Tallahassee Violent Crimes with Firearms Up 83% Since 2018

Tallahassee Violent Crimes with Firearms Up 83% Since 2018

Tallahassee City Commissioners are slated to address the issue of gun violence at their September 21 city commission meeting. The discussion will center around how to spend $1 million each year over the next five years to mitigate the troubling gun violence trends that have emerged since 2018.

The chart below – created with information provided by the City of Tallahassee – shows that the incidents of violent crime involving a firearm has increased 83% over the 2018-2021 time frame.

Disaggregating the data into four violent crime types reveals that aggravated assault and robbery cases are driving the violent crime increase. Aggravated assaults have increased 120% during the four-year period. In addition, robbery cases have increased 17.3% since 2018.

At the city commission meeting, city commissioners will be presented with a number of programs focused on mitigating gun violence. These include Group Violence Intervention Strategy (GVI); Operation Ceasefire; National Network for Safe Communities (NNSC); Cure Violence Global; Choose to Change: Your Mind, Your Game; Specialized Multi-Agency Response Team (SMART); Chicago Ceasefire; Safe Streets; and Project BUILD (Broader Urban Involvement and Leadership Development).

These programs are based on different theories such as focused deterrence, problem-oriented policing, and coordinated case management, and others.

The information provided to the city commissioners notes that several cities that have a history of high gun violence, including Chicago, Boston, Baltimore, and New Orleans, have implemented multiple programs with varying degrees of success.

For example, Chicago has implemented Cure Violence, Network for Safe Communities, Operation Ceasefire, Choose to Change, SMART, and Project Build. Boston has implemented National Network for Safe Communities, Operation Ceasefire, and SMART. Baltimore has implemented Cure Violence, Safe Streets and GVI. New Orleans has implemented Cure violence, National Network for Safe Communities, and Operation Ceasefire.

TR will have an update on the discussion and the decision by the Tallahassee City Commission.

13 Responses to "Tallahassee Violent Crimes with Firearms Up 83% Since 2018"

  1. To my well meaning neighbors with “Black Lives Matter” signs (also known as -I’m a soft target ) you do have a constitutional right NOT to protect yourselves . Voluntarily culling the herd ?

  2. Appears we are trying to be just like Chicago, New Orleans, and Boston. Really!! Let’s throw more money at criminals, genius. These are our elected officials. Simple solution, elect a sheriff and appoint a Police chief that will enforce our laws and have a DA that will send criminals to prison. Weak philosophies have caused this situation, it will only get worse when the economy goes down hill, again due to our current political environment. Wake up Tallahassee.

  3. Another reason to do a nationwide search for a city manager to get a fresh perspective and new eyes on this situation. The city is over the police department law enforcement agency and perhaps a city manager who is really qualified to be a city manager is needed to break through the complacency and good old boy system.

    The endorsement I made for mayor previously still stands. Crime has just not been on the current mayor’s radar and a change is needed.

  4. The solutions is a individual one. Don’t live in the city. There solution has been tried in many cities by other names and has always failed.
    Get out!

  5. Listing of cities with various programs, however, no info on results! New Orleans-really? Murder capital of the US!

    Focus on better parenting- keep kids in school-focus on our increasing drug issues. Need to pay for drugs, go rob, assault, burgle, etc

  6. What happens to these numbers when we remove all references to the “weapon of choice” used in the commission of “violent crimes”, and recalculate and present the numbers simply using the category of “violent crimes”? Would it be that it just might shine the spotlight on the real problem rather than shining it on an inanimate object?

    As always… “You will never solve a problem you refuse to recognize”

  7. Hmmm what changed in the summer of 2020? The George Floyd riots and the BLM protests, wondering if there’s a correlation, just saying.

  8. Here is how you should spend that money: Buy Billboard Space and advertise how the PEOPLE ARE TIRED OF THE CRIME and that you will now give them LONGER Prison Time and there will be NO Reduced Charges. COMMIT A CRIME YOU WILL DO TIME. And actually follow through with it. If Jack Campbell wont do it, we need to Vote someone in that WILL.

  9. The Murder and manslaughter graphs are essentially flat. That’s a good thing.

    Robbery is up 4%/year.

    Aggravated Assault cases are the big culprit. They represent 3/4 of all cases as well as the big jump in over numbers and rates.

    A more accurate headline would be that Aggravated Assault cases have more than doubled since 2018 with the other statistics being a “by the way”….

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