The Tallahassee Reports Morning Briefs: Tuesday, Dec. 6th

The Tallahassee Reports Morning Briefs: Tuesday, Dec. 6th

Local News

Chairman of the Tallahassee Citizens Police Review Board (CPRB), Edward Gaines, emailed a press release stating the board unanimously supports Taylor Biro remaining on the board. Biro became the subject of controversy after she was in possession of an “Abolish Police” sticker on her coffee mug during a CPRB board meeting. Florida PBA Big Bend Chapter President, Richard Murphy, said the decision is “deeply disturbing.”

CPRB members consider resigning in city commission votes to remover Taylor Biro.

Tallahassee Police have arrested a second man in connection to a shooting at a basketball court on FAMU’s campus last month. Cheddrick Thomas opened fire into a crowd and is facing one count of first-degree homicide and four counts of attempted homicide.

Additional details have been released regarding a recent murder, committed by Dusty McDonald, on North Monroe Street over the past weekend. Arrest papers indicate that the body was tied up, interrogated, attacked, killed, and wrapped in a tarp. McDonald claimed the deceased had been “conspiring against him.”

Florida News

Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is saying Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is complicit in antisemitism because of his silence on the matter. “The silence of Ron DeSantis about the antisemites and white supremacists his party leader promotes can’t be forgiven just because it conflicts with his naked personal ambitions,” she said. “Silence is complicity.” Wasserman-Schultz is referencing the recent firestorm regarding Kanye West and Nick Fuentes. However, DeSantis, just last month, delivered a keynote speech to the Republican Jewish Coalition’s 2022 leadership conference to a “rock star reception.”

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis also announced nearly $23 to Biscayne Bay-related water quality projects. The money comes from the Biscayne Bay Grant Program and will cover septic-to-sewer, stormwater management and wetland restoration projects in areas surrounding the bay.

Sports News

Florida State women’s basketball freshman guard Ta’Niya Latson has won her fourth consecutive ACC Rookie of the Week award. Latson becomes the first Seminole to win rookie of the week four times in a season, eclipsing the single-season record of three times held by former players Shante Williams (2003-04), Britany Miller (2005-06) and Jacinta Monroe (2006-07).

11 Responses to "The Tallahassee Reports Morning Briefs: Tuesday, Dec. 6th"

  1. “The board unanimously supports Taylor Biro remaining on the board”……….. I find this deeply disturbing too. Now they need to form a Board to watch over THIS Board to make sure that THIS Board is acting Ethical.

  2. @Weed,

    I was making my own point. Abortion is now a State issue. And as a result, the State of Georgia passed strong pro-life legislation.

    To address your point:
    My guess is pro-lifers in Georgia won’t be hoodwinked by anyone and will know who they should vote for today.

  3. Nicholas,what’s strange is dems DO have accomplishments, but they don’t even want to talk about them when calling people racist is easier.

  4. Cue the Alanis Morissette…

    So the Citizen Review Board that was established because of the notion that the Police are a close-knit group that protects each other from outside accountability has exposed itself as a close-knit group that protects each other from outside accountability and will defend members who commit bad behavior.

    In light of this, I demand the City establish a Citizen Review Review board.

  5. Barb,

    PostScript.. being that you’re constantly preaching pro-life I am surprised you did not catch that. Take a deep breath…

  6. Barb,

    You totally missed the point. Will voters vote for a pro death candidate or a pro-life candidate. This has to do with the moral character of the country.

  7. The PBA should bring the community together and quit being so divisive. The firefighters know how to do it very well, great example of responsible first responder leadership.

  8. Have you ever noticed that Democrats have no accomplishments so Obama is obsessed with werewolves and Wasserman-Schultz is obsessed with racism? Have you ever noticed there was a war(s) under Clinton, Obama, Bush and Biden and decisions these made allowed the war in the Ukraine? Did you ever notice there were no wars under Trump?

    Did you ever notice that two men having a debate one being the replacement for Dr Martin Luther King, who was one of the greatest orators of our time, and the other won a Heisman Trophy; and the Heisman Trophy winner trumped a man who advocates and preaches pro-death for little children. People will go to the polls today in Georgia and today we will learn where the moral character of our nation – regarding the lives of The Unborn – is at. Pray for a miracle!

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