Tallahassee City Commissioners Address Election, Future at Swearing In Ceremony

Tallahassee City Commissioners Address Election, Future at Swearing In Ceremony

On November 21,2022, the Tallahassee City Commission held a Reorganization Ceremony to swear in the newly elected city commissioners and mayor. Commissioners Dianne Williams-Cox and Jeremy Matlow and Mayor John Daily took their oath of office in the presence of family, friends and community members.

City Commissioner Dianne Williams-Cox was elected for her second term serving four more years in office. She thanked the community and family for supporting her, stating, “I look around this room and I see community. I see many of you who have stood by me in some rough times. I see many of you who’ve called to encourage me.” Williams-Cox was unanimously selected by the commission to serve as Mayor Pro Tempore.

After taking his oath of office, City Commissioner Jeremy Matlow addressed the divisive nature of the campaign stating, “A lot of people spent a lot of money saying some terrible things.” He stressed that his charge is to come to work every day to better the city. Matlow expressed gratitude for the responsibility to represent people who need it most. He noted the challenges ahead stating, “We still have poverty rates that we need to see decline. We still have people who are struggling just to pay their rent.” He went on to say, “The fights that we fought years ago don’t end because people expect us to show up, the people need us to show up.”

Tallahassee Mayor John Dailey called on each citizen to come together and put aside differences to move the community forward stating, “We have a mandate here and the mandate is for this community to come together to move this community forward.” Daily believes the city is moving in the right direction stating, “It is time to keep moving forward but we’re only going to do that if we put the divisiveness away and truly work together.” Daily spoke about his devotion to Tallahassee and his sons stating, “I am committed to setting an example to my boys, for all the children in Tallahassee and for every citizen out there.”

Following the ceremony, a meet and greet was held in the City Hall Mezzanine.

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