Tallahassee City Commissioner Jeremy Matlow to Run for Florida Democratic Party Chair

Tallahassee City Commissioner Jeremy Matlow to Run for Florida Democratic Party Chair

Tallahassee City Commissioner Jeremy Matlow announced on Monday night via his Twitter account that he is a candidate for the Chair of the Florida Democratic Party.

The position is now open after Manny Diaz announced his resignation following a dismal performance by Democrats in statewide races.

Matlow tweeted, “In 2022, President Biden had one of the most successful democratic midterms in decades. Unfortunately, in Florida we trended in a different direction.   Too many people stayed home. We didn’t have the infrastructure in place to win.” 

Matlow made the case for his candidacy by noting his humble upbringing and his recent election victory.

Matlow tweeted “I was raised by a single mother of four kids in poverty in North Florida. I started my businesses in Florida, and I’m raising my family right here in the State Capital.” 

Matlow also wrote, “In my last Commission race, Republicans and big special interests spent over half of a million dollars to stop the momentum of grassroots, people-powered Democrats in Tallahassee.   We fought back, organized at the neighborhood level and put together a coalition that can win.”

Matlow won re-election to the Tallahassee City Commission in August over orthopedic surgeon David Bellamy.

Matlow concluded his tweet by writing, , “Working together, Democrats can support their local DECs and lay the framework needed to win statewide. It’s an exciting day for the Democratic Party. This is just the beginning and I humbly submit my name for consideration as Florida Democratic Party chair.”

11 Responses to "Tallahassee City Commissioner Jeremy Matlow to Run for Florida Democratic Party Chair"

  1. @ NE… You fail to see the forest through the trees. A couple of politically-considered no-impact votes does not a conservative make. He clearly knew that his nay votes would not change the path… like so many devious politicians do. But they toss them out there to feign disagreement, all the while knowing the measure they surreptitiously support will pass. And like Dozier and others, by only railing against the Doak giveaway while ignoring the FAMU and TCC giveaways, shows he/they are typical pandering politicians more interested in votes than they are in fixing or improving anything.

    His record shows that he supports blaming and defunding the police – up to and including – full vocal and public support for a LEO abolitionist to remain on the CPRB. He and his progressive cohort engaged in a public attack against, in an attempt to remove, a commission colleague because some of her views may differ from theirs… and I expect they’ll try again with Richardson this next cycle. He and his progressive cohort have clearly and unimpeachably demonstrated that they do NOT seek to work as a collective body to serve ALL of Tallahassee, but rather seek to build a coalition of like-minded progressive sheep in an attempt to forward their destructive and dangerous alt-left progressive agenda.

    … oh… and what “conservative” wouldn’t want to lead the Florida Marxicrat Party that seeks to groom our children, kill innocent babies at will, and usher in the complete destruction and downfall of our Republic…. ’cause, you know, that’s the real American dream isn’t it.

  2. @Ed Lyle

    People love pizza. And successful small businesses that help Tallahassee workers to put food on the table. That’s kind of the American dream, not sure why you would put that down with childish insults.

    Did you support the CSC tax increase and the Doak giveaway? I would assume you agree with Matlow on both issues there. Many conservatives continue to appreciate the perspective her brings there and in helping to check the Maddox-era Deep State city hall/developer $ Chambercrat players in local gov who all hate him.

  3. Looks like pizza boy gave a couple of his workers some time off to blog. lmao 🙂

    The guys an anti-LEO Marxicrat clown. He’ll be a perfect fit over at the Florida Marxicrat Party.

  4. Matlow is clearly the leader of Tallahassee’s local government and politics. Good for him.

    He is also the best Commissioner if you’re a fiscal conservative. Stood against Dailey’s CSC property tax increase boondoggle and reckless Doak bond to borrow $27 million.

    Funny to see some “conservatives” folding themselves into pretzels to support the status quo Chambercrats against this honest business owner fighting for reform.

  5. Commissioner Matlow would make a wonderful Florida Democratic Party Chair. He would also make a better Leon County Republican Executive Committee Chair than the one we have now.

  6. Steve, will there be a forthcoming story on the Bob Lotane vs. Max Herrle lawsuit over Our Tallahassee? That case seems significant since I was repeatedly told the people behind the campaigns of Matlow and the other 2022 progressive candidates “AlWaYs TaKe ThE hIgH rOaD.”

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