Poll: Violent Crime Issue More Important to Blacks Than Democrats

Poll: Violent Crime Issue More Important to Blacks Than Democrats

Violent crime is a key concern for many registered voters when it comes to this year’s midterm election on November 8th.  Statistics from the Pew Research Center show insight on registered voters’ perceptions of violent crime and how these perceptions differ among groups.

Approximately 61% of registered voters think violent crime is major component for selecting a candidate to vote for in this year’s election. Violent crime is considered as important as energy policy and health care in regards to midterm election issues, but is far below the economy according to a survey by the Pew Research Center in October.

Republican voters are more likely than Democratic voters to perceive violent crime as an important voting issue. Nearly 73% of registered Republican voters think that violent crime is a crucial issue to their vote, even more so with conservative Republican voters with around eight out of ten (77%) seeing violent crime as an important factor to their vote.

In comparison, only 49% of registered Democrat or Democratic-leaning voters view violent crime as a key issue. Moderate or liberal Republicans are only 63% likely to see violent crime important to their vote, and the number decreases to 65% for moderate or conservative Democrats and only 34% for liberal Democratic voters.

Older voters are far more likely to see violent crime as an important election issue. Three quarters of registered voters 65 and older view violent crime as a foremost issue and only 40% of voters under 30 have this perception.

Black voters are significantly more likely to see violent crime as a very important midterm election issue. Approximately 81% of registered black voters say violent crime is important to the midterm, while the issue is less concerning for Hispanic voters (65%) and white voters (56%). Compared to other ethnic groups, Black Americans have continually been more likely to demonstrate distress in regards to violent crime, according to Pew. The differences are particularly noticeable in registered Democratic voters. Statistics show that 81% of black Democrats say violent crime is very important to their vote, and only a third of white Democratic voters say the same.

5 Responses to "Poll: Violent Crime Issue More Important to Blacks Than Democrats"

  1. The Democrat Party has really stepped in it by loosing their black voters. The black voting block up until this election has been the Democratic party back bone which has pushed Democratic candadites across the finish line time and time again.
    The black voters have been abused badly by Democrat politicians this time around. Those Democratic politicians sacrificed blacks to the brunt of the violence, thinking woke white folk plus white surburban housewives, would step up and take the black voters place.

  2. I’m wondering if the reasoning behind the percentages is more simple than partisan ideologies. Could it be that the so-called “black” respondents are more aware that they are more likely to be a victim of violent crime committed against them by members of their own community?… since the data proves as much.

    And could it be that the so-called “white” and Hispanic respondents are acutely aware of said.. and that they are more than prepared and willing (CCW) to act in their own defense against anyone who seeks to do them harm?

    And another thing… why do only certain people allow themselves to be characterized as a color (black/white)? Can anyone tell me what color is to be associated with those of Hispanic lineage, or Asian lineage, or American Indian lineage? How about those of middle eastern lineage… what color shall we designate for them?

    There is only one race; the Human Race. We are all God’s children and simply shades of individualism within God’s Human Race. When we can wrap ourselves around that reality and reject being sub-categorized by things like skin tone, gender, political affiliation, et al… then perhaps – as someone once intimated – we can get on about the business of being viewed as and judged by… the content of our character.

  3. CRIME is a HUGE issue. You lower the Crime Rate, more Businesses will open. You lower the Crime Rate and more people will Shop in person instead of On-Line. To lower the Crime Rate put the Criminals in Prison LONGER. Take all the Funds given to ALL the Programs that are supposed to convince Kids and Young Adults from becoming Criminals and build MORE Prisons because those Programs are NOT working.

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