Mayor John Dailey to Appear on The Steve Stewart Show

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  1. No Republican running for mayor of Tallahassee?!? I’m disappointed to see that my side has thrown in the towel on this seemingly impossible win.

  2. The Mayor will probably win. But the price will be how many old school Democrats and home owning Moderates were alienated ? Watched many meetings with standing room only. The attending were passionate about issues close to home.
    So what’s our Mayor’s management style ? Hubris.
    When young new commissioners question an agenda item for a lack of transparency, they get the wave of hand and a Mayor’s smile.
    A clue : Being anti growth is not the issue– It’s please fix/maintain the infrastructure of what’s already built.
    Home owning Democrats ,Millennials and Conservative’s ( wanting to drain the swamp) will coalesce to make a point.
    It won’t be a landslide for the Mayor. BTW- I’m conservative

  3. Here is my assessment:

    Dailey will continue to service his contributors and special interests and work in lockstep with Cox and Richardson. Nothing will improve and it will only get worse under the Dailey regime. Daily has ignored crime.

    Dozier will not work in lockstep with anyone because she is analytical and detail oriented and not tied to special interests. She will bring consensus. I hope her first steps to making improvements would be to work on the deficit and crime.

    We will soon see how informed voters are.

  4. May Almighty God be with We The Taxpayers if this slimeball gets re-elected next month. ….And of course Dipstick Dailey has tons of cash coming in. FSU is trying to get the best mayor their money can buy, and this jerk is certainly going to continue doing their bidding. There is probably another 27+ million dollar cash grab already in the works for FSU via their lackey Dailey.

  5. I heard a portion of this today and it sounded like a political ad being narrated by Dailey himself. The usual “soft-ball” back and forth between Steve and Dailey. I was waiting for Steve to ask him, “If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?” For certain, his response would have been the classic, “Why, the mighty oak of course!” Simply pathetic.

  6. Steve,

    Be sure to ask the Mayor the following question: “Mr. Mayor, since we’re planning to spend $5-million to address so-called ‘gun’ violence… how much do you anticipate we will be allocating to address knife, vehicle, golf club, drug, lego, pencil, pogo-stick, and/or baseball bat violence?”

    (sarcasm off) 🙂

  7. Ask him why the crime rate is so high and getting worse…dailey (no pun intended).

    Ask him why his budget is in a deficit.

    Ask him why he keeps attacking his opponent rather than using the energy to promote HIS accomplishments and to work on things that need work… like crime, deficit.

    Ask him about the out of the sunshine meeting that he had recently in his home. (That turned a lot of people off).

    Are you going to give his opponent equal time on the air?

    Thanks for the heads up!

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