Another Firearm Incident on Leon County School Property

Another Firearm Incident on Leon County School Property

The first quarter of the school year is not yet in the books and there have already been three arrests related to firearms on Leon County school property.

The latest incident happened at Leon High School when the school’s resource deputy arrested a 17-year-old student last week for having a loaded gun.

The Leon County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) stated the student admitted to having the Glock 22 in his backpack while being question about another incident.

The student was taken to the Juvenile Assessment Center and charged with Possession of a Firearm on School Property.

The Leon High School incident comes after the arrest of a Godby High School student for possessing a loaded 9mm handgun. 

On September 9, the Godby student’s backpack was searched after the smell of marijuana raised suspicion. The search yielded a loaded 9mm handgun and a plastic bag containing approximately 12 grams of marijuana. 

And on August 27, a Leon County school resource deputy searched a 14-year-old attending a Friday night football game between Lincoln and Godby at Gene Cox Stadium. The search located a loaded gun in his jacket.

How often are firearms found on Leon County school property?

A review of the School Environmental Safety Incident Reporting (SESIR) System maintained by the Florida Department of Education reveals that Leon County Schools reported a firearm related incident once during each of the last two years, 2019-20 and 2020-21.

The reporting system collects data on 26 incidents of crime, violence, and disruptive behaviors that occur on school grounds, on school transportation, and at off-campus, school-sponsored events, during any 24-hour period, 365 days per year. Incidents are reported by schools to the districts which, in turn, provide the data to the DOE.

5 Responses to "Another Firearm Incident on Leon County School Property"

  1. Perhaps we need shooting sports back in schools. Archery, trap shooting, target shooting.
    No one talks about all the injuries in excepted sports like football, socker, wrestling, basketball. They are by the thousands.

  2. What is your tolerance? How bad will you let it get? Will you keep voting for the same revolving door of liberals, now progressives that will adopt failed policies like Chicago’s “Cure Violence? DC, New Orleans, Oakland, Baltimore?

    How long? What is your tolerance? When your kid or your spouse is a victim or a fatality?

    How long?

  3. It is no longer the 1960s and people need to adjust to it. Back then, it was common for teens to have a weapon in their vehicle. Long guns were on display in the back window and nobody thought a thing about it. But today is different. People, especially kids, don’t have the same respect for others that they did. We see too many kids being stupid, or making honest mistakes, and somebody gets hurt or killed for it.

    This is on the parents. Someone not old enough to drive isn’t old enough to make the decision to carry a lethal weapon. Parents need to instill better sense into their kids. But that’s a hard case to make to parents that are 3rd or 4th generation welfare dependent and/or don’t have a trusted spouse to help raise and teach the child(ren).

  4. So… is this the guns fault or the kids fault?… either way, a $5-million dollar friends-n-family taxpayer funded boondoggle wont fix the problem.

    “You will never solve a problem you refuse to recognize”

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