Tallahassee City Commission Meeting Briefs: October 26, 2022

Tallahassee City Commission Meeting Briefs: October 26, 2022

Below are the news briefs from the Tallahassee City Commission meeting that took place on October 26, 2022.


The city approved Resolution Number 22-R-37 which establishes a Foreign Trade Zone at the Tallahassee International Airport. A part of the resolution is furthering the hopes of TLH becoming a U.S. Port of Entry. This process began back in 2014 and is poised to bring job creation and increase the Big Bend’s annual economic impact by over $300 million. The feasibility study analyzing the new classification for TLH can be viewed here.

The Foreign Trade Zone proposal for TLH has been backed by the Office of Economic Vitality and Career Source Capital Region.


The commission heard a presentation from Deputy Chief Maurice Holmes regarding a noise ordinance update and how TPD has fared given the ability to address large parking lot parties. The previous enforcement mechanism was not available to officers, and Holmes noted that “police-initiated noise complaints” increased by 139 percent and warnings increased by 64 percent.

Many members of the community came to voice their concerns regarding loud noise complaints going on within what is referred to as the “Urban Core” zone where law enforcement’s ability to crack down on parties, clubs, and bars is hampered.

Some residents were encouraging the commission to consider doing away with the “Urban Core” zone, but Commissioner Jeremy Matlow says he’s hesitant to do away with it simply because he still wants those within the Urban Core to be able to enjoy football games, concerts, etc., without having to have the police get called for each event.

Matlow also said that there is an argument to be had to restrict loud music from being amplified outside, and events and bars would have to limit the music to indoors.

Commissioner Curtis Richardson said he has experienced, personally, having to call law enforcement for his neighborhood complaining about noises late into the early hours of the morning from a nearby shopping complex parking lot.

Multiple commissioners said it might be prudent to a policy that limits loud events or concerts from going until 2:00 a.m.


The commission passed an item that proceeds with water and sewer utility infrastructure into the unserved areas of the Southside Triangle. Under this plan, it will cost a total of approximately $20 million and three years to connect water and sewer to all properties within the triangle. The presentation to the commission about this issue can be viewed here.

Jeff Shafer, Director of Underground Utilities & Public Infrastructure, said that the department has not narrowed down where the $20 million will come from, but said they will be actively seeking for grants to assist in the cost, as well as likely seeking out help from the federal and state governments.

Commissioner Jack Porter expressed concern that this issue is moving too quickly, and said that the public should probably have an opportunity to weigh in on this issue before the plan proceeds.

Commissioner Dianne Williams-Cox disagreed with Porter’s sentiments saying that this project has been a part of the Southside Action Plan and has been sitting on the shelf for approximately 20 years.


The full meeting can be viewed here.

3 Responses to "Tallahassee City Commission Meeting Briefs: October 26, 2022"

  1. The Noise Ordinance matter is one that needs to be addressed with rational ideas. Matlow’s comment is amazingly shortsighted. How gracious of him to want to allow the folks that live in Urban Core to have some fun at the expense of others…. and to you folks who work for a living, would like you and your children to get a decent night sleep, and seek to enjoy a reasonable quality of life… shut the hell up about it and pay your taxes.

    Kudos to Williams-Cox for schooling Porter on the reality that the world existed long before her acne cleared up.

    These Marxicrats are all about obstructing anything that doesn’t align with their twisted agenda.

  2. That $27 Million given to FSU should would have been nice to have for the Southside water and sewer utility infrastructure project. I hope that $20 million also includes hooking the Homes up to it as well. I am not sure you can find a Company in Tallahassee that will do it in 3 Years though, that little Project on Richview Road has taken way WAY to long, almost 2 Years so far and no where near being finished.

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