City of Tallahassee Responds to Taylor Biro Lawsuit

City of Tallahassee Responds to Taylor Biro Lawsuit

In a filing last Thursday, the City of Tallahassee asked a judge to dismiss a federal lawsuit filed by former Citizens Police Review Board (CPRB) member Taylor Biro.

Biro was removed from the CPRB by the Tallahassee City Commission late last year in a 3-2 vote. Her removal was related to her abolitionist views of law enforcement.

Following her removal, Biro filed a lawsuit arguing her free speech rights were violated.

In the filing, the City of Tallahassee argues that board members serve at the “exclusive pleasure of the City Commission and may be removed at any time.”

The filing noted that “The CPRB can be a powerful tool for positive change. But Plaintiff’s anti-police expressions worked to undermine its important but limited role. Under these circumstances, the First Amendment does not shelter Plaintiff from the political consequences of her actions.

In addition, the filing indicated that Biro’s “public endorsement of the anti-police rhetoric while attending Board meetings in her capacity as a Board member was fundamentally incompatible with the purpose and mission of the Board.”

Biro’s attorney, Marie Mattox, said a response to the City of Tallahassee motion will be filed by January 19th.

11 Responses to "City of Tallahassee Responds to Taylor Biro Lawsuit"

  1. oh my, one small sticker caused all this uproar? Ms. Biro is a community do-gooder and this is the thanks she gets for representing the voiceless.

  2. So many good comments.
    I think the majority of people in our country have seen how the real life experiment of Defunding the Police has worked. NOT!
    Time for Tallahassee to turn away from left extremist ideas and get back to the middle.

  3. She is a career idiot. She has a miserable life and takes her hate and discontent to her “causes”. Too many of these people getting much attention about being activists who are really mentally ill and hate themselves so they hate anyone in their path. She is quite simply intellectually not up for the job. Good riddance and go be a dog rescuer.

  4. ~ … board members serve at the “exclusive pleasure of the City Commission and may be removed at any time.”… full stop

    I move to shut down this sham of a board, apologize to our brave men and women of law enforcement for the unwarranted and systemic attack against their honorable work, and get on about the business of allowing them to Protect and Serve.

  5. When you are on a “board” voluntarily or paid it’s a job. You knew what the job consisted of. You have to follow the rules regardless of your “feeling”. You also knew going in you could be removed at anytime. This has nothing to do with your Free speech being infringed upon.
    No, we don’t need people like this on a board like CPRB that are against authority figures in the beginning.
    Tallahassee is NOT Portland (or any of those other cities) & we should NEVER allow it to become like that!

  6. Leftist Tallahassee/Leon politicians have historically always been at Union’s beck and call. Strange though Unions serm to have no control whatsoever over conservative politicions. I know why. Does anybody else know why Unions totally own leftist politicians but have no effect whatsoever on conservative politicians?

  7. PBA union doing serious damage to city credibility through their controlled commissioners’ actions. Talk about backfire. “Elections have consequences” and clarify indeed… and in this case, they ain’t good for ethical gov.

  8. Had Brio been Black and did the exact same things would the City have taken a different direction in their censorship/punishment?

  9. Who would take this person seriously as a professional with her appearance??

    Plus, you are asking for it if you are going to insult people who are in charge of safety and security. Police are your friends, not your enemy unless they are ethically inept.

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