The Tallahassee Reports Morning Briefs: Friday, Dec. 30

The Tallahassee Reports Morning Briefs: Friday, Dec. 30

Local News

The top viewed stories published by Tallahassee Reports in 2022 included the indictment of Andrew Gillum, the Killearn Country Club renovation, parental rights in the classroom, violent crime in Tallahassee, economic development at the Tallahassee airport and the emergence of the progressive movement in local politics.

Tallahassee Police have arrested a 21-year-old male in connection to a murder Thursday morning. Kenyadric Smith is accused of shooting and killing a woman and robbing another person Wednesday afternoon. Smith allegedly robbed the driver of the vehicle and shot the woman. She died at the scene. Smith was charged with 1st Degree Homicide, aggravated assault with a firearm, and robbery with a firearm.

Tallahassee Fire Department responded to a fire along the 500 block of Putnam Drive. Crews found heavy fire coming through the roof of the house and the cause of the fire appears to be electrical. No injuries were reported.

Florida News

Florida Congresswoman-elect Anna Paulina Luna has endorsed Harmeet Dhillon for Republican National Committee Chair. Dhillon is the former vice chairwoman of the California Republican Party, and a National Committeewoman of the Republican National Committee for California. Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz offered his support for the endorsement saying “I agree with APL wholeheartedly!”

Sports News

Florida State football defeated the Oklahoma Sooners last night in the Cheez-It Bowl 35-32. Seminoles QB Jordan Travis led the FSU offense with over 400 yards passing. The game was a high-powered offensive matchup with over 1000 total yards gained between the Noles and Sooners. FSU goes into the offseason with their 10th win and their first double-digit win season since 2016.

7 Responses to "The Tallahassee Reports Morning Briefs: Friday, Dec. 30"

  1. According to the Dailey Leon Co Sheriff’s booking report, an illegal alien is locked up for DUI/no driver license waiting for ICE. Don’t worry, Biden will release him.

  2. Congrats to Steve Stewart and Crew for ending 2022 with the wildly popular Morning Briefs section of Tallahassee Reports. Next year Tallahassee Reports is becoming The Newspaper “Of Record” for the Tallahassee/Leon service region of Florida. Finally we will toss TDO.COM into the dumpster fire of all things irrelevant where it has belonged for…oh I dont know…but it seems like the past 10 years at minimum. Enough already good bye and good riddence to TDO.COM. Thanks Steve and Crew.

  3. I guess Kenyadric didn’t get the memo… the Pastors are praying for him. Prayer only helps those left behind; the fear of retribution is what keeps the peace.

  4. Kendadric Smith-a black male. Proof positive our weak on crime policies along with our giant welfare state isn’t working. Smith has a lot going for him. The taxpayer will fund all his legal needs the rest of his life and take care of his kids and baby’s momma, too.

    Remember when a shooting in the Tallahassee area was a shocking event? Shootings are just a number that gets 30 seconds news coverage after the weather and sports segments.This was a premeditated murder which sadly is the new Dailey normal.

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