City Commission Candidate Shelby Green: “They’re Not Doing Their Job”

City Commission Candidate Shelby Green: “They’re Not Doing Their Job”

Tallahassee City Commission candidate for Seat 5, Shelby Green, talked with Steve Stewart on Real Talk 93.3 on July 7 to discuss her campaign and important issues Tallahassee is currently facing.

Green graduated with a degree in chemical engineering from Florida State University in 2020. She is currently working with the Energy and Policy Institute to research how utilities evade accountability and climate responsibility.

“They’re not doing their job,” Green said when she was asked why she decided to run, “and because they aren’t doing their job, that is going to impact our communities. I’m specifically talking about black communities, low-income communities, communities that I am a part of.”

The issue that lit her fire was the city’s termination of the utility moratorium last year. She explained that she researched the issue and went to the city many times with her concerns; however, despite her best efforts, nothing ever came of it.

When Green was asked what issues she hears most talked about by citizens, she stated the price of gas tops the list, followed by affordable housing.

Green emphasized that the issue she is most concerned about is how Tallahassee is growing and the impacts of that growth regarding affordability and displacement. She suggested that currently, Tallahassee is growing in an “inequitable way,” in that the primary focus of development is on the northeast side of town.

Stewart asked Green’s views on extending the urban service area for more development. “I think it’s tricky,” she said, that on the one hand, you want to expand urban services, but on the other hand, “We already have property that is available and vacant that should be built on before we expand city limits and services….I want to see more investment in what we already have.”

Green is also concerned with public trust, poverty, and gun violence.

Also, Green discussed the vote by Blueprint that gave funds to FAMU and FSU stadiums. She explained that the funds shouldn’t have gone to the universities. Instead, economic development funds should go “toward public investment” such as infrastructure and local or small businesses, and the city should not be “relying on FSU and other institutions to provide jobs.”

“Dianne Williams-Cox has become complacent,” Green said when asked what makes her different from other candidates. “Because of her complacency and she does not have adequate knowledge about what the job entails, she has allowed outsiders to influence her vote.”

Lastly, Green said she represents the “will of the people” and is not afraid to talk about the “truth of what it means to live in Tallahassee, facing the economic and residential segregation that we have here.” She said that she is “committed to providing solutions through policy.”

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  1. Sounds like a Pollyanna approach. One of the primary Reason’s the NE is desirable is because of school zones, of course educators are a huge aspect of that, but so is Parental Involvement! Read to your kids, make sure they do their homework, do your part to improve your child’s education. Having the City pay for citizens utility bills is an unsustainable & irresponsible policy.

  2. I’ve known Diane Williams-Cox since she was Diane Williams. We worked together on a project where she was capable, but not a superstar. I wasn’t a bit surprised when she first ran for office, chasing those bigger and more dependable checks.

    Green seems to touch some real issues here, but there are plenty of red flags to suggest that voting in Green would move a commission that’s already pretty far to the left further toward the radical edge.

    Vote with your brains, folks, not your heart….

  3. Other than her not wanting to pay her utilities bill and wanting her own Obama phone, anyone can see the the first red flag with her is how she talks about being a water and soil commissioner as if was a great act of charity. Narcissistic personality disorder

  4. Dear Ms. Green: Recently, I reported the cutting of 41 Cypress Trees ( One of two protected Species in Florida) to DEP, FWC, Leon County Commission, DSEM, and the Soil Conservation Commission you served. The trees were removed from State Property at 12126 Waterfront Dr. You contacted me via phone and writing seeking pictures and the agencies with whom I had shared this criminal activity. I gathered and sent the information to you. I spent hours of time and significant money to provide you with the requested information. I never heard back from you or the Leon County Soil and Conservation agency. ( The total fines for this very serious issue are 270,000. The trees will take 100 years to grow back. I am curious whether you will follow up with constituents if elected. Why did you request pictures, affidavits, and all reports but failed to follow up with me? Please provide serious, specific, straight talk results. This is a critical issue involving the genesis of the Florida Aquifer, filtering, and providing oxygen to the lake, not to mention flood control. ” The best predictor of future behavior is relevant and recent past behavior.”

  5. @ Edward…

    Some things can be legal and still be wrong. I don’t remember who they were, but a few of the candidates just plainly stated it was wrong, regarding the stadium vote and I concur. And I’m not so sure it was100% legal.

  6. According to WCTV, “The City faced millions in unpaid utility bills. The City was the first in the state to put a utility moratorium in place and the last in the state to resume disconnections.”

    There is no money tree, ma’am.

  7. I’ve had the chance to interact with this young lady, and imo… she’s and opportunistic alt-left progressive gadfly at best. I hear and read many of these candidates lament the FAMU and FSU taxpayer-funded BluePrint subsidy vote, but have yet to hear any of them explain exactly what – or even if – they would seek to make changes to the BluePrint governance that allowed the votes to happen in the first place. I hear many bloviate about the votes, but few acknowledge the fact the the BP governance permitted the handout. Indeed you may not like the votes, but clearly it was allowed by virtue of the BP governance. So… what specific steps do you propose, and exactly how do you (as a candidate) plan, to keep it from happening again? A question I would love to see asked, but I suspect none of them are prepared to answer. To be clear, I am not a one issue voter. And although I do not agree with the BP votes in favor of the handouts, I will not be basing my vote on what is clearly a legal and authorized action. Don’t just try to convince that your opponent sucks… convince that you don’t.

    We do not need more opportunistic and disconnected-from-realty activists… we need leaders who stand firm on their common sense convictions… and can back them up.

  8. What a liberal.

    It isn’t the taxpayer’s responsibility to find you a home that you can afford with your 7th grade education while you struggle to support your 5 kids. Tallahassee is an expensive area. Move somewhere you can afford to live.

    As to her words “inequalible way”. In her world, the individual that studied hard, graduated high school, went to college or tech school, studied hard in a major that actually pays well, waited to have children until they were married and financially able to support themselves shouldn’t live a better life than the 8th grade drop out, with 6 kids by 5 different men, living on welfare.

    Guess what. Government like this encourages hard working, self supporting families to move away. I’m done paying for the stupid mistakes of others. Take responsibity for your own life and stop thinking you get to live in my neighborhood without working for the right.

  9. Green states, “Dianne Williams-Cox has become complacent,” Green said, “Because of her complacency and she does not have adequate knowledge about what the job entails, she has allowed outsiders to influence her vote.”

    Green is right about that!

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