TR Morning Briefs: 11/21/2022

TR Morning Briefs: 11/21/2022

Local News

After Tallahassee Reports reported on the story of a Citizens Police Review Board members having a profane coffee mug with an explicit phrase directed towards law enforcement, many called for the board member’s resignation. In response, CPRB chair Edward Gaines stated that he completely disagreed that the board member should be removed. The Big Bend Chapter of the PBA called for the board member’s resignation, and Gaines stated that he never saw the coffee mug in question which stated “F*** the police.” City Commissioner Dianne Williams-Cox stated in a recent city commission meeting that she understood from her sources that the message on the mug did in fact contain that explicit message. 

Tallahassee Police are investigating a shooting that occurred Saturday evening around 5:45 p.m. on West Tharpe Street at the Tobacco Outlet. An armed suspect took cash from the business, nobody was hurt as a result of the incident, and law enforcement is investigating.

Florida News

Even though he lost a bid to unseat Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and lead the Senate Republicans, Florida Sen. Rick Scott said that he sees the vote as a first step as part of a course correction. He stated recently that he has been dismayed at the “status quo”-type Republicans in Washington but that “We’ve made progress in this fight, but there is so much more we could get done, both as individual senators and as a Republican Conference, if we commit to a plan and work together as a team to advance conservative policies and ideas.”

Sports News

FAMU football blew out their archrival Bethune-Cookman on Saturday 41-20 to finish the season 9-2. They lost the first two games of the season to Jackson State and North Carolina, and then rattled off nine straight wins. However, the Rattlers were denied a bid to compete in the FCS Playoff. FAMU was considered a “bubble team,” similar to how March Madness selects their teams. Head Coach Willie Simmons said that he was saddened to not get a chance at a postseason run but believed that his team played well enough to compete for a national championship.

Florida State soccer advanced to the Sweet 16 of the NCAA Tournament, keeping alive hopes for another title. The Noles defeated LSU with a second-half drumming and won 4-1. The Noles’ next game is next Sunday at 5:00 p.m. at the Seminole Soccer Complex against the Pitt Panthers.

Florida State men’s basketball, on Saturday, fell to the Florida Gators 76-67. The Noles are winless through the first four games of the season for the first time since 1959. FSU is looking to get in the win column tonight at 6:30 p.m. against the Mercer Bears.

6 Responses to "TR Morning Briefs: 11/21/2022"

  1. Wasn’t there a requirement that to be on this Board you had to complete certain criteria and that Biro has not completed what was required in the time frame required? Problem solved.

  2. Whether the cup showed F–k the Police or Abolish the Police is irrelevant… the sentiment and bias is evident and inexcusable for someone in that position.

    Dismantle and shut down the whole sham of a Board. It is counterproductive and based on a lie.

  3. There is an article in the TD today that says the cup said “Abolish” —AND had a picture of law enforcement “striking a citizen” which is even more disturbing. There is a new level of disarray and concern.

    I certainly am thankful for law enforcement and thank them for their service. They do not deserve unfair disparagement on the public level or on any level for that matter.

  4. Cox got it as second hand information, in Court of Law, that makes it “Hearsay” and can not be used. with that many people in the Room and as big as this issue has gotten, has ANYONE that was there gone on the Record to to say that YES she had that Coffee Cup there?

  5. It’s disheartening to watch the police be mocked and bullied by the progressives. If they don’t stand up for themselves (since, apparently, no one else is coming to the rescue), it won’t stop and the reputation, morale and the effectiveness of the police will continue to decline.

    It’s like watching Lucy pull the football away from Charlie Brown – again and again.

  6. Perhaps the CPRB should reconsider the leadership. Some formal action needs to be taken whether it is a letter to cease and desist, a formal reprimand, or a removal all together. Doing nothing shows a lack of leadership and compromises the board’s credibility.

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