Elderly TMH Employee Assaulted Walking to Work by Four Teens

Elderly TMH Employee Assaulted Walking to Work by Four Teens

The Tallahassee Police Department has reported that a Tallahassee Memorial Hospital worker was assaulted by four teenagers while walking to work at 5:30 a.m. on Thursday, January 19th.

The suspects were apprehended just before 8:30 a.m. after a brief pursuit at the intersection of Dade and Brewer Streets.

The TPD incident report is provided below.

2023-00011249 / Strong Arm Robbery with Auto Theft / Miccosukee Road and Magnolia Drive / 5:28 AM (Jan. 19)

The victim, an adult female, parked her vehicle in a TMH parking lot behind Walgreens, located at 1202 Magnolia Drive, and was approached by a young male, believed to be a juvenile, who asked for the time.  A witness reported the suspect was with three others who were loitering in the area. 

The victim locked her vehicle and began walking across the road at which time the group began following her. The victim was subsequently struck by at least one suspect as the others attempted to steal her purse and keys. The victim resisted their efforts, but was ultimately pushed to the ground and struck her head on the concrete. She sustained a serious but non-life threatening injury as a result of the fall.

The suspects drove off in the vehicle and were spotted a short time later by patrol officers. There was a brief pursuit before the car was stopped at the intersection of Dade and Brewer Streets, just before 8:30 a.m. Four juveniles were arrested in connection with this incident.

Neveah Brown , 13, for trespassing in a conveyance, grand theft auto, battery on a victim over 65 years of age and carjacking.

Azari Murphy 13, for grand theft auto, battery on a victim over 65 years of age and carjacking.

Ashton Ragland 15, for trespassing in a conveyance, grand theft auto, battery on a victim over 65 years of age and carjacking

Jewelion Yarbrough, 15 for trespassing in a conveyance, grand theft auto, battery on a victim over 65 years of age and carjacking.

24 Responses to "Elderly TMH Employee Assaulted Walking to Work by Four Teens"

  1. Everyone has something to say. I wonder how each one of you would feel if one of those kids were yours?? Not taking up for what they did but the things you guys are saying is SAD. I pray the lady is ok and healing. It’s gonna take GOD to change this world. ????????

  2. Is it time for TMH to buy up some more land and put in a safe parking garage attached to the hospital for it’s employees? I had no idea employees had to walk across dangerous Magnolia Drive, especially during the dark. Yeah, let’s get them some safer spots closer to the hospital. Come on TMH, you have the money to do so!

  3. @Henry, I worked at TMH for years. If staff parked on the deck, there would literally be no parking for anyone else. It’s already packed.

    What angers me is that the west side parking along 6th and 7th has been abandoned by TMH security. There are no shuttle to the hospital at all. TMH’s attitude is you are on your own if you park over there. I’m surprised it this long for an incident like this to occurs.

  4. Barb I totally agree with you.

    Saying that, i believe if the senior had pulled a concealed weapon, they’d have still jumped her then shot her to death. Have no doubt about that, because those young bloods have pack mentality, are fast as lightning, and basic CCW classes can’t prepare people for that.

  5. @ Barb. They, the 13-year-olds, were doing what they always do…looking for trouble.

    Thank God, the 65 years old wasn’t armed with a firearm. Can you just imagine how horrible you would feel having shot a 13-year-old in self-defense?

    If this event didn’t warrant our elected officials making public statements, nothing will.

    This event clearly shows how big a problem crime is in Leon and Gadsden County.

  6. Why weren’t these children at home at 5:30 am? Do we need a curfew for children?

    Why does middle school not start until 9:30 am leaving the children to get to school on their own? This is not fair to the children or their parents or the neighbors.

    Roughly, half of Leon County public school students read below grade level. Isn’t this a form of child neglect? It should be alarming. It should be the first order of business until it is remedied.

    Maybe children committing crimes is a cry for help. Maybe they would like to read well and get a good job someday. Maybe they would like to have a life to look forward to.

  7. The crimes occurred by TMH and the kids were later found near Dade Street. 5:30 seems to early for the bus to have dropped them off a Cobb, so how did they get there? Is Date Street close to home or did they drive the car over there to impress some friends? Logistics, folks. These details matter!

    These kinds of things scare the crap out of me. Not necessary an interaction with teenaged punks, but the aftermath. Imagine someone with a CCW drawing his weapon and shooting one of the assailants. From a criminal standpoint it’s a righteous shoot. That won’t stop some money-hungry ambulance chaser from filing a civil suit. One that may cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees to get out from under. It’s hard to imagine that the “legal profession” in this country has devolved into harassing victims to make a few bucks.

  8. Nah. We’re too worried about what bathroom they should use instead of beating the brakes off of these little MFs.

  9. I am at least glad to learn that they’ll be tried as adults, or so I’ve heard. That is what needs to happen. They could all use a good 20 years in prison.

  10. I wonder if the dear senior lady were the Mom or G.mom of any of our City of Tallahasses elected Nannies would the reporting by local media be the same or different? Would whatever our beloved elected nannies reactions to the attack on the sweet older lady be the same or different? And if so: why?
    Watch and see how our elected nannies value the life of the older lady by what they say and more importantly what your nannies do. Because talk is cheap.

  11. I pray she has a full recovery. The sad part is, these Kids today will be the runs running this Country, AND the Local Governments, State, County and City as well.

  12. Products of the Public Indoctrination System that no longer teaches reading, writing, and arithmetic – but instead teaches hate, racism, and activism. This particularly heinous crime moves Tallahassee that much closer to the likes of NY, LA, and Chicago. I wonder if the $5-million “gun violence” boondoggle can be amended to include “book bag” and “thug mob” violence.

    This is what happens when you fill your local elected offices with Marxicrats who despise law and order and hate America. If the Legislature moves forward with Constitutional Carry – as they should – citizens will soon be forced to do the job local politicians prevent LEOs from doing.

    We’ve entered a new phase of rampant crime here in Tallahassee my friends. Stay vigilant, be aware of your surroundings at all times, watch your six… and do what is necessary to protect yourself, your family, your property, and our Republic.

    Best wishes to the victim for a speedy recovery.

  13. Somebody’s having a fit because they’re 13-year-olds or 15 year olds you wait to the 6,7,8,9-year-olds are doing the same damn thing. This entire generation I have never had children but they would be at my age these new parents our parents of so-called 13 year olds and 15 year olds they would be my grandchildren that’s how old I am well that generation is having children now have never been taught to accept responsibility for anything they do whatever the hell they want and it simply doesn’t matter it’s not their fault and they could give a damn less

  14. Sad and unbelievable that these kids are out of control. I also blame the administration for not taking their staff’s safety in mind and putting it top priority. Weakness in school and the law mostly the way this woke junk and democrats are poisonous to our society. Lock them up for good…I HAVE AN IDEA, “WHY NOT LET ALL THE STAFF PARK IN THE PARKING DECK WHERE THERE IS BETTER SECURITY”???

    1. These young black males in Tallahassee are so soft if she would have had a bazooka they still would have bothered with her they don’t give a damn about anything because they think they’re invincible remember black lives matter they really matter so they can have an open excuse to do anything under the sun with no consequences whatsoever for anything they do simply because they’re black

  15. Heartbreaking on many levels, but the mayor and city manager have their security with their fingers on the trigger of taser guns on speakers, yet forget about their community.

    If this city does not do a nationwide search for a city manager this nonsense will go on

    . Curtis, needs to stop manipulating pastors forcing indoctrination curriculums on the “queer theory” he needs to spearhead the the direction of securing a new city manager for this city. The culture needs to change and it is only getting worse. Is Curtis going to stand up for the citizens of Tallahassee?

  16. Finally, a story that couldn’t be swept under the rug. Tallahassee media too busy protecting the images of FAMU, FSU, and real estate brokers.

  17. It would not shock me to learn that these young hoodlums are either graduates or current students at Cobb Middle School which is just a few hundred yards up Miccosukee Road from the drug store and TMH. The students from Cobb Middle School roam the neighborhood with impunity from the time they are dropped off by their parents as early as 7:00 AM until school starts at 9:30. They walk the sidewalk three or four abreast and give way to no one, all the while dropping wrappers from the snacks they acquired loitering in and around the drug store. Cobb advertises itself as a magnet school and it is, but not in a good way.

  18. Another Dailey crime that our local officials will not spend a minute on. Hey Chief Revell, how’s that “community policing” working in Tallahassee? Watch these thugs be back on the street almost immediately if not sooner. And I blame local media for turning a blind eye to local crime. You cannot negotiate with criminals or their families. Any what ever you do, do not report the four youth’s race. Charge the parents. Do something, call the prayer team, drive the clown cars around, throw some more money at the problem. It is obvious to the most casual observer that our local government either has no idea how to tackle crime or simply has chosen not to act.

  19. 13!? I mean whats it say when 13 year olds are doing this? Likely lost to society for good and lifelong participants in the criminal justice system. Sad. Failures by many on so many levels.

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