The Tallahassee Reports Morning Briefs: Thursday, Jan. 12

The Tallahassee Reports Morning Briefs: Thursday, Jan. 12


Leon County Commissioner Christian Caban will appear on The Steve Stewart Show today at noon. Caban represents District 2, which includes the southwest Leon County and the Fort Braden area. You can listen at

An 11th grade Leon High School student was arrested for bringing a firearm onto campus, yesterday. It is unclear if the firearm was loaded at the time it was being carried around by the student. The student was arrested, suspended, and is likely to be expelled. This is the fourth weapon found on Leon High’s campus this year, alone.

A robbery at Home Depot on Capital Circle Northeast yesterday morning led to the arrest of a 22-year-old after police chased him and tracked him down at Cascades Park. The suspect fled in a vehicle and TPD lost track of the car. Florida Highway Patrol picked the car back up near Cascades Park.

The Leon County Sheriff’s Office confirms a large fight at Godby High School led to a lockdown Wednesday afternoon. Eyewitness News received a call from a parent around 2:20 p.m. sharing that Godby was on lockdown and multiple Leon County Sheriff’s Office vehicles were on campus at the time.


After the Biden Administration announced a potential ban on gas stoves, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is defending the common home appliance. “The (Joe) Biden administration wants to nix gas stoves, are you kidding me? Like we need, I want gas stoves. I mean, imagine how many people, had the hurricane come through, didn’t have power right away, but were able to turn on. You cannot go down this road, but that’s exactly what they want to do,” DeSantis said.

A bill filed in the Florida Legislature would introduce an amendment to the State Constitution to increase the percentage of elector votes required to approve an amendment or revision to the State Constitution from 60 percent to 66.67 percent. Democrat and progressive groups were quick to condemn the bill saying it would make it harder for Floridians to express their opinion in Florida’s civic processes.


FSU men’s basketball fell to the Wake Forest Demon Deacons 90-75 last night on the road. Wake Forest’s Cameron Hildreth scored a game-high 23 points on nine field goals to get Wake their twelfth win. Matthew Cleveland scored 19 points and 12 rebounds to earn his sixth consecutive double double. The Noles’ next game is this Saturday at 4:00 p.m. hosting the Virginia Cavaliers.


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  1. Jac, we DONT live in a democracy. We live in a Republic. The Constitution should not be changed on a populist whim by tyranny of the majority.

  2. @ N. Weed, I’m white, heterosexual and conservative….”Plugs” would never hire me nor would I make it through senate confirmation.

    I would like to be on the Gadsden Co Commission Board or the Tally Citizen Police Review Board. My campaign would be based on removing body cams and bringing back the Night Stick. And building a wall south of Tennessee Street and west of Monroe.

    The 32304 Gangsta only understands getting his head cracked.

  3. Changes to the constitution should be subject to a majority vote. We live in a democracy where the majority rules. People who say anything other than 60% are fascists, simply trying to game a system to force people to live under rules dictated by a minority.

  4. What about the air traffic control system being shut down yesterday leaving passengers stranded? No coverage here but WCTV covered it.

    Want my opinion? Here it is:

    The NOTAM system failing shouldn’t have shut down the air traffic control system. I have owned 5 airplanes and have 1600 hours of flight time. I spent 33 years working as an air traffic controller, supervisor and district lever air traffic manager between Miami and Anchorage.

    Losing the NOTAM system was an easy work around. Long story short, being woke and identity politics shutdown the system. Pete Buttigieg is not qualified. Buttigieg doesn’t know any more about the air traffic system than a homeless guy. Buttigieg, in my opinion, was selected because he is gay. And if he would have simply gone to work, maybe he could have helped prevent the failure.

    First of all, NOTAM once stood for Notices to Airmen. Now its Notices to Air Missions. An example of being woke and the importance of identity politics. In 1977, when I started my air traffic control career, the vast majority of air traffic controllers were white males that were military veterans with proven air traffic experience. Then Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action began, and managers were required to hire a minority even if a more qualified and experienced white male applied.

    And in 1977, my facility didn’t have computers. We passed flight information manually, just called the next facility 30 minutes prior, gave them the aircraft’s route information and mission accomplished. Today, they shut the system down. The FAA and the controller’s union have been dumbing down the air traffic system for decades. And yesterday is the result.

    The FAA doesn’t teach the basics anymore. They argue how reliable their equipment is. I argue, while that is true, most applicants today would not successfully complete the training course if they had to learn the basics. Before I could work my first approach/departure control position, I had to prove I could work the position without any radar coverage, i.e. non-radar. In a non-radar environment, I had to memorize all the airways and assign course that didn’t conflict using only my brain and a radio. Today, they just shut the system down or slow it down and give the airspace to another facility.

    When I attended the FAA Academy, if your grade average was 69.99 or less, you were fired immediately. Today, grades are gone, and everyone graduates. I have personally worked with controller trainees that took 15 plus years to certify. And you can thank FAA Management, Affirmative Action, and the controller’s union for that.

    A simple work around, tell all pilots the NOTAM system is out of service, and it is up to him/her to obtain the information. The American Airlines office in Tallahassee could ask the airport manager what was closed then email the information to American’s main dispatch office. Then the dispatch office could email the information to all the airports they serve. Then the pilots had the needed information to operate their flights safely. Problem solved. But shutting down the system is what being woke gets you.

    So, that is my opinion. just like our universities and colleges, the air traffic system has been dumbed down, also.

  5. ref: A robbery at Home Depot on Capital Circle

    He is black and has a criminal record. No worries, the taxpayer will support his babies and pay his legal expenses.

    The Chief of Police, Gadsden County Sheriff and Leon County Sheriff have failed to keep our community safe. They should resign or be fired immediately.

    What should occur, insert sarcasm here, the community needs another 50 clown cars doing police work and more electric busses.

  6. Wow… another busy “violent” day within our Leon County Public Indoctrination System. Oh, and another “violent” robbery to boot.

    Sure hope that $5-million vote-buying boondoggle kicks-in soon… ’cause we all know that in the Marxicrat world, individuals aren’t responsible for their violent behavior. Maybe they can add “Cars” and “Gas Stoves” to the list of inanimate objects responsible for the violent behavior, robberies, and crimes.

  7. Yea! Be sure to thank all the misogynists, special interests, biased media, and the Leon County REPUBLICAN Executive Committee Chairman who helped Democratic Party candidate, Mr Caban, get elected.

  8. The percentage of elector votes required to approve an amendment or revision to the State Constitution should be 85 to 100%.

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