Police Review Board Considers Resignations if Biro is Removed

Police Review Board Considers Resignations if Biro is Removed

The Citizen Police Review Board held their monthly meeting at the Smith-Williams Service Center on December 1st.

The board engaged in a lengthy discussion concerning the controversy over CPRB member Taylor Biro displaying an “abolish the police” sticker on her coffee cup at a board meeting.  The Police Benevolent Association called for her immediate removal from the board on the grounds that the display indicated bias in violation of the requirements for her appointment to the board.  The PBA will attend the city commission meeting on December 7th to request that they remove Biro from the board. 

A dozen citizens, many of whom are local activists, attended the meeting to express their full support of Biro. FSU SDS Vice President Alex Carson stated, “I’m here today to voice my full and unconditional support for Taylor Biro.”  He continued, “Its honestly ridiculous that (the PBA) even had the gall to speak on this considering this is a body that supposedly exists to point out their copious shortcomings and abuses of power.”

TCAC President Delilah Pierre voiced her support for Biro and opined on the local police department stating, “You can’t go two or three weeks in Tallahassee without the Tallahassee police department either fraternizing with a white supremist, having a relationship with an evangelical church that has given millions of dollars to organizations that persecute queer and trans people.” Pierre also criticized the CPRB for being “a vehicle for police interest.” 

In response to the public speakers Taylor Biro stated, “I’m just so thankful for y’all and if anything, abolition has a day in the spotlight, and it needs to be.  We need to imagine that its possible, and I think speaking it into existence is creating the future we deserve.” 

At the conclusion of the public comments, the board expressed their support Biro despite several board members offering differing viewpoints regarding Biro’s sticker. Chairman Edward Gaines suggested that all board members consider resigning if Biro was removed. The board then unanimously voted to issue a press release and letter to the city commission supporting Biro.

Board members Edward Gaines, Barry Munroe and Suzanne Van Wyk’s 2-year terms will conclude at the end of 2022. Chairman Gaines announced Van Wyk’s decision to decline re-appointment, while Gaines and Munroe both seek reappoint by the city commission.  

The next board meeting will take place on January.

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  1. This is terrific news! The City Commission and, more importantly, the citizens and police have the best possible outcome without going through some arduous process. Dump Biro from the board and the like-minded resign. The board can be dissolved. Problem solved.

  2. This sham of a board is an nasty stain of embarrassment on the City of Tallahassee and her so-called leaders. Its existence is based solely and wholly on a lie. Its a Marxists marketing tool designed to help foster an environment of hostility toward civility, morality, and the basic tenants of law and order. It is destructive, counterproductive, and hate-fueled.

    It will serve no positive purpose nor community good. The sad irony is that Brio and her ilk will be the first to call the brave men and women of our imperfect but necessary law enforcement when the reality of their own ignorance and hate reaches their door step… and they’ll be the first to complain if they don’t make it in time to protect their miserable existence from the crime and anarchy they lust for.

    Shut it down, and hand all of its records to the nearest homeless person to use for toilet paper… because that all it’s worth.

  3. I would love to abolish the police, and in a perfect world we could…but we are NOT in a perfect world…..not close by miles….so until such time , I will as a person with 34 years in the profession, continue to call the “garbage men”( who get thankless recognition to dispose of crap we wouldn’t or couldn’t be able to do for so low pay , low moral and scrutiny the Pope could not indure…..

  4. No Dennis, didn’t you read, “this is a body that supposedly exists to point out their copious shortcomings and abuses of power.

  5. I’m very grateful my daughter didn’t turn out like Biro. Biro is the kind of person that screams for attention. If she hates cops today, she would really be pissed off if she lived in the seventies. Cops use to carry Night Sticks for fighting and were allowed to shoot fleeing felons. The best part was when the perk “fell/tripped” on the way to jail and got a bonker on his head. Back then, Tallahassee was a almost crime free city. Let the cops be cops and crime will decrease. Stop pretending. You cannot reverse the outcome of generations of family members dropping out of high school. Grandma and the streets will raise up yet another generation of criminals.

  6. This inability to see beyond the leftist echo chamber rises to the level of mental illness. Without TPD, these impoverished neighborhoods would be even more dangerous. Most of Tallahassee is safe, but the crime rate in these neighborhoods is SO HIGH it bumps all of Tallahassee into the ‘high crime’ category. If you examined JUST these neighborhoods, it seriously makes the slums or Rio or Mexico City look safe.

    They should let them police themselves for a few months.

  7. What would have been the boards response if a member displayed a sticker that said, “Abolish the BLM”? I think we all know the board would have demanded its removal, and probably, the member too.
    Bias against the police is clear by the boards action.

  8. So Biro needs flushing, and 3 more board member’s term is up at the end of the month.

    This could work itself out without a lot of hoopla. We just need the next round of appointments to be more centrist, as the board is supposed to be.

  9. Relax Citizens this percieved problem with what appears to be a renagade board is in the process of being flushed down the toilet of local government by our elected, appointed, and otherwise in power “Nannies”.
    On the board’s side the members feel an allegiance to the defunct entity formerly known as BLM. Therefor board members feel they are safe in making radical statements such as “some of us may resign”. Likely many of the board members dont even know former leadership of BLM stole all the money and now there is no more BLM.
    On our “Nannies” side they are all Democrats and all Democrats will drop to their knees and kiss the backsides of unions – all unions. Well the PBA is very much a union and very much opposed to the current makeup of the CPRB.
    As I said “relax citizens” because our “Nannies” have already dropped to their knees and puckered up for The PBA – however these things move slowly and we do have unintelegent CPRB members making wild statements. Basically they know many of them are about to be flushed and these outlandish statements are all they have.
    Breaking it down its basically this – “We will resigne before your “Nannies” who are totally beholding to unions for campaign contributions can fire us.”
    Relax Citizens.

  10. So, if I understand this correctly the Board was created for the purpose of being an unbiased panel of citizens to review TPD internal affairs, cases and issues relating to law enforcement by TPD. Member Biro has stated she is a proponent of the abolition of the police which clearly show bias and her bias is recognized and affirmed by the Board. Can any reasonable citizen take seriously any findings or recommendations regarding TPD that may come from this body?

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