Tallahassee CPRB Member Defends “Abolish Police” Sticker

Tallahassee CPRB Member Defends “Abolish Police” Sticker

Taylor Biro – a member of the Tallahassee Citizens Review Board Member (CPRB) – is defending a mug she allegedly took into a CPRB meeting that a had an “Abolish Police” sticker and a sticker with profanity.

TR obtained an image of the mug, which is shown below. The image shows an “Abolish Police” sticker and a unreadable sticker with the f**k word just below the “Abolish Police” message.

For months there has been rumors about the existence of a mug with an anti-law enforcement message, but it was never discussed publicly until the October 12th city commission meeting.

At that meeting, City Commissioner Dianne Williams-Cox referenced the mug as evidence of potential bias against law enforcement. She then raised the issue of removing CPRB members that show consistent bias against law enforcement.

After an article by Tallahassee Reports last week about the October 12th meeting, the PBA issued a statement seeking Biro’s removal from the CPRB.

Following the PBA request, Biro told WCTV that she never took a mug with an anti-law enforcement message to a CPRB meeting .

However, now she is defending the “Abolish Police” message.

Biro told the Tallahassee Democrat on Monday that “I am an abolitionist…I have never shied away from wearing my values on my sleeve, or on my cup, and that’s why I have that sticker on there.”

The police abolition movement is a political movement that advocates replacing policing with other systems of public safety. Police abolitionists believe that policing, as a system, is inherently flawed and cannot be reformed.

Complicating the issue is a statement released by the Chairman of the CPRB after the PBA statement seeking Biro’s removal from the CPRB.

Chairman Edward Gaines stated that he supported Biro remaining on the CPRB and noted the message on the mug was not anti-police, but rather “Abolish Police Brutality.”

The picture of the mug and statements by Biro contradicts Gaines statement.

In fact, Tallahassee Reports located a website (see below) that sells the identical sticker that is on Biro’s mug and it is identified as an “Abolish Police Sticker.”

Gaines said in his statement that “I was not aware of Ms. Biro ever bringing this cup to a CPRB Board Meeting and displaying the offensive language in question and I will continue to support her as a CPRB Board Member. As Chairman, I find this type of language offensive and understand how it can be perceived as a bias toward police officers. Also, under my leadership that type (or any kind) of offensive language displayed while representing CPRB would be immediately addressed. Further, at this point, I consider this matter now closed and a non-issue.”

TR has reached out to Chairman Gaines for a comment.

Now the question is will the city commission address the issue at their next meeting on December 8th.

The is not the first time Biro has been caught up in controversy.

In November of last year, Tallahassee Inspector General Dennis Sutton questioned CPRB member Biro‘s objectivity during a board subcommittee meeting based on an opinion column written by Biro and published in the Tallahassee Democrat.

In the column, Biro wrote, “Don’t ask us to recommend a policy or training to fix this, because policing isn’t broken, it’s performing exactly as it was designed. We cannot remove the eggs from a cake after it comes out of the oven. Sometimes you just need a new recipe.”

Sutton said actions like Biro’s could give a negative impression of the board to Tallahassee Police Department members, decreasing their willingness to work with them. He also said board members were required to say that they would remain unbiased on their application to join the board.

“There is a concern by the rank and file that this board is completely biased against the police department,” Sutton said.

In response, Biro said she isn’t biased, she just doesn’t support how police currently operate in the city.

Biro was nominated by City Commissioner Jack Porter for membership on the CPRB and approved by the full commission.

19 Responses to "Tallahassee CPRB Member Defends “Abolish Police” Sticker"

  1. The stupidity of the North Florida insurrectionist and far left tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist always amaze me… Donnie’s comment now corrected.

  2. I wonder how she feels about the Police now that basketball courts at FAMU are shooting galleries for thugs? There is a dead corpse there who could have used some police protection…and a murder NOW that needs solving. How does abolishing the Police solve any crime?

  3. So Biro lied (like a petulant child when caught) then defended and lied again. The issue isn’t the mug. The issue is trust. Can a member of a team be trusted to be fair when it’s obvious they are not and carry an agenda that’s anti-anything? Biro will never be happy nor will she render an honest, factual opinion, on any actions that come before their team.

  4. Personally as a conservative.
    What good is law enforcement when you have a revolving door justice system. One city arrest somebody for a crime another city lets that person go for the same crime.
    Perhaps we need our cities chief law enforcement officer to be elected and not appointed by a political bureaucrat. Someone directly responsible to the people and the Constitution. When laws are clear. Public respond accordingly.
    We’ve all been to jurisdictions where we’ve known that the police don’t mess around and civil discourse is the result.
    It comes down to clear boundaries.
    This committee is a waste of time.

  5. And let’s either have no board, or a board stacked only with believers in the myths that cops: never lie, cheat, plant or hide evidence; aren’t prejudiced; don’t commit domestic violence and murder in their own families; don’t participate in dogfighting, sex and drug traficking; never abused their power and took advantage of someone; never drive under the influence; don’t protect their own after wrong-doing; always prevent crime; and again, never lie.

  6. If the Police Abolitionists names/ addresses come up in a 911 call, respond at your leisure. They got this covered! They don’t need the Police!! Just come by in an hour or two, just to see if the Coroner is needed. He’d probably like to work on a fresh body….not a bloated stinky one! You Woke Snowflakes are asking for stupid things! Good luck Marxist / Fascict idiots!! You should leave our Country! ??

  7. Everyone on that Board hates cops…until they need one. I hope they are all victimized by a criminal element before being patronized by a feckless social worker who tells them they deserved it.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. I thank God every day I left this horribly run city. I thought it was bad for 20 yrs, its gotten worse.I feel sorry for the citizens of Tallahassee, the capital is the laughing stock of the state and beyond.

  9. Blue and green hair, a massive chest tattoo, a hog nose ring and a dislike for law enforcement…..someone was potty trained too soon. But of course the chairman wants her “unique insight” of the community.

  10. It was. reported that Biro did not complete required criteria in the required time frame that is required to sit on this Board. Is the Board chairman, Mr Gaines, going to run a tight ship or a ship of fools?

    Good question by, Barb. Mr Gaines is showing no leadership. Now the question is, will Dianne Williams-Cox, Mayor Dailey, and Curtis Richardson show leadership? My guess is no.

  11. So… the Board Chairman, Ed Gains, admits it’s offensive but calls it a perception and then attempts to close down the conversation. A classic retort by a Marxicrat when they are caught, “nothing to see here, move along now”. They both need to go. It’s like having Sandy Cortez and John Kerry on the board of Exxon/Mobile.

    Neither the self-described abolitionist nor her apologist (Gains) should be on this board. In fact, as I’ve stated many times… this sham of a board is what needs to be abolished. It’s predicated on a lie and a non-existent “systemic” problem.

    I agree with Barb. Although I don’t support their politics, I voted for Williams-Cox and Daily with a belief that they – along with Richardson – would be a check on the dangerous and destructive progressive Marxicrat agenda. Then again, I was wrong about Porter… let’s see if it’s 3 strikes for me.

  12. What are Mayor Dailey, Commissioner Richardson and Commissioner Williams-Cox going to do about it? They say that they support local law enforcement. Are they going to remove her from the CPRB? They have the votes; it would be a 3-2 split.

    We were told to vote for Dailey and Williams-Cox because they would stand against the progressives on such matters. Well?

  13. The “woke folk” on the board along with our elected Nannies all lied and stated they “did not see the offensive mug”.
    You are all liars. Dirty rotten liars.
    Why just look there is the picture you hoped nobody took!!!!
    Yeah the green hair lady is an idiot. But honestly its you local voters that have the real problems because you got what you voted for and you are happy. Idiots.
    There now I dont know or care how y’all feel but at least I feel better having written what y’all need to be told!
    Thank you for the soapbox I can jump up on and tell you how wrong y’all are!!!

  14. This is the third story about a cup. Tallahassee Democrat reports Chief Revell is on vacation and gun violence is out of control.

    Great job all around.

  15. Jack Porter’s sentiments are much like the other liberal commissioners that share her view. Stacking the deck against the police by letting the Biromaniac stay on the board is exactly what they want and it will be the police they will call in an emergency. Police response to them should be null and void since they don’t want to participate in law and order.

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