More than 600,000 Mail-in Ballots Cast

More than 600,000 Mail-in Ballots Cast

The number of mail-in ballots submitted for the Nov, 8 general election has topped 600,000.

As of Monday morning, 602,949 ballots had been cast, up from 472,137 on Friday, according to data posted on the state Division of Elections website. Nearly 3.6 million additional ballots had been sent to voters but not returned.

Democrats continue to have an edge over Republicans in ballots cast. Registered Democrats had submitted 250,520 ballots as of Monday, while registered Republicans had cast 232,117. Unaffiliated voters had cast 111,151 ballots, while third-party voters had cast 9,161.

As of Monday, the most ballots had been returned by voters in Palm Beach, Miami-Dade and Pinellas counties.

Comparison to Previous Elections

As of October 14, 24 days out, 577,437 Floridians have already voted by mail.

DEM: 239,549
GOP: 222,618
NPA: 106,471
OTR: 8,799

For comparison 24 days out:

DEM: 844,349
GOP: 485,372

DEM: 119,546
GOP: 148,963

8 Responses to "More than 600,000 Mail-in Ballots Cast"

  1. To cast an educated and informed vote, please, be courageous, visit “” and view (and listen) to the video testimonies.

    The women who regret their abortion(s) and the men who regret their lost fatherhood are “silent no more” and have bravely told their true stories.

  2. Will people vote for their mothers daughter’s wives? I’m considering having family move out of state do to the real danger normal ob gyn has become. Once a loved one dies maybe more would vote for freedom and choice and allowing medical care. Sad guys want and get doctors to save their lives. But get squeamish about loved ones.

  3. I have no problem with mail-in ballots, but the come with so many issues.

    Security is certainly one of them. Remorse is another when the ballots are submitted weeks before the election. Polling shows that had the Hunter Laptop story been accurately covered 2 years ago there would have been a huge swing in voting. About 5% of Biden voters would has shifted to Trump — a 10 point swing!

    Charlie Christ’s Chief of Staff abruptly resigning after being arrested on a domestic violence charge is potentially another of those “if I’d have only known” events that can change voting numbers, but only if that ballot isn’t already in the mailbox.

  4. I have said this many times over many Years.

    The only people that should be allowed to request a Mail In Ballot are: Senior Citizens, those with Disabilities that won’t let them get to the Polls, Deployed Military, and Elected Officials & their Spouses. If you are out of the Country or out of your City and can’t Vote, that is too bad.

    The only People that should be allowed to Vote in our Elections is simple: Only U.S. CITIZENS and that’s it, AND, a US Government Issued Photo ID MUST be shown to get a Ballot for in person Voting.

    Voter Rolls should be Purged every 6 Years.

    ANYONE caught Tampering with the Ballots or the Voting System should be Arrested and Imprisoned.

    Early Voting should not be longer than 3 Days and no more than a week before the actual Election Date.

    ALL Elections in America should be on the SAME Days.

  5. Mail-in ballots should not – and never should become – just another voting option. The chance of fraud and cheating is far too high as it is. Mail-in and/or absentee ballots should be restricted to valid and verifiable reasons such as military, overseas travelers, and the physically unable.

    Other than that, if you’re too lazy to get you tail-end off the couch and go vote, then Tango Sierra to you.

    No one EVER said Democracy was easy. If you truly care, then get off your a$$ and go vote… if not, shut up about it already

  6. Mail in ballots should not be passed out just upon request. Thats what cracked the door for leftist massive voter fraud and brought you the Biden first two years of abject failure.
    Furthermore Americans have taken fat and lazy to epic new disgraceful levels. God gave you your very own temple. You are made in the image of God. Stop disrespecting the good Lord with the dessicration of your temple by allowing yourself to be drawn into slothfull laziness and overeating.
    Please get out and vote in person to combat election fraud. Please push away from the excess eating and pry those chubby cheeks off the comfy couch. Get up get out and take one more step per day. You will set yourself up to naturally fight off all kinds of killer health concerns. You will feel like you are 20 to 30 years younger. You likely will live at least 10 more good years free from wasting away in an expensive assisted living facility.
    When you finally do pass on from old age you can go with a clear mind knowing you have not been a financial and emotional burden to your loved ones.
    Rather than draining all your financial resourses on your long term end stage health care you will be leaving your loved ones with a fat stack of cash!!! How do you want to be remembered?
    So in summary start your new improved life by getting out and voting In Person!!!

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