Officials Discuss Leon County School Grades

Officials Discuss Leon County School Grades

During the July 12 LCSB meeting, Assistant Superintendent Billy Epting updated the Leon County School Board on the recent Florida Department of Education (FDOE) announcements regarding school grades.

On July 7, 2022, The FDOE released school grades for the state of Florida. Epting reported that Leon County Schools improved in the 2021-2022 school year.

According to Epting’s report, elementary schools received six A’s, four schools received B’s, ten schools earned a C grade, and five schools received a D rating. No K-8 school in Leon County earned an F grade.

Both Bond and Pineview elementary schools raised their grade levels to a B rating. “Not too long ago, those two schools were on the F list and are now some of the highest rated schools in our district and the state,” Epting said.

Additionally, Epting explained that 16 K-8 schools either increased or maintained their letter grades to the pre-Covid year. However, no grades were issued for Florida schools in 2020 or 2021 due to the pandemic.

For the middle schools in Leon County, the assistant superintendent reported that two schools were rated A schools, four middle schools were given a B rating, and five were graded C schools. No middle school in Leon County received a D or F grade.

Also, Epting noted that Griffin Middle School raised their grade from a D to a C.

Seven middle and high schools either increased or maintained their letter grade from the pre-Covid school year.

Leon High, Rickards High, and Godby High schools were given an “incomplete” grade due to missed mandatory testing by students. The FDOE will revisit these scores, and the assistant superintendent is hopeful to have the letter grades by the middle of next week.

Two Leon County high schools received an A letter grade, two schools received B’s, and two schools earned a C grade.

Overall, Leon County earned a B grade for the fifth year.

Leon County School Grades

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  1. The State DOE is the agency that assigns school grades. The LCS have nothing to do with it. As for the student who attended Rickards out of zone, he was in the International Baccalaureate (IB) program, IB is a magnet program where, students from around the county who qualify, may attend.

  2. @ Tango247 Yeah, also, I always found it wrong to give the Better Performing Schools more Money than the Lesser Performing Schools.

    I also wondered if Rotating the Teachers from School to School every Two Years would help. Example: A 4th Grade Teacher who teaches English at one Elementary School for 2022 thru 2024 will then teach it in a different Elementary School for 2024 thru 2026.

  3. Thank you David, I will see about that film and suggest “Waiting for Superman” as another interesting message about our education system.

    I also know this, I live closer to Georgia than Rickard’s High. Yet, a young man in my area a few years ago had to trek to Rickards for an enrichment program and essentially was “imported” to inflate that schools STEM profile. Very little difference with that and the old “bussing system” where kids are shipped all over an area to try and find the right cocktail mix of high and low parental involvement and even out average school performance.

    If we really paid attention we would realize just how long education has been a self inflating industry shielding their deficiencies behind “it’s for the kids.”

  4. @ Tango247: You should watch the movie “PUMP UP THE VOLUM”. Good movie. It’s about a School that was kicking out the Students that dragged their Numbers down.

  5. This is cut directly from the FL DOE how schools are graded document:
    School Grading Percentages:
    • A = 62% of points or greater
    • B = 54% to 61% of points
    • C = 41% to 53% of points
    • D = 32% to 40% of points
    • F = 31% of points or less

    The school decides what numbers they submit based on 11 different metrics. So they can harvest the best results so long as 90% of their students participated.

    Not sure about you, but when I was in school a 62% was a D minus.

  6. I just do not believe the reports.
    I worked in an office where we had a grad student under Andrew Chin at FAMU. She wrote her master’s thesis the day it was due at the office and asked me to help her with spelling.
    She turned it in and was granted her degree. She was an “Honors Student”.
    The report on Leon County school performance holds just as much validity.
    It is a sham.

  7. “Yeah, hey listen… we really want our schools to appear to have improved from the miserable failures they are. Showing improvement equates to a monetary boost to our coffers from the State… so… here’s $250k to produce a report that shows what we want…. oh, and remember; men can get pregnant too”

    These numbers are as fudged as the China Bio-Weapon Flu Scamdemic numbers.

  8. What does an A rating mean?
    Does it mean that 90% or more of the students read, write and do math at or above grade level? How about basic American civics and basic economics? Are they held to behavioral standards, i.e. no cheating, no stealing, no scapegoating?

  9. These scores are graded on a curve. Does anyone believe that Gadsden Co Schools scored a C? Only 55% of their graduates are fluent in English and only 35% are fluent in Math.

    Keep on dumbing it down. 20 years ago, 30 percent of all pilot applicants to the U.S. Military failed training. Today they all make it. Does that make you sleep better at night?

    FAMU, the Nation’s best Historically Black College grades on a curve to increase graduates. I hope my pharmacist went there…NOT!

    And you can easily see that graduating from Law School isn’t much of a challenge.

    What scares me is the Medical Field. TMH is staffed by a bunch of pimple-faced MD’s and that scares me.

    But what should scare all of us in the Military. Biden has allowed men to wear dresses and serve in the Marine Corps. Biden received 5 military deferments to avoid service in Viet Nam. If a war breaks out, you better hope they allow me and the rest of my 62 year old Marine Corps friends back in then to count on today woke, sexually confused youth to protect the country.

    No one should be surprised.

  10. Please tell me that Rocky and the Board didn’t do what FAMU had done a while back and Adjust the Grade Curve to show better Scores. A while back, FAMU had the Lowest Graduating Numbers in the Country for Black Colleges, the next Year, they had one of the Highest Numbers. At the very end of the Article (Tally Democrat) it was said that FAMU adjusted the Grade Curve. I used to have that Article but can’t find it now and I used to be able to Google it. I hope someone can find it.

  11. OK everybody “Rocky And The Groomers” would really appricate it if you all would please just take their word that these “Grades” represent truthfull, un-altered, not manipulated or just made up to be factual and absolutely true.
    “We need you all to accept these grades without question right now so we can move on to more important stuff.” “We have some intense grooming sessions scheduled in our special no cameras, no cell phones, Dont Tell Mom and Dad sound proof Assembly Hall.
    RING RING…”yeah this is Rocky…No Fool I told you to park around back by the dumpsters so the trannys and unicorns can enter the Assembly Hall un noticed by any parents visiting the school!!!” “Cheeze and Crackers good help is hard to find.”

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