New FDOE Rule Addresses Gender Disclosure for Overnight Field Trips

New FDOE Rule Addresses Gender Disclosure for Overnight Field Trips

The Florida Department of Education announced on July 25 that they intend to proceed with the proposed rule requiring school districts to adopt a policy to fully inform parents of lodging and other details concerning overnight field trips.

The regulation is being implemented to align the department’s policies with Florida’s Parental Bill of Rights law passed in 2021.

Under the law, the department must review and update “school counseling frameworks and standards; educator practices and professional conduct principles and any other student services personnel guidelines” to align with the new law by June 30, 2023.

The new rule requires notification to parents, including details such as “the nature of the field trip, the dates and times, specific locations and types of establishments to be visited, modes of transportation and method of student supervision provided, such as anticipated number of chaperones.”

Additionally, the rule will require to specify “Whether room assignments for overnight lodging will be separated by biological sex at birth,” and school districts must have procedures for overnight lodging or modifications to “ensure that all eligible students have the opportunity to participate in the field trip.”

Also, according to the publication released by the DOE, the rule applies to extracurricular activities and supplemental programs like tutoring.

In a recent Leon County School Board meeting on June 28, the Board discussed how to proceed with transgender students who want to room with the sex they identify with rather than their biological sex.

During the meeting, when the district’s Inclusive Guide was adopted, it was determined that parents who want their child rooming with the same biological sex would be required to complete a form requesting special accommodations.

A workshop on the proposed FDOE rule will be held at 9 a.m. on August 17 at the Pensacola State College Switzer Center for Visual Arts.

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  1. Marianne Arbula for District One School Board. Marianne spoke at the Moms for Liberty gathering. Appears shes financing her campaign I ‘ve noticed she attends the Board meetings and takes notes. Refreshingly a person of few words. Want to know more about her. Steve -thanks for speaking Monday.

  2. Sorry for the type-os… but on a side but relevant note, Dr Marianne Arbulu gets my families vote for D-1.

  3. @ Jack Q… interesting proposal to be sure – but – why should any parent be required to “opt out” of perverted and life-altering indoctrination practices or courses? Parents should demand an end to the “opt out” concept, and demand the ever-failing-our-children Leon County Public Indoctrination System institute an “opt in” practice. This entire system of perversion should be treated as an ADA matter. If a parents’ child suffers from the scientifically, clinically, and psychologically confirmed mental disorder known as Gender Dysphoria – then it is their responsibility to request a “Special Accommodation” for their child.

    Stand before the Leon County Fool Board and their Stupidintendant at thier puclic metering and make than request… then just sit back and watch the mayhem as reality sets in.

  4. If your child has a Peanut Allergy, you notify your school – ONE time, and the cafeteria will prevent your child’s exposure to peanuts / peanut butter etc.
    This works in Leon County.
    So, then the potential for: Opposite Sex Genital Exposure Trauma, AKA -“OSGET,” (not yet recognized by the LGBTQ? activist teachers ) CAN be solved !
    Just submit the existing “No Peanut Exposure” form and add : “my child is not to be exposed to the genitals of the opposite sex at school or any school activity. Yes- potential “OSGET”
    Off the wall ? Maybe not .
    Will the notices of inter/transgender school activities be sent by “certified ” mail, every time to each parent ? Of course not. Anybody see a problem ?
    Living in South Park ? Sue – and sue often.

  5. @Snidely — I’ve watched Forrest Gump enough to realize that the kids need to stay with Dorothy Harris, the school bus driver. I can’t imagine a safer place than in her care!

  6. Well, my son will not be going on any overnight field trips.
    Least not with LCS cause I pulled him out of government run school. Let’s call them what they are. How can anyone call it education when the government is running it?

  7. First of all, everyone should stop using the made-up term “transgender”. There is no such thing as a transgender anything. The word transgender was contrived by the left – in a futile effort – to ease the self-guilt felt by those individuals who suffer from the scientific and psychological mental disorder known as Gender Dysphoria. I’ve asked it many times, and I’ll ask it again…

    Why are the DLPs (Dems/Libs/Progs) so obsessed with sexualizing and grooming little children into their perverted, unnatural, and unhealthy lifestyle choice?

  8. Some of these school employees aren’t any more responsible than the children. It reminds me of the time my 11 yr. old son came home with a permission slip for a school trip. The teacher was going to take the class to a large amusement park.

    The plan was the children would split up in groups of three with one cell phone per group. They would meet up at the end of the day. If they had a problem during the day, they could call him on the cell phone.

    This plan was very enlightening as to the poor judgement of the teacher. School personnel are not substitute parents. Parents need to be responsible and protect their children from potentially dangerous and even inane plans.

  9. You know we live in clown world when the requirement is to have a special, extra from to submit for simply wanting your child to ONLY room with same bio sex kids. Unreal.

  10. The article says this:” During the meeting, when the district’s Inclusive Guide was adopted, it was determined that parents who want their child rooming with the same biological sex would be required to complete a form requesting special accommodations.” HUH?! SO, the way I read that, the parents of the normal kids (i.e., the 99.97% of the population, you know, those without some form of gender dysphoria) have to request SPECIAL ACCOMMODATIONS?! Shouldn’t it be the OPPOSITE?! It’s clear to me that we need new leadership NOW! Vote them ALL out!!

  11. Well we could always have the TS student sleep in one of the teacher’s rooms – no wait bad idea what with all the woke and unicorn teachers out there. Hmmmm OK how about this we can get Rocky to go along and have the TS student sleep in Rocky’s room – no wait bad idea Rocky has a record of engaging in documented inappropriate relations with his subordnant employees. Hmmm OK after carefull consideration the absloute best solution is to have the TS student sleep in the bus driver’s room. Odds are the most normal adult on the field trip will be one most distanced from the woke teachers and administration members. Yep grizzeld old Granpa Willie Johnson the bus driver will likely be the safest adult on the field trip. He might even invite the TS student to join in with his Bible reading, prayers, and devotions. Problem solved.
    Well not really…see the Pandora’s Box of evil woke leftists have opened up on society?

  12. What if no one of EITHER Sex wants to share a Room with the Trans Student, then What do you do? I say you have one of the Parents of the Trans Student be a Chaperone and room with their Kid.

  13. The problem with ” transgender students who want to room with the sex they identify with” is that to accommodate the wish of 1 transgender student, many others are inconvenienced and made uncomfortable.

    It makes more sense to deal with the 1 student with a mental disorder than to potentially endanger others.

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