The Tallahassee Reports Morning Briefs: Thursday, Dec. 8th

The Tallahassee Reports Morning Briefs: Thursday, Dec. 8th

Local News

During the Tallahassee City Commission meeting on Wednesday, City Commissioner Dianne Williams-Cox made a motion to remove Taylor Biro from the Tallahassee Citizens Police Review Board. The motion passed 3-2 with Mayor John Dailey and City Commissioner Curtis Richardson in support. City Commissioner Jack Porter – who previously nominated Biro to the Board – and City Commissioner Jeremy Matlow voted against the move.

FAMU is saying security camera footing played a large role in tracking down two suspects connected to a shooting that took place at a recreation basketball court on campus. TPD said the shooting originated from a social media argument, and they do not believe the man who was killed was the intended target. Law enforcement is continuing to investigate FAMU PD has added additional cameras since the shooting.

According to permit filings recorded through November with Leon County and the City of Tallahassee, the number of single-family new construction permits are trending down.

Florida News

Florida State Rep. Joe Harding was indicted yesterday by a grand jury on six felony counts, including money laundering and wire fraud. The indictment alleges Harding committed two acts of wire fraud through a scheme to defraud the Small Business Administration by obtaining COVID small businesses loans through false pretenses. Harding has already been released on bond. A trial for Harding is set for Jan. 11, 2023 at the U.S. Courthouse in Gainesville. United States District Judge Allen Winsor will preside.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio is co-leading a bipartisan congressional task forces in order to combat antisemitism. The task force is looking to share intelligence and data in order to collaborate properly concerning the antisemitic bigotry. Sen. Jacky Rosen of Nevada and Sen. James Lankford of Oklahoma are part of the task force, as well.

Former Ronald Reagan campaign manager, Ed Rollins, is heading up the Ready for Ron super PAC and is saying American voters need to be ready for a Ron DeSantis presidential bid. Rollins stated that he sees a lot of the same characteristics in DeSantis as he once saw in Reagan. Rollins also said that Republicans across the country could learn a thing, or two, from Florida as the GOP swept statewide elections and gained supermajorities in both chambers of the state legislature.

5 Responses to "The Tallahassee Reports Morning Briefs: Thursday, Dec. 8th"

  1. Mr Hawkins

    In 2024 the governor of Florida, will be the governor of florida, vice president of the United States, or president of the United States.

    Your stipulations on his timeline regarding staying in as Governor conflicts with your numerous times you have jumped in and out of races.

  2. I Voted for Ron DeSantis to be my Governor for FOUR YEARS, not TWO. He Ran to be our Governor for FOUR YEARS, not TWO. He can’t run again so he will be out after 2026, that will give him 2 Years where he can spend 100% of his time to run his Campaign for 2028.

  3. The 2024 campaign issue for Curtis Richardson and Jack Porter will be replacing the city manager.

    Curtis Richardson did a cleanup on Aisle 9 but refuses to address the hurricane that is causing the obstacles in city government. Unfortunately, he did alienate a big voting block. Porter secured her next re-election bid. It will be political theater for sure in 2024.

  4. Boy did this ever backfire.

    What started out as a cheap ploy to attack Jack Porter ended up putting Curtis, who is up in 2024, at serious risk after he got lucky with a weak challenger in 2020.

    Curtis made a lot of enemies yesterday by refusing to stand up against this sloppy nonsense. Even John Dailey’s appointment to the Board resigned over this paranoid overreaction from the PBA union, which was founded in Florida by Scott Maddox’s father Charlie.

    The old boys regret sending in this play, which will probably draw a credible candidate into the race against Richardson while Porter secured a safe re-election supported by folks who back City Hall reform.

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