Grand Jury Clears Police Officers Actions in West Pensacola Street Incident

Grand Jury Clears Police Officers Actions in West Pensacola Street Incident

A Leon County Grand Jury has convened and found that the conduct of law enforcement and specifically the conduct of officers in reference to the shooting of De’arius Cannon, was a lawful and justifiable use of deadly force pursuant to Florida Statutes. 

The Grand Jury investigation stems from an incident that occurred on October 29, 2022 on West Pensacola Street.


Read the full Grand Jury report here.

6 Responses to "Grand Jury Clears Police Officers Actions in West Pensacola Street Incident"

  1. @Pat — Today’s national stories: A pair robbed an Amazon driver at gunpoint in Orlando earlier this month, stealing his personal valuables and packages from his vehicle. The duo are 22 and 23 years old, have a combined 85 felony charges between them, and 11 felony convictions.

    Those 13/15 year olds that attacked the TMH employee need to be used as examples of what happens when you fall into this lifestyle, not be released to see what kind of trouble they can get into next.

  2. …and the shooter was charged with attempted manslaughter. The cops did their job, technically could have been charged with murder and the perp get a weak charge.

  3. Pat A:
    The DA and the TPD brass did not roll the bus over these officers. A Grand Jury review is mandatory for an Officer Involved Shooting. This is for transparency. The Grand Jury is comprised of members of the community at large and deliberate on the evidence. The DA doesn”t have a say in charging or not charging the officers with a crime. This protects the officers from potentially being improperly charged by a DA, and protects the public from a possible “good ol boy” network cover up. It works both ways and is very fair. These officers and all that were on scene that night deserve the greatest thank you we can offer, and then some.

  4. This is why no one wants to be a cop. The cop should be given a huge bonus for protecting our community while his boss and the DA threw him under the bus. Why in the world do prosecuters put so much effort into charging the cops while they let the criminal off easy? You watch, the 13 year olds that attacked the TMH employee will not get any real punishment. When you break the law you shouldn’t be assured the cop will treat you with “kid gloves”. You break the law, all bets are off if you resist arrest.

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