionally, Commissioner Dozier recommended that it may be possible to take advantage of $1.8 million in unused tourist development funds from the CRA to support the museum effort. An item will come back to the commission at a later meeting to follow up with Dozier’s suggestion.

The commissioners voted in a 5-1 vote, with Commissioner Proctor in dissent, to approve an agreement between the county and the proprietor of the property bordering the Lake Hall School House that states the county will pay an “option fee” of $20,000 to the landowner. The county then has 12 months to purchase the property. The initial $20,000 will be detracted from the $425,000 at closing if the land is bought.

Furthermore, Commissioners Dozier and Proctor recommended having county staff reach out to the Leon County School Board and the City Commission regarding their commitment to funding the Lake Hall School House restoration.

The commission approved Leroy Peck for a vacant seat on the Advisory Committee for Quality Growth for a three-year term ending May 31st, 2025.

David Kirk was appointed to the Advisory Committee for Quality Growth for a three-year term ending May 31st, 2025.

Marguerite McCauley was appointed to the Animal Shelter Advisory Board for the remainder of the unexpired term ending September 30th, 2023.

The Board reappointed Erin VanSickle to the Architectural Review Board for a three-year term ending on June 30th, 2025.

John Outland was reappointed to the Board of Adjustments and Appeals for three-year terms ending June 30th, 2025.

Commissioner Minor suggested having the county staff bring an item back before the commission that research options to require the landlords to give earlier notice of any rent increase and allow tenets to break the lease without penalty if the increase is more than five percent. The suggestion comes in light of increasing rates nationwide due to inflation.

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  1. Here’s a thought… allow HOST money for hand signs to give to citizens to hold up at intersections while stopped at a stoplight that says “GET A JOB” when approached by a panhandler.

  2. “to require the landlords to give earlier notice of any rent increase and allow tenets to break the lease without penalty if the increase is more than five percent.” ……………. Why 5%? It should be .1% seeing how if YOU signed a Contrack with Rent Price Terms and they raise your Rent BEFORE they were allowed to, THEY Broke the Agreement and you should be able to go after them in Court. Usually on a 5 Year Contrack, they are allowed to go up 5% on the 3rd Year and then again 5% on the 4th and another 5% on the 5th Year. Any thing above those amounts is considered Breaking the Contract.

  3. A Florida Civil Rights Museum for $240,000? I thought there was already a Civil Rights Museum here in Tallahassee, either at the R.A. Gray Building or the Old Blue Bank in front of the Old Capital? If not, just add to the Museum in the R.A. Gray Building.

  4. Wow look at all the so called “Black” related subject matter your commission allocated money to!!!
    Excellant virtue signaling there commissioners!!!
    That should make your voter base of privledged better than thou caucasions swoon and race to the voters booth to vote y’all back into your positions!

    Fact is none of your money they just allocated will help lift up our beloved black citizens. Nope not one red cent. But then it was never intended to lift up our beloved black citizens. The sole purpose was the virtue signaling to make the commissioners voter base of privledged caucasions swoon in their hearts and fill their minds with such thoughts as ” see we care about our blacks, we are good people, most of us actually had a black friend in high school”.
    Meanwhile the one and ONLY local program that actually lifts black men out of the gang life, the repeat offender life, the local gun crime life TEMPO got allocated nothing.

    Local white and black citizens tired of getting played take notice of my words. Look in the mirror and ask yourself if you still like being played by these commissioners.

  5. And that story explains the extent Leon Co Commissions will go to waste your tax dollars. Before they throw away your money, they should have discussed and planned for the increased fuel costs of county vehicles. My bet, they waste the money then increase taxes to fuel cops cars, city buses etc.

  6. $20k for the right to purchase land that will never be used?
    Wonder how many homeless that would have fed or housed.

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