Read 26-Page Andrew Gillum Indictment

Read 26-Page Andrew Gillum Indictment

Former Tallahassee mayor Andrew Gillum has been indicted on multiple charges connected to campaign contribution fraud before and during his 2018 run for governor of Florida.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Florida unsealed the indictment Wednesday, showing Gillum has 21 counts against him. The indictment alleges that Gillum accepted gifts and campaign contributions from an undercover FBI agent.

Gillum is facing charges of conspiracy, wire fraud and making false statements, the court document says.

Sharon Lettman-Hicks was also listed as a defendant in the indictment.

Read the 26 page Gillum Indictment.

22 Responses to "Read 26-Page Andrew Gillum Indictment"

  1. Former Tallahassee Democrat reporter Jeffrey Schweers was particularly biased and ignored Gillum’s corruption and constantly trying to manufacture scenarios against DeSantis.

    He is now working for the Orlando Sentinel so readers beware. The Orlando Sentinel should do a disclaimer on each of his articles that the article is a danger to the public-at-large.

    Fortunately Florida was blessed by God and the forces of evil in journalism reporting failed; DeSantis won and considered to be the Best Governor in America!

  2. They should have indicted Gabordi for looking the other way – if he wasn’t already “worm food.” A massive Failure in Journalism.
    I predict Biden will pardon Andrew GUILTY.
    Meanwhile, here’s my suggestion for a new city slogan, considering we’ll have half of the mayors we’ve elected behind bars:
    “Tallahassee: Where the quickest path to Club Fed goes through the Mayor’s office.”

  3. Even though some of the FBI investigations may be politicized and flawed and Judge Hinkel makes-up his own sentencing rules, it’s all we can get down here in sleepy little Tallahassee. It’s better than nothing.

    I hope and pray each day that the FBI probe will continue not only in the city of Tallahassee but perhaps they will also start looking into the county government as well. Their findings at the county level may make the city corruption look like nothing more than a jay-walking offense.

    Here’s a few more characters from both the county and city that most likely are intertwined in the web of corruption: Vince Long, Ben Pingree, Sean Pittman,. Drew Jones, Brian Desloge, Gil Ziffer, Kim Rivers, Adam Corey, Sue Dick and a host of local and out-of-state developers.

    Keep digging FBI. Lot of “nuggets ” still to be found.

  4. @ Snidely,

    Gillum and his co-conspirator will have a fair trial and the evidence is in abundance so rest assured I don’t believe they will walk anywhere other than a federal correctional Institution.

    My guess is that they will plead and get a lower sentence and have a felony record. Then again I wouldn’t be surprised if they throw the book at them.

    Cry-Baby Gillum is making a fool out of himself saying this is politically motivated and unjust. He is crying on deaf ears.

  5. How can anyone trust the FBI after all that corruptly lead agency did carrying the water for dirty Hillary?
    Its possable the whole investigation was started to protect Hillary’s short list of vice presidents of which Gillum was a member of. I know its hard for any long term Tallahassee/Leon voters to even think Democrats could ever be corrupt.
    Disclaimer: we all agree the rank and file FBI agents are great hard workers and likely not too many have been corrupted by their dirty leadership.
    Going to be interesting to see what the leftist Feds have their compliant leftist Judge Hinkle do to Gillum and Sharon Lettman. What ever it is Hinkle will do it. Sit back and watch the leftists do their legal pretzel twisting of the law to allow Gillum to walk away with little to no punishment and a clear political future ahead of Gillum.

  6. Slidell, I don’t doubt this issue will be raised by the defense. Hopefully the FBI will be able to justify the timetable. The campaign trickery went on in time considerably longer than the Maddox/Burnette stuff. Maybe it all had to play out to completion, including final disposition of the campaign funds. But the timeliness is all foggy in my [old] brain. Hope you are wrong. But I had long ago lost hope the charges were still forthcoming, feared it was all dropped due to FBI corruption not to mention the plague of “Sorosis” working behind scenes. Even if Andy wiggles off free, he has been shown to be a dastardly empty suit and even his buds know it deep down.

  7. Christmas come early this year!

    Now we have many others that need investigating and possible indictments.
    Yordon, Marks, Dailey, Matlow, Goad, Dozier, and many others. Anyone with Burnette business dealings for sure.

  8. “Andrew Gillum walked into a federal courtroom in Tallahassee hours after his arrest by the FBI, wearing leg shackles and handcuffs with a chain visible around his navy blue suit.” – from the Democrat.

  9. Per Tallahassee Reports

    “Cecka Rose Green, a former Vice-President/Director for P&P Communications, described the company as a “Tallahassee-based public affairs group specializing in public and community relations, communications, political strategies and event management.”

    The relationship between Gillum and P&P Communications raises several questions.

    First, is the position with P&P Communications paid employment for Mayor Gillum? If so, what are the…”

    Cecks Rose Green must resign immediately from the CSC Director’s position. This was nothing but a shell company to funnel illegal funds into Gillum’s pockets. She lied.

    We simply cannot have a CSC director tied up in corruption that is supposed to have children’s best interests in mind.

  10. And to think he almost WON the Governorship of state of Florida. What kind of HELL would we be living in if he had succeeded?

  11. @Priscilla West

    According to TR, the proposed membership of the LGBTQ+ Advisory Committee for the Leon County School Board includes:

    “Sharon Lettman – Parent”

    BTW, also included on the committee is Dr. Alan Cox, Assistant Superintendent of School Management and husband of Laurie Cox, school board candidate.

  12. OK dont anybody get too happy over this before you read the attached 26 page indictment. Those two did a lot of the exact same bad stuff Maddox and Burnett did.

    The timeline for the white boys and Gillum was exactly the same therefore there was no legitament reason to try the white boys first and seperatly from Gillum. What that means is the seperate trial for Gillum is going to be a total and compleat scam, sham, or flim-flam which ever you want to call it.
    What is going to happen is Tallahassee and Florida politics is going to get a lot of media event happiness and business out of what is going to be a “show” trial. Likely squeeze 12 months or more out of it.
    Then the Feds will once again take it before reliable “leftist tool” Judge Hinkle who will put on his usual “show trial” which may even stretch out to the Presidental election. Then Hinkle will find Gillum not guilty by reason of being black. Thus fufilling the purpose of the seperate trial and protecting Gillum from any future prosicution by tha double jepordy protection afforded by the not guilty verdict.
    And furthermore this totally unjustified seperate trial is going to cost the taxpayers millions and millions of dollars. I wonder if Gillum already knows hes going to walk away squeeky clean.
    Enjoy the “show trial” and when it comes to a close just let me be the first to say “I told you so”

  13. Wasn’t this Sharon Lettman-Hicks one of the appointees to the Leon County Schools LGBTQ+ Advisory Committee?

  14. So FBI – what about the other CURRENT City of Tallahassee employees who knowingly assisted, supported and promoted all these criminal wrong doings of Scott Maddox, Andrew Gillum, Paige Carter-Smith, JT Burnette, Sharon Lettman-Hicks, Rick Fernandez, Dustin Daniels, …..? There are 30 more waiting in the wings. Haven’t we hit the RICCO and Racketeering Level of demonstrating Organized Crime run via the City of Tallahassee Officials at this point?

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