By the Numbers: The Top Offensive Leon High School Volleyball Players

By the Numbers: The Top Offensive Leon High School Volleyball Players

Now that the high school volleyball season has come to an end, it is time to look back and recognize the best Leon County high school volleyball players.

To accomplish this, Tallahassee Reports has created a points per set (Pts/Set) calculation for four different categories. The categories are Offense, Defense, Serving, and All Around.

The calculations are based on statistics entered into MaxPreps – the official scorekeeper for the Florida High School Athletics Association. The final numbers are from the performance of 65 players in approximately 125 games.

The Best Offensive Players

Listed below are the the top ten Leon County offensive volleyball players based on the points per set played (Pts/Set) calculation.

The Pts/Set metric is related to the number of kills, blocks and hitting errors as represented in the formula below:

Pts/Set = (Kills – Hitting Errors + Total Blocks)/Sets Played

The data was collected by TR for the five Leon County schools that were ranked in the top 200 of the MaxPreps state rankings. These schools include Chiles, Florida High (FSUS), Lincoln, Leon and Maclay.

The Pts/Set rankings show that the first and second are separated by .09 pts/set with Leon’s Amelia Haggins at number one and Chiles’ Kaylin Johnson at number two.

The top ten list is occupied by four players from Chiles (Kaylin Johnson, Delaney Scott-Hanowell, Kate Stewart & Isabelle Pauli), three from Florida High (Amelia Wass de Czege, Keldri Young, Kenzie Hultquist) and one each from Leon (Amelia Haggins), Lincoln (Alli Tawney) and Maclay (Olivia Greenberg).

Amelia Haggins, Kaylin Johnson, & Alli Tawney.

The “Best” Player

While statistics can easily identify a group of the best volleyball players, identifying the best player relies on factors that are not easily quantified. These factors include the strength of the teams schedule, team record, and the performance of the players in critical matches.

Those best suited to identify the best player are the high school coaches that see hundreds of players in competition during each season. And even the coaches will have different sets of criteria in determining the “Best” player.

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