Leon County School Board Meeting Briefs: September 27, 2022

Leon County School Board Meeting Briefs: September 27, 2022

Below are the news briefs from the Leon County School Board meeting that took place on September 27, 2022.


The school board a report from Chief Jimmy Williams from LCS (Leon County Schools) Safety and Security. Williams reported to the school board an executive summary of the improvements made to schools across the district to ensure school safety like remedying cellular dead spots on school grounds, increased cloud storage for school camera systems, and minimizing blind spots for security systems.

Vice Chair Alva Striplin asked Williams what LCS Safety and Security is discussing related to the firearms found on LCS grounds. Williams responded by saying that they are in near constant contact with the Leon County Sheriff’s Office, Tallahassee Police, and the Florida Department of Education as a result of the recent string of firearms found on school grounds.

Superintendent Hanna said he brought State Attorney Jack Campbell and local principals into a roundtable discussion to discuss possible solutions. Hanna even threw out the possibility of metal detectors or K-9 units at school entrances to assist in preventing firearms from making it on campuses.


The school board also heard a report from LCS General Counsel Willian Spillias related to JUUL and vaping in schools. The report relayed some of the national trends for vaping among minors and some of the ways youth vaping can be prevented.

The vaping presentation provided an update on how Leon County Schools is considering joining a lawsuit with some of the other largest school districts across the U.S., at no additional cost. If the district joins and the collection of school districts are successful in the lawsuit, Leon County Schools could be awarded with “a substantial amount that would allow you to obtain enough resources to fund strong and effective anti-youth vaping efforts for many years.”


The school board approved a number of general consent items like approving contract/cooperative agreements including one where Leon County School Board assists the Franklin County School Board with its Workforce Program by providing reimbursement for the Welding instructor for the proportion of time the instructor is involved in teaching the Lively Post-Secondary Adult Vocational courses.

Another agreement was an Articulation Agreement between the Leon County School Board and Florida State University to comply with the current Florida Statutes for Dual Enrollment Courses.


One construction item was approved which supported a $21,000 sales tax funded project for Urban Catalyst Consultants, Inc. to revise and update Lawton Chiles High School’s Stormwater Management Facility.


In one of Superintendent Hanna’s comments during the meeting, he wanted to clarify that the recent scrutiny directed towards local law enforcement utilizing training from acquitted ex-Navy Seal Eddie Gallagher was not on their radar. Hanna said that he did not know that Gallagher was going to be training local law enforcement when local law enforcement was using Lawton Chiles High School as training grounds for emergency simulations.

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  1. Eddie Gallagher was acquitted criminally in a military court. But he shot innocent civilian people, against his training and orders, and then bragged about it, and required the men he commanded to join in in photos to discourage them from reporting it (and from testifying at that trial, which is how he got acquitted). While it is true that training and limits that reflect how NOT to be like Eddie Gallagher might have some use, there is no indication that he thinks he was out of line or that what he did is unconscionable. For that reason (not to mention why is it okay to teach our civilian police MILITARY tactics), our officers don’t belong anywhere near him, and certainly not seeking and getting photos with him. Everyone who did that need to be retrained and evaluated fully to determine fitness.



  2. Back-in-the-day we did not have back packs to carry guns to school but we did have cars and trucks and many a shotgun were in them in anticipation of going bird or deer hunting after school, sometimes with teachers or coaches. I guess guns just weren’t violent back then.

  3. When a kid brings a gun to school hold the parents accountable, also.

    TPD had a training session and apparently paid for someone on a list who does training sessions to police officers to come and do a seminar. Leave TPD alone and let them do their job. And also some certain politicians need to quit firing shots over the bow like they did last year at the Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce in Amelia Island calling elected officials names such as Pizza Man.

    And anything associated with BLM needs to be denounced by all elected officials. BLM has been proven to be a violent and fraudulent organization.

  4. What’s wrong with acquitted ex-Navy Seal Eddie Gallagher? Other than Trump supported him?

    I’m tired of everyone being demonized, cancelled, etc.

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