Loranne Ausley Supporters Come Out “Shooting”

Loranne Ausley Supporters Come Out “Shooting”

A Florida Democratic campaign committee has taken the first shot in the race for Florida Senate District 3 that pits incumbent Loranne Ausley against challenger Corey Simon.

A campaign mailer that contends Simon will turn “our schools into shooting ranges” began hitting mailboxes this past week.

The post card – as shown below – contains images of children on shooting targets with bullet holes and includes the message, ” Don’t let extremists like Corey Simon turn our schools into shooting ranges.”

The post card does not state Simon’s position on gun related policies, rather the message implies that Simon can’t think for himself and “takes his orders from the most extreme wing of the gun lobby.”

In addition, the post card features a less than flattering picture of Simon.

The disclosure on the post card states that the Florida Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee – located in Tallahassee – paid for the mailer. The mailer states that the sender supports Loranne Ausley.

Campaign consultants told TR that the mailer appears to have targeted female voters.

Evan Power, an official with the Florida GOP, asked on twitter if Ausley approved the mailer and asked “Is it ok to put kids on targets with bullet holes around them…”

Campaign Mailer Supporting Loranne Ausley

The message that Simon’s election would do harm to children appears to be an attempt to minimize the impact of Simon’s volunteer work in the community.

In 2020, Gov. Ron DeSantis tapped Simon to lead Volunteer Florida. The agency oversees more than $43 million in federal and state funding to support efforts to expand national service, promote disaster resiliency and advocate for volunteerism.

Corey Simon, founder of Corey’s Kids.

In addition, Simon, who returned to the Tallahassee area after an eight-year stint as a defensive lineman in the National Football League, established Corey’s Kids to mentor children in North Florida’s foster care system.

Simon is also the president of the Big Bend Pop Warner football league and has partnered with Big Bend Community Based Care for mentoring.

15 Responses to "Loranne Ausley Supporters Come Out “Shooting”"

  1. She needs to be voted out ASAP! Accusing this man of being a extremist is down right disgusting. Anyone who knows Corey knows his work and his heart. More filthy lies from the filthy marxicrats.Putting kids on targets very very sick.Edward hit the nail on the head “Exploiting Children at all levels “ That’s exactly what the Marxicrats do. Sick sick people I am shocked she didn’t add in that Corey is a racist (lmao). People like Ausley will lie and say anything to get a vote. Sad and Pathetic !

  2. There may be no documentation uncovered yet that Ausley’s family were plantation owners back in the day. What this means is all local virtue signaling leftist white folk are free to vote for the white lady. Lena should find comfort knowing this.

  3. Lena,

    Yet, you say nothing about the inappropriate ad featuring children with bullet holes by Ausley.

    Your hypocrisy has been exposed.

    Have a blessed day!

  4. Lena… yet another sad example of the Marxicrat mantra of Hate over Happiness. We’re it not for hate to guide them, the Marxicrats would have no compass at all.

    A strange lot to be sure… we can but pray for them is all.

  5. Michael is yet another example of the week-minded radicalized hate-drone products being foisted upon society by the Marxicrat-driven Public Indoctrination System.

    It will take a generation to undo the damage these Marxicrats have done to the minds of our children.

  6. I have to laugh every time I see Corey Simon’s ads.

    His mom had to work SO HARD because the Republicans refuse to pass Equal Pay legislation for women–FOR DECADES! So, to right this wrong, he’s joining the side that discriminates against women and minorities. Yeah, totally makes sense. Not.

    Then he says his mom had to cheat by lying about whet school district he lived in. Lying and cheating is something you brag about? Well, I guess that does make him fit for the Republican party.

    But, you’ll never see the word Republican on his ads because he’s too ashamed to run as one and he should be.

    After the stuff they’ve pulled, no one should vote Republican.

  7. When I received the mailer of Ausley exclaiming that Simon was an “extremist” I knew right then and there she would lose. Calling Simon and extremist is a desperate, uninformed, false, and unnecessary tactic.

    Corey Simon, YES!!

  8. WHAT makes Corey Simon an Extremist? I have seen his Ads and Commercials NOTHING in them shows Extremism. He even started a good Nonprofit.

  9. This is just another reason I will never Respect Ausley. Simon has MY Vote.

    @ Michael………. Why don’t YOU move your Leftistass to New York or California where YOU Belong.

  10. It’s also nice they put Mr. Simon picture on a shooting target. Talk about extremists, what kind of sick political hacks come up with this stuff?

  11. A despicable exploitation of children. Then again, that’s what the perverted Marxicrats do… exploit children at all levels. I remember when the Marxicrats flipped out when Palin used scope site images to denote some Congressional districts.

    Always remember the Marxicrat motto, “It’s only wrong when the other guys do it”

    This disgusting mailer assures my family’s votes will go to Simon.

  12. She’s despicable … she absolutely is targeting people especially women who support Corey Simon … time to vote her OUT

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