Two Unrelated Homicide Investigations Initiated Within 12 Hours by LCSO, TPD

Two Unrelated Homicide Investigations Initiated Within 12 Hours by LCSO, TPD

Local law enforcement officials in Leon County are investigating two homicides that were discovered within a 12-hour period beginning Sunday evening.

The Leon County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a homicide related to the discovery of a deceased female on Sunday October 23 at 7:31 p.m.

After a receiving a call describing suspicious circumstances, LCSO deputies were dispatched to the 12000 block of Wiley Road in northeast Leon County where the body was found on the side of the roadway.

In a press release, LCSO stated that “The manner of death is determined to be foul play.”

LCSO Violent Crimes and Crime Scene units responded to the location assumed the investigation.

LCSO is asking anyone with any information pertaining to the incident to contact the Violent Crimes Unit at 850-606-3300.

In a unrelated incident, the Tallahassee Police Department has initiated a homicide investigation following the death of a 17-year-old female.

Initial reports described a shooting incident which occurred in the 3500 block of Esplanade Way around 2 a.m. Reports indicate that Tallahassee police officers were in the vicinity of The Savoy at Southwood apartments and heard gunshots.

Upon arrival, the crime scene assessment indicated that there were two victims – a 17-year-old female who had sustained life-threatening injuries and an 18-year-old female who had sustained minor injuries.

The 17-year-old victim has since died.

TPD notes that this remains an open and active investigation and updates will be provided as more information becomes available. Detectives ask anyone who may have witnessed the incident but did not speak with an officer on scene, to please call 850-891-4200. They may also remain anonymous by calling Crime Stoppers at 850-574-TIPS.

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  1. Intentionally, they are probably releasing all the information they have been provided by the agencies at this point.


  2. Note how this story completely leaves out critical information. Why were these two young women violently attacked? Was this an armed robbery? Carjacking? Rape? What was the motivation for the violence? Were these young women students at FSU/FAMU/TCC? What about the race of the killers? Were they black? White? Latino? Give us some information worth reading, please!!!

  3. Weed, I’d love to be. I have a career of hands on experience including supervisory and management. However with my pro law enforcement and pro employee views I would never be picked. The only people they want on such boards are more liberal less pro law enforcement community members. Someone with actual street experience would be a burr in their agenda.

  4. A retiree –

    Great information!

    Perhaps that might explain why they are so many deaths at the Leon County Jail?

    Also, it was recently exposed that the budget is less for TPD patrol officers than it was 10 years ago. Citizens are asking why they are not more police officers patrolling which the citizens want. The answer is there is less in the budget in this category. With a city with such a high crime rate I was shocked to learn of this information.

    A retiree, you need to be on a city/county citizens law enforcement board.

  5. Tallahassee Reports should check the records. The actual number of deputies and detectives working criminal cases is less now than it was 15 years ago. The number of command staff meanwhile has tripled. The jail staff is drastically short staffed (approximately 50 positions down) with more leaving daily. Turnover is soaring on the law enforcement side, with more trying to find jobs elsewhere. Morale in the line level employees is at an all time low. They actually have unionized for the first time in LCSO history due to the issues they are facing.

  6. @ A retiree… well put, and you are 100% dead-nuts-on. We were told/sold that the Marxicrat concept of blaming and defunding the police, and hiring overweight and out of shape social workers to run around in EVs was the way to go. It has been as effective as the soon-to-be wasted $5-million on trying to keep an inanimate object from committing violent crimes will be.

    As I often state… you will never solve a problem you refuse to recognize. And our local Marxicrats refuse to recognize the reality of the problem.

  7. A retiree – Perfectly stated!

    If only $27 million would have been directed to law enforcement. If taxpayer funds would have been directed to the rank and file at LCSO for raises and more deputies instead of going for lobbying contracts who double as campaign managers.

  8. Sigh it’s got to the point where we need a couple of homicides back to back to make a headline.
    Local Matlow Porter voters who had their panties in a bunch prior to the election over the Doke giveaway put ihe iceing on our murder capital cake. Things will not improve. Learn to live with it.

  9. Thought all the cutting of law enforcement resources in the LCSO and reallocating the funding to never before needed upper management and civilian positions, as well as cutting patrol/investigation units to create “social service” units were supposed to cut down on all this violent crimes activity. Maybe the old ways were actually more effective?

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