Carjacking, Robbery by Transient Perpetrator Leaves Elderly Victims with “Serious Injuries”

Carjacking, Robbery by Transient Perpetrator Leaves Elderly Victims with “Serious Injuries”

Upon an inquiry by Tallahassee Reports, the Tallahassee Police Department provided information about a carjacking and robbery which took place this past Sunday on West Tennessee Street. The incident – which occurred around 2 am – left two elderly Tallahassee victims without a car and with serious, but non-life threatening injuries. There was no weapon involved in the incident.

The perpetrator has been identified as John Wagner, age 32, but remains at large.

A warrant has been issued for Wagner’s arrest for carjacking and robbery. TPD told TR that Wagner is considered a transient, but due to the status of the investigation, would not reveal further details about Wagner’s residence.

TPD also said the their investigation revealed that Wagner had been seen loitering on Tennessee Street on Saturday, the day before the carjacking.

The incident began on Sunday morning when Wagner attempted a carjacking at Mike’ Beer Bar on Tennessee Street. Approximately twenty minutes later, Wagner carjacked and assaulted an elderly couple at a Burger King located at 1060 West Tennessee Street.

Attempted carjacking at Mike Beer Barn on Tennessee Street.

The stolen car was subsequently recovered in Jefferson County and a warrant was issued.

In 2022, TPD reported 15 carjacking/robbery incidents.

7 Responses to "Carjacking, Robbery by Transient Perpetrator Leaves Elderly Victims with “Serious Injuries”"

  1. I’d like to add a correction to this article. It was NOT at 2 a.m. it was during broad daylight. There were many people people around at the time which is why the perpetrator walked away unharmed. Otherwise, he would have faced his maker.

  2. I was one of the victims that day. This “person” ended up sending me to TMH with a broken arm and leg ( which required surgery. ) we have finally found our vehicle in Jefferson County.

    I WILL be in court for the day he is convicted.

  3. Had this happened down at the Piggly Wiggly on the southside it would be just another nothing burger which us privlidged better than thou Leon County Democrat voting majority are OK with. Yeah it would have just a B on B crime that none of us elite citizens would give less than a crap about.
    But this is where WE shop. This must stop because NOW we have a problem.

  4. @Pat — if the perp can testify, he can’t sue, either.

    BTW, I’d like to see the text editor beefed up, including a sarcasm font!

  5. Thought the LCSO homeless unit was doing such incredible outreach. Oh wait, they can’t even keep deputies in that unit.

  6. Time for a new Leon Co. Sheriff, new Gadsden Co. Sheriff and Tallahassee Police Chief. Obviously, crime is getting worse and those 3 cannot stop it. Thank God, insert sarcasm, Gadsden County Jail Inmates are getting notebooks while they serve their time.

    Did y’all see the news report about a robbery at a Taco restaurant where a good guy with a guy killed the robber? It was all captured-on security camera. I would have done what the good guy with a gun did. The local District Attorney is dragging the good guy through a Grand Jury trial. Just because the criminal used a toy guy that everyone thought was a real gun.

    That was the last straw for me. My wife and I purchased concealed carry insurance, so we do not go broke, in retirement, justifying why we shot an intruder.

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