Leon County Commission Plans for Bicentennial Celebration

Leon County Commission Plans for Bicentennial Celebration

On December 13, 2022, the Leon County Commission accepted the Tallahassee-Leon County Bicentennial Organization Management Plan and adopted a resolution to establish the Tallahassee-Leon County Steering Committee. The year 2024 will mark the 200th anniversary of the Tallahassee-Leon County community.

According to the agenda item, recognition of the milestone will allow for the community to engage in a celebration and for people to learn about Leon County’s and Tallahassee’s rich history and to share visions for the years to come. Organizers are planning for residents to come and share their stories and perspective on Tallahassee through their unique experiences.

Previously, the Board accepted the status report on community planning efforts in September 2019. It was agreed that the celebration would be centered on Tallahassee’s anniversary on March 4th and the County’s on December 29th.

On March 8th 2022, the Board approved the Division of Tourism Strategic Plan to provide “technical assistance, financial and promotional support for the 2024 bicentennial committee and community activities.”

The Division of Tourism has engaged in a Bicentennial workgroup that was set in motion by the Mayor’s office to share ideas for the celebrations to come. The Division of Tourism has continued to raise awareness to motivate locals to participate and engage with the upcoming community celebration.

This year is intended to be a planning year for the celebration in 2024. Some of the goals for the Tallahassee-Leon County Bicentennial Organization includes, expanding outreach and education on the 200-year anniversary, providing a leadership structure for 2024, increasing our community’s visibility and encouraging and promoting bicentennial events to take place every month during 2024.

The celebration is scheduled to kick off with an event on December 31, 2023 at Cascades Park.

6 Responses to "Leon County Commission Plans for Bicentennial Celebration"

  1. The “Bicentennial” is a phrase usually associated with July 4, 1996 — 1776 plus 200 years.

    You want to have a party? Fine. But let’s not appropriate a name that clearly means something else to about 330,000,000 people.

  2. Often when important things like this celebration come up it makes me sad that your neighbors keep voting leftist idiots into office.

  3. Wasn’t it the mayor’s office who treated the veterans parade committee so horrendously? This sounds like a publicity stunt for the mayor to be front and center at taxpayers expense. This kind of treatment and abuse and misuse of office reverberates through the community in the high crime rate and just look at the way people drive, it is a lawless town and it needs to be in check.

    There needs to be a nationwide search for a city manager. The nationwide search for the police chief fell short because of insiders interference trying to control and didn’t want an outsider to infiltrate their corrupt regime.

    You can’t double dip and have Insiders as a city manager and the police chief and I vote that we need to get an outsider as a city manager to get this lawlessness under control. Otherwise it will be just one publicity stunt after another at taxpayers extent with lawlessness increasing.

  4. Most students have no idea what a “bicentennial” is.

    By all means let pause to celebrate what Tallahassee once was before the liberals took over.

  5. Didn’t they just cancel the Veterans day parade because they said it was too expensive? Most of the students in Leon county can’t spell bi-centennial… just sayin’.

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