TR Morning Briefs: 11/29/2022

TR Morning Briefs: 11/29/2022

Local News

Florida A&M University is reviewing its campus safety protocols after one person was killed and four others were injured in an on-campus shooting Sunday. The review includes considering changes to rules regarding the use of indoor and outdoor campus recreational facilities.

In preparation of the trial for Charlie Adelson, former girlfriend Katherine Magbanua will be answering questions from the State Attorney’s Office this week in the Dan Markel case. Magbanua is now being referred to as a “State Witness.”

Early voting is underway in Georgia for the hotly contested Senate runoff election between Sen. Raphael Warnock and Herschel Walker, and Thomas County is already seeing record voter turnout. Thousands of voters have already voted since the early voting period opened yesterday.

Florida News

After creating voter fraud units by legislative action, Florida’s election complaints units are finding few cases of voter fraud in a systemic fashion from the 2020 election. In the wake of Florida’s controversy two decades ago, numerous election integrity measures have been put into place, including recently when Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a measure creating an election complaint field office within the Department of State. However, there have still be isolated voter fraud cases like in Gadsden and Duval counties.

After the 2022 Midterms and gubernatorial elections, which saw a Republican sweep of every statewide office and greater gains within the Florida Legislature, some left-leaning groups are pumping the brakes on calling Florida a “red state.” Democratic strategists and a group like Florida Rising, are saying that left-leaning voters stayed home during November’s elections, which saw even historically deep-blue Miami-Dade County flip red.

Sports News

Florida State women’s basketball freshman guard Ta’Niya Latson earned ACC Rookie of the Week for the third consecutive time. Last week, the Noles went 2-1 I the Cancun Classic where Latson averaged over 20 points per game against opponents like Oklahoma State, Purdue, and Howard.

Florida State football offensive lineman Dylan Gibbons won the 2022 Jim Tatum Award, presented to the ACC’s top football senior scholar-athlete. Gibbons started all 12 games this year for the Noles and became the first Nole to win the award since Christian Ponder in 2010.

6 Responses to "TR Morning Briefs: 11/29/2022"

  1. I sure hope that $5-million in our tax dollars will stop these out of control guns from sneaking out and night and running around shooting up the place. If not, we might have to spend another $5-million.

  2. “Democratic strategists and a group like Florida Rising, are saying that left-leaning voters stayed home during November’s elections” ……… But I thought they were saying that it was the largest Voter Turn Out on Record?

    The Florida A&M University shooting, 1 Killed and 4 Injured. Gunman shot into the Crowd of a couple dozen people. Jack Campbell needs to find out how many were in the crown, exact Number if possible and charge the shooter with that many counts of Attempted MURDER. The only way to lower the crime rate is to put the Criminals in Prison LONGER.

  3. “This is why we cant have nice things.”

    Exactly, Snidely.

    This sad state of affairs is not due to police misconduct or law abiding citizens owning guns.

  4. But Mr. Whiplash! If we give FAMU money for stadium upgrades this will all go away.

    (If an athletic program cannot stand on it’s own, it is unfair to ask anyone else to pay for their shortcomings)

  5. This is why we cant have nice things.
    The indoor and outdoor campus recreational facilities were nice but goodbye.
    A sign of the times we live in and an instructional testimony as to why our elected nannies latest brain fart of throwing nice things at the B on B slaughter wont work.

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