City Commissioner Williams-Cox Discusses, Crime, Jobs, and FSU Vote

City Commissioner Williams-Cox Discusses, Crime, Jobs, and FSU Vote

City Commissioner Dianne Williams-Cox recently appeared on the Steve Stewart Show on RealTalk 93.3 to discuss her reelection campaign and the issues facing Tallahassee.

Williams-Cox, raised in Quincy, Florida, graduated from Florida A&M with a degree in Data Processing Technology and started a career in computer programming. After a short stint living and working in Brevard County, Williams-Cox and her husband moved to Tallahassee, where she worked for the state, and they raised their three sons.

Williams-Cox said her journey in community service began while her children were in school when she started working on the PTA, PTSO, and as the president of the football boosters. Later, Williams-Cox said that she noticed the inequities within different city areas and wanted to get further involved in those issues. “I don’t wear the title of a politician. I am a community servant that got elected,” she said.

Williams-Cox’s community service included time on the Leon County/Tallahassee Planning Commission.

“My time on the planning commission was a very educational opportunity. I learned how things are put together and happen here in the city,” Williams-Cox said.

Additionally, she said she learned to work with other commissioners, understand staff research and suggestions, and truly hear the community’s concerns.

When asked about her campaign, Williams-Cox said, “The folks I am talking to are really concerned about jobs, concerned about gun violence, and concerned about housing. “Those are the top three things I hear most about,” while on the campaign trail.

Williams-Cox added that higher-paying jobs will help children excel in school, as their parents will be home to provide better structure instead of working two or three jobs.

Stewart asked what about the report by Sheriff Walt McNeal, Anatomy of a Homicide, and how it relates to the current gun violence issue.

“What we learned is that we need to get our children and young people engaged in legitimate earnings and life skills, so their lives are not on the line because they are doing illegal things because that’s what they know to do,” she asserted. “To get the criminal intent out of their minds.”

Stewart also asked Williams-Cox if she still agreed with the vote approving the Blueprint economic dollars for the FSU and FAMU stadiums.

Williams-Cox responded, “When we are looking at economic development, we are looking at what will bring money to this city. Let’s face it, football sports is a religion in Tallahassee. Nothing else we do on a Saturday brings in that kind of economic development.”

In addition, she explained that every home game for both FSU and FAMU brings in dollars for the hospitality industry and local businesses.

Williams-Cox also explained why she voted to extend the urban service area on the Southside of Tallahassee to build more homes.

“I think it is important, historically, this kind of development has not happened on that side of town,” she said. “I am interested in development on the Southside being smart, not being all low rent. We need mixed-level housing.” On the other hand, “We need to make sure we do not allow gentrification…we have a delicate balance; we have to stay woke and stay smart.”

“There is always room for improvement, and I am open to that,” the commissioner stated when she was asked about issues regarding ethics concerning the commission.

A few years ago, Williams-Cox noted that the city “swallowed a whole set of ethics policies” that needs to settle so the city can see what works and what doesn’t before adding additional new policies.

Williams-Cox talked about why she wants to continue on the city commission.

“It’s not about what I’ve done; it’s about what we have done together in the City of Tallahassee. I want to continue to do this good work for those who want to work to move the city forward. I think we owe it to the next generation to make the City of Tallahassee the best that she can be. I want to be a part of making that happen.”

8 Responses to "City Commissioner Williams-Cox Discusses, Crime, Jobs, and FSU Vote"

  1. People forget how she flip-flopped on Welaunee. Voted against it for good reasons, then… something happened and she was reading from the developers talking points.

    She’ll try for Republican support for voting against the Roe resolution but her record overall is basically terrible for taxpayers. Not to mention her RB Holmes business.

    Supported terrible Blueprint projects invading the Northeast as a way to curry favor for South side USA expansion etc later on. We’d be better off without both. She’s so mad Elaine Bryant lost big that she’s following in her footsteps.

  2. Williams-Cox:

    How about getting together with the Judges, the Prosecuting Attorney’s and your pal Jack Campbell to get them to start hitting all the Repeat Offenders, Violent Offenders and the Criminals that committed a Crime using a Weapon, ANY Weapon really hard? Longer Sentences with Longer Probations. They need to be off the Streets a LOT longer, they are CRIMINALS. Many of those Criminals even had nice paying Jobs and that didn’t stop them from committing Crimes. It is NOT Racist to lock away Criminals.

  3. Williams-Cox:

    Explain how adding a few extra Seats for $27Million that only the top 3% can afford will bring in $Millions each year.

    The only time a Candidate talks Crime and Gun Violence is Election Time. You and the other Candidates have YET to explain WHAT exactly you plan to do about it? What plans do you have to combat it? It’s NOT the lack of good paying Jobs that is making the Criminals be Criminals nor is it the Pay.

    I see “NOW HIRING” Signs EVERYWHERE and they advertise $12 and Hour and UP. These Businesses are head of the Schedule towards $15 and Hour. SO, you are wrong there.

  4. A shallow interview without a substantive answer.

    Considering how much has already been spent on the Southside with crime still rising, how will additional spending help?

    How will she get children engaged in legitimate earnings?

    Specifics please.

  5. “I don’t wear the title of a politician. I am a community servant that got elected,”

    Ok, so the first thing you have to do is stop lying. You are a politician because you are running for office, you cannot lie or spin your way out of that. “politician” is a dirty word because people like Diane Cox think they can lie their way into office and keep lying to stay there.

    So just stop it and do your job, lady…

  6. @Hope are you including the amount given to FAMU and TCC for their stadiums? If not the amount of our money given away is even more substantial.

  7. I live on the “southside”. I hear gunfire nearly every night. The police helicopter is a normal part of daily life.
    There is a reason why “historically, this kind of development has not happened on that side of town”.
    Decades of throwing money at it and making special allowances for the denizens of that area have NOT improved the situation. It has only gotten worse.
    Until the issue is actually addressed and policing is allowed and not denigrated by our more liberal. pseudo-guilt ridden citizens/politicos, it will only spiral out of control even more.

    The issue of bringing business into this town by way of the sports cabal only benefits those at the top who have their business invested in it.
    Spending our tax dollars to invest in their profits is basically stealing our money for the profit of a few.
    As citizens, we will see nothing from that expenditure.

    She is part of the problem and needs to go. As do all of them. We need a completely clean slate with our government.

  8. She voted for the $27 million giveaway to the stadium.

    She confuses the importance of infrastructure with bowing to special interests for campaign contributions.

    Williams-Cox will be voted out of office as she has been a disaster. She is Woke and Doak and her constituency is coming out in full force to vote her out.

    How about giving her opponents equal time?

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