Florida Democrat Chair’s Endorsement of John Dailey sparks controversy with Leon County Democrats

Florida Democrat Chair’s Endorsement of John Dailey sparks controversy with Leon County Democrats

The Florida Democrat Party and the Leon County Democrat Party are at odds over the upcoming election for Mayor of Tallahassee.

On October 26th, the Florida State Democrat Chairman Manny Diaz announced his endorsement of Mayor Candidate John Dailey along with several other endorsements in local elections throughout the State. Although this is a non-partisan election, both John Dailey and his opponent, Kristin Dozier are Democrats. 

Diaz’s announcement, made on Twitter, sparked an angry outburst from Leon County Democrat officials. On Thursday, Dozier, who bested Dailey in the August primary, expressed her dissatisfaction with the endorsement, “It was shocking to see the state party Chair take sides in a non-partisan race between two Democrats. We can do better,” Dozier stated.

Leon County Democrat Party Secretary, Steve Broadway, also condemned Diaz’s endorsement, “not only is it highly irregular, but it is the pinnacle of anti-democratic behavior.” Broadway said, “It is beyond the scope and appropriateness for the chair to issue such an endorsement.” 

Tallahassee City Commissioner, Jerry Matlow, also replied to the tweet, “Wow. @Manny_A_Diaz sides with the Republican Party campaigning against Kristin Dozier.” “can you be more out of touch with Tallahassee?”

Diaz is a former mayor of Miami.

According to the Tallahassee Democrat, the Leon County Democrat Executive Committee members were not consulted prior to Diaz’s endorsement of Daily, and they do not endorse the mayor in his re-election bid.

Two days later, the Leon County Democrat Steering Committee called an emergency meeting and abruptly released a statement endorsing Kristin Dozier, stating “we trust in Kristin Dozier’s independence. She votes without excessive regard to the wishes of big developers and other insiders,” the local party wrote in its endorsement. 

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  1. Mr Ed

    And that’s what you call exiting without grace and deflecting defeat.

    Maybe someone else can answer the question:

    With the rising crime rate why the mayor underfunded city police patrols and why the funding is less than it was 10 years ago.

  2. Save is Nikki… your projection and banality has reach the boring level. Move along, collect your fee, and hit the showers toots.

  3. Dailey raised our property taxes with his “Children’s Services Council” scheme that’s now giving away tax money to the Chamber. Tax-and-spend liberal city mindset, a change would be good

  4. Task..tsk…tsk…Clarice

    Word salad, name calling, no answer to the question.

    The question is even more important as here is another question. Woold have more police patrols made a difference and deterred the mass shooting Saturday night? People were walking around with guns; had there been more police patrols perhaps the incident would have been shut down before it began.

    We have gangs coming in from the next county so we should be working with bordering counties in our region. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again that the crime situation is not on this mayor’s radar screen.

    So, why is the funding for police patrols lower than it was 10 years ago when the crime rate is increasing?

    It was reported that Dozier made the connection that people don’t feel safe and want more police patrols yet the mayor under his watch the funding is less than it was 10 years ago for patrols.

  5. Ahh yes… incessant denial, latent ignorance, and repetitive banality… topped off with a heavy dose of projection. You’ve studied well my young Alinsky’ite. You will serve your Marxist masters well young Weed.

    @ David… so true sir. There is nothing whatsoever “Democratic” about today’s Democrat Party. They rig their own elections for heaven’s sake, and are controlled by the Marxist faction of their gaggle of goofballs.

  6. Mr David Hawkins

    For clarification, “Democrat Party is an epithet for the Democratic Party of the United States, used in a disparaging fashion by the party’s opponent.” I don’t think that was the intent in this case. It is just the case of using improper grammar. We learn something new everyday.

    Mr Edward Lyle

    Is Clarice your DID?
    The answer to the multi-million dollar question still awaits.

  7. Quid-Pro-Quo Clarice… My question came first. Please show where Dozier explicitly denounced the Marxist blm and defund scams? You won’t find the answer on those designer shoes… and please don’t refer me to the farmer.

  8. “The Florida Democratic Party and the Leon County Democratic Party” ……. It is NOT Democratic Party, it is DEMOCRAT Party. Democrat is a Person or People, Democratic is a Process.

  9. Mr Ed

    That was a nice word salad, but you still refuse to provide an answer to my question.

    Again, please find out from the mayor why he “underfunded” city police patrols and why the funding is less than it was 10 years ago.

  10. @ Weed… Neither of those comments from Dozier is a rebuke of the clear and present threat that is the blm scam or the defund movement… simple political pablum is all. And you are correct, I am fully aware that the Mayor and Commission (save for Porter, because she didn’t hold the seat at that time) approved the misuse of taxpayer funds to surreptitiously paint a huge “Marxists Welcome” sign in the middle of town.

    And as I’ve noted previously, the blm and defund extortion movements are a nationwide threat, not just locally. Even if Dozier were Mayor at the time, and even if she was truly against the dangerous Marxists movements… she would have been outvoted. So again, for this NPA and mine… we will vote to help keep our City out of the hands of the progressive Marxists until better options come along.

  11. We are already being cheat out of funds that were due to us I don’t want neither one of these to lead Tallahassee we keep getting people in office that are not really for the people as they say

  12. Mr Edward Lyle

    It is Nicholas. I am not your sweetheart.

    “In a mayoral forum with the Tallahassee Democrat, she said she wouldn’t support steering funds away from the Tallahassee Police Department. She said while talking to residents while walking southside neighborhoods, “they don’t feel like we have enough patrol officers. The response time is slow.”

    I believe it was Mayor Dailey who allowing painting BLM on the streets and misusing city resources to do so. But, you already know that.

    Maybe you can find out from the mayor why he underfunded city police patrols and why the funding is less than it was 10 years ago.

    Waiting for your response.

  13. Hey Nikki… ever find those examples of Dozier rebuking the Marxist blm and defund movements? Keep looking sweetheart.

    … asking for a friend… 🙂

  14. So… the State Democrat Party Chair endorsed one Democrat over another in a faux “nonpartisan” race. If either of these two were registered Republican, you can bet your backside that both Political Party’s would be in full-blown operation… regardless of the faux nonpartisan designation. I do love to see the Marxicrat Party imploding though.

    A classic internal fight between the alt-left nanny state side of the Party versus the delusional and dangerous progressive Marxist side… a choice heretofore recognized and “feces versus vomit”.

  15. Republicans are not for John Dailey, officially. That was evident in the election where DAILEY was unable to take the lead in the primary. Democrats and Republicans are FOR lower crime, fiscally responsibility, officials not tied to special interests, and water quality. None of which Dailey has been able to accomplish and looking for a change with Kristin Dozier.

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