City Commission Candidate Adner Marcelin: “I Am Not Anti-Growth”

City Commission Candidate Adner Marcelin: “I Am Not Anti-Growth”

Tallahassee city commissioner candidate Adner Marcelin recently appeared on The Steve Stewart Show on RealTalk 93.3 to discuss his campaign.

Marcelin is running for the city commission Seat 5 against the incumbent Dianne Williams-Cox.

Marcelin was raised in South Florida and came to Tallahassee to attend Florida State University. While in South Florida, he was part of the Police Explorers and was awarded a scholarship. Marcelin intended to pursue a career in law enforcement. Instead, however, he ended up attending law school.

Marcelin worked with a high-profile civil rights law firm led by Ben Crump for about 13 years. Marcelin explained he worked with litigation in medical malpractice and pharmaceuticals and eventually transferred to general litigation, working alongside Crump.

Marcelin stated after hearing from frustrated citizens about the lack of efforts by the city to provide opportunities in the community; he decided to run for city commission.

Marcelin was asked about his views on law enforcement.

“I have seen a lot of cases involving law enforcement…I say this all the time to the public. All law enforcement isn’t bad. We have one or two bad apples that might spoil the reputation of a bunch.” Marceline answered.

Regarding his campaign efforts, Marcelin said, “I’m truly enjoying meeting our citizens from across the spectrum of life.” He explained that he has talked with business owners, students, impoverished individuals, and the homeless and has heard their concerns.

Stewart asked Marcelin to what he views as the major issues facing Tallahassee. Marcelin said his greatest priority is public safety.

“Everyone benefits from a community that is safe, that is protected, and you can go out and not fear the senseless gun violence or becoming a victim of it,” said Marcelin.

He believes establishing programs such as trade schools for troubled youth might help prevent young people from getting into trouble. He stated that “flooding” the community with more police officers is not the answer to violent crimes but that law enforcement needs to engage with the community more.

Marcelin listed ethics and accountability as the next crucial issues facing Tallahassee. “Personally, I believe there are outside influences in our campaigns,” said Marcelin. He suggested looking at campaign contributors from organizations and comparing the findings with the voting record of elected officials.

He cited the Doak Campbell vote for stadium funding as an example. He said there were “campaign contributions prior to the vote,” and he believes one cannot stay impartial when money is being handed out.

Stewart asked if Marcelin was in support of the FAMU stadium grant, as he is on the record being against the Doak Campbell funding. Marcelin stated that FAMU needed the funding. However, he would have supported the funds in the form of a loan instead of a grant.

When Marcelin was questioned about his stance on the urban sprawl and affordable housing issues, he contended that he is for growth. “I am not anti-growth,” Marcelin said, “I just want growth with community input…Though we need to focus on the neighborhoods, we have now.”

“I am trying to earn everyone’s vote,” Marcelin said, explaining why he is the best candidate for the commission seat. “I am not a politician,” he asserted. Additionally, he said that he has served the community for years through various organizations, and his goal is to do his best to represent the citizens of Tallahassee.

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  1. More law enforcement is the answer to both prevention and catching law breakers. Social programs rarely work which is what is failing now. How can you say FAMU needed money and FSU didn’t- what’s good for the goose…

  2. Williams-Cox’s constituency is livid with her Doak vote, her oppressive Wokeness, her NO leadership ability, her failures in homelessness, affordable housing, and her tag team voting with Dailey’s special interests she may overwhelmingly get voted out in the primary in August, only days away.

    Pray and vote!

  3. I was with Shelby until she said she would defund the police and fire the police chief. You better watch the debate on the Tallahassee Alert page. I am voting Adner Marcelin. He’s our guy!

  4. A vote for Shelby Green will probably help Marcelin.
    A vote for Marcelin is like “jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire” (hopefully, not literally; I keep thinking about the cities in flames during the “peaceful” summer of 2020 riots.)

    Well, that’s just how I see it.

  5. Sure vote for Shelby. But when it comes back to Adner vs. DWC in November run-off as it likely will, same choice.

    Pro-Doak giveaway, campaign run by developer interests, vainglorious, treacherous, special interest-captured career politician vs this guy, who like him or not will be a voice for finally ending the Maddox era arrangements being upheld by her and Dailey.

    My 2 cents

  6. “I will check with Ben prior to each vote and vote “Ben’s way” 100 % of the time”.
    It will be great guilty leftist white Sheeple voters of Tallahassee! Just like having Ben on your Commission!!!
    After voting just imagine how woke and worthy you dumb honk….I mean beautiful white folks will feel.
    After your vote for you can go stand in that beautiful BLM Cross Walk down there on Gaines Street and scream your woke worthyness to the sky!

  7. @NE Moderate, @Hope

    I was born on a Tuesday, but not last Tuesday. No way am I voting for the Adner Marcelin/Ben Crump team.

  8. Solve the “fatherless home” problem and see crime, homelessness, and poverty go down.

    Some pastors around here should be preaching that instead of running around holding political rallies and raising funds for corrupt politicians.

  9. Saturday morning news is reporting another shooting in Tallahassee at Seminole Grand Apts.

    How bad will crime get before our weak on crime elected officials take substantive action?

    Instead of buying a 22 million electric bus or spending millions on old school houses, a smarter choice would have been investing in our police department and Sheriff’s office.

    Being fearful of police in some communities is not a reason to curtail patrols. Take the restrictions off the cops and let them do their jobs. Thirty years ago, a Leo’s operation manual was as thin as a magazine. Now the rule book is as thick as a copy of War and Peace. The cops are being handicapped.

    At least the Mayor is going to Biden’s Gun Control signing photo OP.

  10. NE Moderate,

    Thank you for stating the obvious!

    Voters might have to hold their nose on this one, but they must do it… vote Williams-Cox out!!!

    There is a three person voting block who votes corruption every time and she is one of the three.

  11. Folks, he’s running against pro-Doak, Welaunee flip flopper, developer-run Daileycrat candidate Williams-Cox. This is a no brainer, Marcelin is our guy.

  12. Wow at the comments … everyone is against this guy b/c of his work history on civil cases and Ben Crump. When his cilvil work would give a positive voice for PROGRESS with Police involvement in Black Communities as well as other issues our city face. I have been a resident of Tallahassee for my entire 30 yrs of life and is very involved in my community. We need a new voice to speak to the issues of our youth and try to get understanding vs gain control. There’s a difference in governing. We need someone who isn’t in the pockets of NO PARTY b/c ethics are being thought out the door the first time you then a stand with what’s best for everyone then what’s best for a few (mainly the rich). Tallahassee doesn’t have a Police problem but you don’t respond with more police presence, let’s be more strategic and learn from past situations. We need someone who is going to bring more opportunities to Tallahassee for everyone. FSU HAS GOTTEN A LOT compared to FAMU, from local and state tax payers so lets not even go there. Anything FSU needs they have the internal resources to make happen can’t say the same for FAMU. P.S I’m a FSU alumni just stating facts. I Love the growth Tally has experienced since 2020 but there’s so much work to be done.

  13. NO on this person for several reasons. OK for FAMU funding but NO for FSU. A culture bias here. I like Ben Crump, but read his book. He believes police officers profile black people to stop and arrest. I think that argument may hold true in many cities, but not in Tallahasse. Candidates for office in this town must stop using the tired old Democratic talking points.

  14. Notwithstanding the consistent self-contradicting statements contain within his interview answers… “ … worked with a high-profile civil rights law firm led by Ben Crump for about 13 years.”

    That – right there – eliminated him as an option… for me. By his own words, when faced with the choice, he chose to manipulate the law rather than enforce it… let that sink in a bit.

  15. He can believe in the tooth fairy if he wants, because the tooth fairy has a better chance of addressing violent crime in Tallahassee than any trade school. He needs to believe in jails if he wants my vote.

  16. Just say no to this guy.

    Why not ask him why flooding the community with more police officers is the wrong choice.

    Trade schools for troubled youth? Our community is blessed with plenty of vocational training. You cannot build much on a 9th grade dropouts knowledge base.

    Crump trained nothing gained.

  17. According to a Jan. 2022 Florida Politics article, “Civil rights lawyer Ben Crump gave $1,000 to Adner Marcelin’s City Commission campaign last month. Marcelin previously worked for Crump for more than 10 years.”

    Speaking of Ben Crump, it’s been reported:

    Ben Crump has endorsed Paula DeBoles-Johnson for the Leon Commission District 5 seat.

    Ben Crump has also endorsed Jeremy Matlow for City Commissioner. “In a statement to Florida Politics, Crump said Matlow is a friend and has exceeded his expectations.”

    Mr. Crump also endorsed then-candidate Kamala Harris for President.

    Mr. Crump also pushed for Biden to nominate then-Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court.

  18. “He stated that “flooding” the community with more police officers is not the answer to violent crimes but that law enforcement needs to engage with the community more.” Major Contradiction there. If you don’t want the Police in the High Crime areas, how are they to get out and meet the People in those areas? More Police in the High Crime areas IS the answer to Violent Crime. Law Enforcement needs to get a lot tougher on the Criminals.

  19. Uber Leftist Alert:
    Men who intentionally wear the “Man Dress Sweater” outside the privacy of their own home without documentation that their wife made them wear it are 99.67% more likely to be uber leftist and will bring nothing substantial or new to any elected office.
    Vote with care Tallahassee. Knowing such truths are 1/2 the battle to proper voting.

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