Leon County Workforce, Jobs Expand in July

Leon County Workforce, Jobs Expand in July

The latest jobs report shows that there were 153,387 people working in Leon County in July, which is 1,236 more than last month’s revised employment number.

The July unemployment rate came in at 3.0%, down from the 3.1% reported last month. One year ago, the July 2021 unemployment rate was 4.6%. In July, 2019 the unemployment rate was 3.8%.

Due to the impact of the COVID pandemic, the Leon County Jobs Report, provided below, includes comparison data back to 2019.

The number of people working in July 2022 was 6,465 more than those working in July 2019 and was 4,045 more than in July 2021.

The July 2022 labor force – those looking for jobs – came in at 158,099 which was 5,000 greater than the number reported in July 2019.

The chart below shows the monthly level of jobs in Leon County over the last 37 months with a 12-month average trend line. The highlighted numbers relate to employment levels for the month of July back to 2019.

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  1. Septic’s dialogue with Snidely, worth my subscription. BTW-“Staff”, where is the follow up story from the School Board meeting of August 9th…..concerning Public Speakers ?

  2. @Snidely — I eat at Lindy’s a fair amount of the time. They usually have the most current FSView (Florida Flambeau for us old-timers) on the counter for their customers.

    I’m not sure if it’s worthy of a belly-laugh or a good cry, but the “editorial” in the last two editions were by the same person. In the first, he griped about an FSU administration that would not deprive somebody of their constitutional rights to free speech when that speech offended the writer. His very next article griped about the Governor’s plan to keep age-inappropriate material out of the elementary schools because it violated the free speech rights of people with no direct involvement with the kids.

    I do wonder how this kid will make a living if/when he graduates.

  3. TRs economic reports always lead to more questions than answers.

    What areas of employment are increasing and why? Are these sustainable areas or temporary? Service sectors which can be high volotility or solid growth jobs.

    Democrat tends to tout all the new restaurants which tend to be high risk volatile jobs but neither they or TR talk about long term growth jobs companies.

    Yes, more questions than answers, Get a new economic reporter!

  4. Wow this is great news considering our elected idiots in charge of Leon/Tallahassee. Furthermore when we factor in the idiot leftist voting majority here in Leon/Tallahassee these unemployment numbers seem to be totally impossable.

    Here is why the numbers are correct:

    It is due to total bleed over from the surrounding Counties that are more alligned with the policies of America’s Greatest Govornor ever…The Great Ron Desantis!!!
    Total True Science Truth!!!
    Just imagine how great Leon/Tallahassee will be once we forceably deport all the idiot leftist voters and their idiot elected officials to Gavin Newsome’s idiot State where our idiots belong. Goodbye idiots!!!!

    ps Sorry if I overused the word “idiot and idiots” hope I did not offend any sensative local idiots.

  5. @ A Skeptic… agreed. I’d also like to see a more in-depth breakdown to include those taking a 2nd and/or 3rd job (to keep up with PinocchiJoe Biden’s economic disasters), and a permanent year-round versus transitory/seasonal (college youth) jobs. Tossing in a part-time versus full-time, starter versus career jobs, and a pay scale comparison would be nice too.

    I’m talking big picture National as well, not just local data.

  6. The Monthly Employment graphic would be a lot more informative if it included workforce size.

    The massaged “unemployment rate” doesn’t tell the complete story.

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