Leon County School Board Meeting Briefs: December 13, 2022

Leon County School Board Meeting Briefs: December 13, 2022

Below are the news briefs from the Leon County School Board meeting that took place on December 13, 2022.

The school board announced the naming of the stretch of Tharpe Street from Raa Middle School to Godby High School as the “Georgia ‘Joy’ Bowen Memorial Boulevard.” Joy Bowen was present at the school board meeting for this commemoration.

The school board considered a proposal to approve a job description for the position of Coordinator for Recruitment/Retention. This issue was discussed at a previous meeting where Alva Swafford Striplin, who now is going by Alva Swafford Smith, voiced her opposition again.

During this debate, newly installed board member Marcus Nicholas expressed concern over what he viewed as ambiguous language in the job description regarding the position’s duties and responsibilities.

Superintendent Rocky Hanna ensured that even though the board did not adopt Nicholas’ language, that his recommendations would be fulfilled in the hiring process even though it was not expressly stated on the job description sheet. The vote carried 3-2 with Smith and Nicholas voting in opposition.

The job description can be viewed here.

The school board passed an item that will advance the proposal to rename the gymnasium at Fort Braden K-8 School after the late county commissioner Jimbo Jackson. Board member Darryl Jones offered his support paying a brief tribute to Jackson. Superintendent Hanna noted that Jackson started his career as a P.E. coach in that gym, and he said it was fitting that the gym was the space that was being renamed in his honor.

The board passed a measure approving the School Affiliation Agreement between the School Board of Leon County, Florida on behalf of Lawton Chiles High School, and Tallahassee Medical Center Inc., and HCA Florida Capital Hospital for the purpose of offering an accredited externship program in the field of Honors/Gifted Executive Internship (“Externship”).

The board approved an item that will allow the Architectural Selection Committee to begin negotiations with Hoy+Stark Architects PA for renovations at Leon High School, Building 7. The total cost of the construction is estimated at $5 million. Hoy+Stark Architects PA has earned $765,885.98 in Leon County School Board projects over the last three years.

If negotiations fail with Hoy+Stark Architects, P.A., then the committee has permission to reach out to the next highest rated construction firm, which is Gilchrist Ross Crowe Architects.

The board approved a measure that takes the recommendation from the Engineering Selection Committee and award professional structural engineering consulting services for Sabal Palm Elementary, Building 1 roof restoration and Buildings 2, 3, 4, 7, and 8 roof replacements project to David H. Melvin, Inc. The total cost of the restoration is approximately $2 million.

The board approved a list of personnel moves regarding instructional staffs, administrative staff appointments, transfers, etc. The full list can be viewed here.

The full school board meeting can be viewed here.

8 Responses to "Leon County School Board Meeting Briefs: December 13, 2022"

  1. DeSantis’ ruling to prevent African American studies being available as an Advanced Placement Elective course is born of ignorance and needs to be juxtaposed to the current American History being taught in High School.
    American history is rife with inaccuracies, falsehoods, and untruths.
    Let’s begin with Columbus discovering America , who was lost and didn’t know where he was . Let’s add the massacre of the indigenous people that occupied this land mass..DeSantis needs to be educated in the real history of this country.

  2. @David — agreed. We have a lot of roads with multiple names – some official and others ceremonial.

    I10, I75, I96, et al are collectively known as the Eisenhower Interstate System.

    The Florida Turnpike (Sunshine State Turnpike) is now the Ronald Reagan Turnpike.

    U.S. 90 is also known as Tennessee or Mahan, depending upon where you’re standing.

    U.S. 27 South of town is also S.R. 20. (Most folks don’t even know that.)

    It’s really not a big deal….

  3. I’m thinking that the renaming of the stretch of Tharpe Street from Raa Middle School to Godby High School as the “Georgia ‘Joy’ Bowen Memorial Boulevard” is a Honorary renaming only not an actual renaming. A marker will be place at either end of the stretch or Road.

  4. If a street can be renamed once, why not twice, or thrice… Why not rename trees, water, or clouds too. Oh, I know… let’s rename public restrooms after politicians.

    The Daily Dumper
    The Dozier Duce
    The Porter Potty
    The Matlow Pepperoni Pooper

    … or just rename them all Biden’s America. The whole world is emptying their prisons and dumping their sh!t on us anyway.

  5. Good question, how can they rename streets or is it just a recommendation. Even so, if you’re going to rename a street in Tallahassee rename the entire street not just part of it. Never have a lived anywhere where streets have multiple names, it’s stupid, confusing and completely avoidable if you use common sense.

  6. Congrats to Rocky Hannah and crew!!! We request more meetings like this to be appropriatly discussing subject matter and acting on such subject matter appropriate for a school board.
    See you CAN do it!!!
    Nothing was mentioned about grooming, pedophile, DragQueen Story Time, boys and girls peeing together showering together…ect…ect…ect. None of that stuff!!!
    Parents and Grandparents countywide request you conduct all meetings just like this one.
    Otherwise you will be forever known as the LCSG- Leon County School Groomers.

    Again thanks Rocky and crew for the first totally appropriate school board meeting since Bill Montford was Superintendant.
    Keep it up Rocky and we will name our next Middle School after you!!!!

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