Tallahassee City Commission Allocates $1 Million to Gun Violence Mitigation Efforts

Tallahassee City Commission Allocates $1 Million to Gun Violence Mitigation Efforts

At a workshop focused on the issue of gun violence, the Tallahassee City Commission unanimously approved the distribution of $1 million to various initiatives for the upcoming fiscal year.

Mayor John Dailey, after the vote, said “I am confident the bold action taken by the City of Tallahassee to fund gun violence prevention efforts will produce results that save lives.”

The city commission had previously decided to allocate $5 million over the next five years in an effort to reduce gun violence. The workshop was scheduled to identify specific programs and initiatives that would help meet that goal.

City commissioners voted to fund the Group Violence Intervention (GVI) program with $300,000 over the next two years.

The Group Violence Intervention strategy, which has been locally supported by the Capital Area Justice Ministry, is based on the focused deterrence model.

It is designed to reduce street-group-involved gun violence and homicide through a partnership of law enforcement, community members, and social service providers that directly engages the small and active number of people involved in violent street groups.

It was noted in the workshop presentation that the implementation of GVI usually requires additional police resources. 

City Commissioners also allocated $500,000 to the Community Human Services Partnership to support local organizations that specifically address gun violence. Under this program, agencies or groups can submit funding proposals that address gun violence mitigation.

The commission also committed $200,000 annually, for the next two years, to an adult restorative justice plan efforts and approved $100,000 to the Big Bend Crime Stoppers program.

Currently the City of Tallahassee works with local partners on restorative justice programming that focuses on the rehabilitation of offenders through reconciliation with victims and the community at large.

The purpose of the Big Bend Crime Stoppers is to seek tips from residents that assist law enforcement agencies in solving crimes. City officials noted that calls to Crime Stoppers have resulted in thousands of arrests and the recovery of substantial amounts of property.

19 Responses to "Tallahassee City Commission Allocates $1 Million to Gun Violence Mitigation Efforts"

  1. Spending a million dollars a year to arrest, convict and incarcerate criminals who use a weapon of any type in commission of any criminal act would have easily proven effect in reducing violent crime, including “gun violence”.
    Spending that same million in programs which “talk” instead of “act” will only reduce violent crime, including gun violence, up on “Big Rock Candy Mountain” which Burl Ives sang about.

  2. New liberal group trying to spin message that guns make us less safe. You know these groups are trying to get a toe hold here.

    What is making us less safe are left-wing progressive Democrats.
    Crime comes from fatherless homes, break down of the family, drugs, cartels, defunding the police, cashless bail, and soft on crime ideas. I lived in Miami in the 1980s when Cuba opened their prisons to send people over in the boat lifts – that’s part of the problem now – other countries opening their prisons to send their ‘unwanted’ over the border.

    Please see David T. Hawkin’s comment on ‘programs’ – as he said they don’t work! That’s because the individual must want to change and that happens in very few cases because the easy reward for bad behavior is still there.

    Spending money on more programs or committees to research programs – smell like excuses for money laundering.
    As David said, “They KNOW Right from Wrong, so PUNISH THEM.”

  3. Last night, two distinguished members of the 32304 were arrested for attempted armed home invasion. So far, what has Royle King’s council of men and boys accomplished besides employing more people on the taxpayer’s dime….not much. So get your checkbook out. Those two “under-priviledge youth” will need top shelf free legal representation. If they have kids, we will need to pay for them, too. Stop throwing money at the problem.

  4. Tallahassee will never stem gun violence they way it is going. Tallahasseen’s don’t demand a moral high ground on any issue. They blame victims, make excuses for criminals, and attack and cancel anyone that would suggest any level or morality and lawfulness.

    We’re done for.

  5. I know this is a bit long…….

    Of all the problems in Leon County and Florida (and the Country), the biggest issue we need to combat first, head on is, the Crime Rate. For THAT, there needs to be a change, a drastic change. We need MORE Boots on the ground and the Criminals need to be hit with Longer Sentences and stop the Reduction of Charges just to get a higher Conviction Rate. If someone just swings an instrument of destruction at you, such as a 2×4. A Metal Pipe, a Bat, a Knife, a HAMMER, with the intent to do you harm, even if they MISS, they still tried to do you harm and THAT’S, attempted Murder and the Charges should reflect that.

    We have many Programs to help Kids before they take the Path to Crime and Programs to try to help them AFTER they started down that path to Crime and we even have Programs to help them once they are released from Prison (because all the other Programs FAILED), and none of them are working. So what happens? They dream up another Program and swear that THIS ONE will work, which, it won’t. It is past time to STOP with all the “Helping Programs” and START with the “Getting tougher on the Criminals Act”. It is time to face it, the Criminals are NOT going to change because of some Program thought up by someone trying to justify their Job. Take all those $Millions being spent yearly on all the Programs and use it to build more Prisons. Keeping the Violent Criminals, the Repeat Offenders, Rapists, Drug Dealers, Car Jackers and such, behind Bars longer, WILL lower the Crime rate. Even Teenagers know Right from Wrong and if they choose to do Wrong, they should be Punished for it. If you are giving them 3rd, 4th and 5th chances then, you should KNOW that YOUR Programs are NOT WORKING. You want a better Economy, better Jobs, Industry? Then we need to lower the crime rate.

    This is part of my Platform for running for Office.

  6. It’s an election year so millions go from Daily to unproven Black area programs or programs that should have been funded years ago (sewer to Southside). Dozier will probably spend more to useless programs. Yes, no Grandmas today to raise fatherless and motherless babies. I want to hear more about the FHP gun program!!??

  7. @ Snidely… A harsh but real elucidation of the problem no Marxicrat – or any other politician for that matter – will call out. And apparently no so-called leader of the church either. There’s a strong fear of the Woke Nazis, and frankly, as we’ve just witnessed… its a lucrative ignorance-by-choice. Like I’ve stated many times… you will never solve a problem you refuse to recognize. And our elected city and county clowns willingly refuse to recognize the problem.

    God and our founders knew we’d be here at this point in time. It is up to the citizens to solve the problems our politicians refuse to. It will most certainly be ugly, but sadly… I truly believe it’s inevitable.

    May God Bless and Protect this Great Republic and Her People.

  8. Fifteen to twenty years back we of course had the absent father issue in the Black community and a high percentage of the moms were struggling with drugs and whoring to get more drugs. But we had Grandmoms stepping up at the time to raise the children.
    Fast forward fifteen to twenty years to today we find most of the Grandmoms haved passed on and the grandmoms of today are the mothers of fifteen to twenty years ago still struggling with drugs, ect… and add meth to the mix…what do we have? Dads??? Oh #ell To The No Dads are still mysteriously as absent today.

    So here is what we do have:
    No grandmoms to raise the next Corie Simon Black leaders of our community. None.
    But we are going to spend 1 Million +++ per year to address…what????
    What we need is about 8000 God fearing sober Grandmom Angels to step up and raise those babies right. Thats what we need. Likely on a State level of funding. The City/County can not help and are a waste of time and money. Unless you count expensive and useless local virtue signaling…we got nothing…we will see murders rise off the charts and our young Blacks will be 99% of the victims.

  9. “Gun violence” is not the problem. Violence is the problem, young men growing up in homes with no fathers and little discipline is the main issue. No amount of money will solve broken families.

  10. The story’s title should read “…in the 32304 Zipcode”. The only change the 32304 area has seen since the early sixties is growth. Out of wedlock pregnancies, deadbeat Dads, drugs, crime, welfare dependacy, high school dropouts, and providing inmates to the penal system has been an accepted live style for 60+ years. The residents of 32304 could have changed their lives decades ago if they wanted. The only result we should expect is the loss of $5 million in tax revenue.

  11. @ Frank you are correct a few years back the FHP did a great job slapping down violent crime.
    Locals dont like us remembering that and bringing it up.

  12. Those people are just way too comfortable wasting our money on their stupid “initiatives”.

    We need more cops and prosecutors to instill a “fear of the law”. It’s that simple.

    The fear of retribution is how our little planet works.

  13. How is success in these programs measured vs. The taxpayer money spent to support them? Is there a point at which it’s deemed unsuccessful and the funding can be stopped?

  14. FBI doesn’t call Tallahassee “Little Chicago” for nothing.
    John Dailey is an idiot and Kristin Dozier is a progressive socialist. Where’s the sane option?

  15. Give the $ to FHP -remember not too long ago when their focus unit worked in high crime areas of Tallahassee for 2 months and took record number of guns off criminals?

  16. ~ Mayor John Dailey, after the vote, said “I am confident the bold action taken by the City of Tallahassee to fund gun violence prevention efforts will produce results that save lives.”

    That is the most disconnected-from-reality statement someone could make about the rise in violent crime here in Tallahassee and across this nation. If you saw the six steps I listed on the other thread about this… you actually saw the first three playout if you watched this nonsense.

    “You will never solve a problem you refuse to recognize”

  17. You want to slow down Gun Violence? 10-20-LIFE would go a long way. Stop reducing the Charges just to close a Case and Pad your Conviction Rate. If someone swings anything that can be considered a Weapon at you with intent, THAT is Attempted MURDER, even if they miss, if they connect and you DIE, that IS Murder. STOP throwing good Money at all these Programs, they do not work, our Crime Rate is proving that. It is past time to get TOUGHER on the CRIMINALS. They KNOW Right from Wrong, so PUNISH THEM.

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