Leon County Commission Meeting Briefs: December 13, 2022

Leon County Commission Meeting Briefs: December 13, 2022

Below are the news briefs from the Leon County Commission meeting that took place on December 13, 2022.

The commission considered and approved an agenda item that would authorize “staff to proceed with drafting an Ordinance to amend the Pre-development Environmental Analysis Reviews Section of the Environmental Management Act.” According to the source documents, “revision is intended to clarify the tree identification process required during the Natural Features Inventory (NFI) stage of permitting and to ensure that protected trees (especially patriarch trees) are identified early in the development process.”

The agenda item can be viewed here.

The commission considered and approved an item that would approve the proposed Lakeside Flats Apartments’ application “for federal 9% low-income housing tax credit and provide $115,000 as the County’s portion of the required match funding.” The Lakeside Flats Apartments project would lead to the construction of 66 new garden-style affordable rental units on a three-acre property off of Mahan Drive.

Newly installed Commissioner David O’Keefe voiced his support for the measure reiterating that one of the main issues he saw on the campaign trail was the need for affordable housing.

The county also cited a study done by Shimberg Center for Housing Studies (Shimberg Center) at the University of Florida which stated Leon County needs approximately 7,000 more affordable housing units to meet the needs of low-income residents.

Commissioners Rick Minor and Brian Welch also offered their support and Welch called it a “no brainer” and a “step in the right direction.”

The agenda item can be viewed here.

The commission approved a resolution that establishes the Tallahassee-Leon County Bicentennial Steering Committee in order to celebrate Tallahassee’s bicentennial in 2024. The item can be viewed here.

County commissioners approved a measure that elevated the county to be the “Willing Manager (maintenance entity) for a segment of multiuse trail which may be constructed in the future along U.S. 90 from Pedrick Road to the Leon/Jefferson County Line.”

This segment is in unincorporated Leon County and is a priority of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s SUN Trail Network.

The item can be viewed here.

The commission approved the application for Bradfordville Self Storage Type “C” site and development plan. Bradfordville Self Storage is “proposing to use an existing two-story, 99,162 square foot vacant building for mini warehousing.” This is the Kohl’s building across from Chiles high school.

The agenda item can be viewed here.

The county commission officially rescinded the motion to rename the Fort Braden Community Center after the late County Commissioner Jimbo Jackson. The commission initially intended to name the historic building after Jackson, however members of the Fort Braden community came to multiple commission meetings and expressed their admiration for Jackson and his years of service but contended that there should be another way to honor Jackson’s legacy.

Newly installed District 2 Commissioner Christian Caban thanked members of his district, which comprises Fort Braden, for talking with him and continuing to be in discussion with the commission. Vice-Chairman Carolyn Cummings expressed her thanks to friends and members of the Fort Braden community for talking with her about the history of Fort Braden and the historic nature of the community center.

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  1. @ Pat… 100% spot-on. But remember, the Marxicrat Party would not even exist without the victim mentality and entitlement mattresses. That’s why they work so hard to create and maintain them. Now they’re even shipping them in. American citizens, veterans, children, and families are sleeping on the streets while illegal aliens get carte blanche at our expense… it’s disgraceful and it’s treasonous. And neither political party in the DC R&D Swamp truly intend do anything about it.

    It’s up to American citizens to save this great Republic. And our founders even called it, damn near to the year.

  2. Conservatives know. Tallahassee/Leon County’s “poor folks” like their plight in life. Honestly, if you dropped out in the 9th Grade, probably you have a 7th grade education. And all the money in the world will not land you a $100,000.00 a year job with benefits. Not likely. What is likely is you can get a job running a weed-eater all day for $15.00/hour plus welfare benefits. To be honest, those of us that have succeeded in life will never convince the “poor folks” that our way of life is best. And WTF is with all these politicians funneling billions into making life better for the “poor folks”?

    What you cannot buy is the life I have lived. My parents worked hard and were established in their careers before my brother, sister and I came along. My parents worked Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Thanksgiving and whatever other day it took to support the family. And when I left home, I did the same. Many a Christmas Eve I worked many a 6am til 2pm shift with only 8 hours off before my Christmas Day Midnight shift began. And I worked many a 6am til 2pm New Year’s Day shift. Today, I enjoy a fantastic retirement annuity, living in the country and living the dream. My health insurance is second to none. My wife is protected with a survivor’s annuity, plus life insurance and health/dental/vision insurance for the rest of her life. We have assets that are paid for and growing in value. Because we worked for a living. We got great educations. We came from great families.

    To the zip code 32303…suck it up. You axed for it and you got it. Too Bad, So Sad.

    Sooner or later, crime, homelessness and unlimited illegal immigration will be rampant in our community and country. Gone will be the “good ole days”. Liberal politicians will get their way because non-taxpaying voters will keep them in office. And I say, they cannot destroy the Country before I die. So, F-um! Sooner or later, the Country will run our of money to support the sick, lame and lazy. Until then, just keep it all south of Mahan.

  3. @ Tony… agreed. ~ true story ~ The wife of a close friend of mine worked in the cafeteria of a Public Indoctrination System (not here, but in Florida). When school ends for summer break, they continue to “feed the children” (insert wink here) breakfast and lunch throughout the summer at taxpayer expense. The only caveat is that the parent has to come to the school to pick up the taxpayer funded food. Every year – when school ends and the summer program begins – the administration would gather all the cafeteria workers and “remind” them that are not to make any disparaging remarks or questionable comments (even to each other) about the line of Mercedes, Lexus, Cadillacs, and other high priced vehicles waiting to pick up the free food for their “less fortunate” children.

    I personally had similar experiences when I would volunteer to handout our taxpayer funded Thanksgiving meals complete with a big turkey and ALL the fix’ins. Same with the Christmas toy giveaways. They amazingly sad part about it all, is that there are fixed-income seniors, veterans, and other Americans who are truly in need of a helping hand. But they can’t get it because of the system gamers. Heck, in Biden’s America, illegal aliens get better assistance that American citizens on the streets.

  4. @ Edward & Skeptic, Some people would rather live in Squalor for free off the Government then Get a Job and better themselves. Think about it. Why work when you can have Free or super cheap Housing, Free Food, Free Cell Phones, Free Internet, Free Christmas Toys, Free Thanksgiving & Christmas Meals. Look at the Vehicles in the Food Pick Up Lines hosted by Churches and other Nonprofits, most being Late Model or New High Dollar Vehicles, the Ladies all dolled up with fancy Hair, Nails, Make Up and Weaves and the Guys with several Gold Chains and $200 Shoes……………….. Why give all that up?

  5. I agree with Skeptic on this. If the government continues to confiscate taxpayer money to fund the irresponsible and lazy, then they will most certainly remain irresponsible and lazy. A combination of the free market and ones desires is what dictates housing affordability. If one wants to live in a nice home and have nice things, then it is ones’ responsibility to make smart choices and work hard to improve ones’ status in life such that one can afford a nice home and nice things… it’s just that simple.

  6. Is this the parcel owned by TIITF, which is the State of Florida Trust Fund (board of trustees internal improvement trust fund?)
    So this will be on the east corner of Blair Stone, within a mile from City Walk that has received from the city of Tallahassee, Keith Burnsed, a “Temporary Residential Care Facility for 64 residents?”
    And down the road we have a WaWa?

  7. Concern for housing cost is fine, but the solution is all wrong.

    We’ve already got free housing (section 8), free utilities, free food, free health care, and host of other free services. Stay poor and the government will keep throwing money at you.

    The solution is to move the needy from dependency to self reliance. Continuing to bribe them to stay poor and to then vote for those that continue to “bless” them with free money is a sham that needs to be stopped.

  8. Again, I ask, WHAT Dollar Amount is considered Affordable for what you call Affordable Housing for Low-Income Residents? I have asked this question for several Years and none of the City or County Commissioners will answer it.

    Why was the CITY Commissioners involved with the Renaming Process and why wasn’t the Community Center named after Jane Souls?

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