Killearn Country Club Owner Provides Details on Redevelopment Plans

Killearn Country Club Owner  Provides Details on Redevelopment Plans

The recent sale of the Killearn Country Club to entrepreneur David Cummings, a Tallahassee native who grew up in Killearn Estates, has provided another opportunity for the club to reach new heights after years of failed promises.

Cummings and his team recently created a website to provide information about the plans for the club.

It is interesting to note that one of the first actions by the new owner is to change the zoning of the North Course which was altered during a controversial negotiation with a previous owner to facilitate residential development.

It now appears that the residential development will never happen.

The website states, that club owners “are seeking to rezone more than 260 acres of golf course property to Open Space, reversing a previous owner’s plan to use part of the course for new home sites.”

In addition, it appears that the North Course will be restored to facilitate golf.

The website states that “Cummings is leading the plan to restore the Country Club, renovate the 18-hole course and North Course (Narrows).”

There will also be improvements to the main course layout. The website states that the new owners “are working with a renowned golf architect and are excited to preserve the legacy of this historic hometown course.”

The plan includes amenities such as short game practice areas, a longer driving range and smart features like cart GPS and Toptracer technology.

Non-golf amenities include state-of-the-art tennis and pickleball courts suited for league play, tournaments and one-on-one instruction.

Also, an entirely new clubhouse will be constructed, featuring an upscale lounge, a dining area offering views of the course, a full-service menu, special holiday offerings and space for private parties.

It is also noted that the pool will be updated.

And while the “Killearn Inn” will not be rebuilt, the plans feature a small cluster of “charming cottages nestled within the natural environment.” Cottages will be available for visiting golf groups, tournament players and guests of club members to enjoy. 

The club and all current amenities will close for approximately 18 months on Sept. 6, 2022 to facilitate the redevelopment.

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9 Responses to "Killearn Country Club Owner Provides Details on Redevelopment Plans"

  1. David Cummings, from all reports, is going all out. Excellence will permeate all aspects of this “rebuild”.
    Or, as the catchy phrase, “reimagine”, as I have a large imagination, ha.

    I like having quality leaders like Ellis, Fletcher, Kelly, and others overseeing these important details needed for these vast improvements.

    We have droned the entire old course, many pics also, adding some unique details that will be available soon, on the Dropbox account.

    This is very EXCITING for Tallahassee. The cottages for tournaments, 1st class restaurant, pool, courts, range, and all the amendities. Wow.
    And fortunately, we can watch it close hand living on the course.
    Go David Cummings.

  2. Over the past several years the food was terrible and you couldn’t take your family there to eat without 4 or 5 drunk golfers dropping F bombs acting like they were a public course. It’s time to be an actual Country Club!

  3. I had the pleasure of playing the Killearn course back in the late 70s. My in-laws were members and both my MIL and FIL played quite a bit. It wasn’t my thing, but it did let me bond with them.

    A lot of people chose Killearn based on the amenities, and many deliberately chose property on the golf course. I’m glad to see that the prior plans to harm property values and amenities is in the rear-view mirror!

  4. I love the game. Played at Hilaman about 2-weeks ago. The course is in great shape, save for a few aeriated greens. Looking forward to another offering.

  5. Glad to see it is going back to an 18 hole Course and the new owners are not in it for a fast buck. I remember going their once back in the early 70’s with my dad to watch a big Tournament. US Open maybe?

  6. Awesome news, we need more courses in T-town. Hilaman is overrun, it takes almost five hours to play 18 holes it is so crowded. Golf is a great game for the body and spirit, I feel sorry for people who are unable to play and disparage those that are able, do it well, and enjoy it.

  7. @ Pat:
    I was thinking the same thing. Golf, tennis, and whatever “pickle ball” is…oh #ell no.
    I do like a nice swimming pool, fine food, and a good bar. But the focus on golf might just kind of creep me out and keep me from enjoying the pool, food, and bar.
    As a matter of fact the Club will likely be a whole lot more fun for “the golfers” without you and me participating!!!
    Carry on funny dressing Golf Dorks!!!

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