Leon County School Board Meeting Briefs: January 24, 2022

Leon County School Board Meeting Briefs: January 24, 2022

Below are the news briefs from the Leon County School Board meeting that took place on January 24, 2022.

The school board approved and passed revisions to the Leon County Schools (LCS) Inclusive School Guide for LCS Employees. The passing of the agenda item did not come without debate and discussion, and it occupied most of the board meeting. Multiple citizens came and expressed their support for the guide and Superintendent Rocky Hanna rose and also offered his support for the guide.

However, Hanna added an amendment to the current edition of the guide that would strike, “A recent federal appellate court decision upheld a Florida school district’s policy to separate bathrooms based on biological sex at birth with reasonable accommodations.”

Hanna stated the reason for removing this language was that it is inconsequential to the guide that will eventually be used by teachers and staff. The school district’s attorney noted that in previous revisions of the guide, other examples of legal cases were also removed and said removing this language fell in line with the same spirit of previous removals.

During debate over the guide, recently elected School Board Member Laurie Lawson Cox expressed that she was very concerned with the prospect of transgenderism and gender identity making their way into LCS’ schools including in bathroom preferences. She also noted that constituents were expressing similar concerns when she was on the campaign trail.

School Board Member Roseanne Wood said during debate that she appreciates Cox for her sharing her perspective, but that her experience working with transgender kids throughout her career has informed her support for the guide and how “there is a group of kids out there that need special protection.” Wood insisted that transgender bathroom policies are not a big issue after she spoke with numerous principals in the district.

Wood finalized some of her comments by saying she feels LCS is being forced to do this by direction of the state.

The board also approved a number of agenda items including approving a professional architectural consulting services contract with Hoy+Stark Architects, P.A. for Leon High School, Building 7. The total cost of remodeling and renovations will total $426,070. Similarly, Hoy+Stark Architects, P.A. was awarded a contract for a cafeteria replacement project at Hartsfield Elementary School. That contract totals $ 319,664.63.

The board approved giving a contract to Eli Roberts & Son’s, Inc. – Fuel Delivery Services totaling $2.5 million. The contract can be viewed here.

The full meeting can be viewed here.

5 Responses to "Leon County School Board Meeting Briefs: January 24, 2022"

  1. What (insert sarcasm) no discussion of the distinguished 13 years olds that attacked the 65 year old TMH employee? Just ignore the problems you have no solutions for.

  2. Rosanne Wood wants to put a little boy in your little girl’s bathroom then assures you it’s not a big issue… She obviously has her head inserted up a warm dark cavity of some sort.

  3. Attn State of Florida,
    Thanks for your DOE investigation into Rocky. But there are some more stones to turn over and see whats under them.
    That would be the 2 contracts: Hoy + Stark and Eli Roberts both of which are licensed by the State of Florida: DBPR & DOAC. A while back Rocky and his brother had a big write up in Tallahassee Reports regarding corporations set up in Nevada to accept political contributions in the PAC style of contrubutions. At the time Rocky’s acounts were referred to as the HAA HAA accounts. Now while that may all be technically legal and many politicians Rep. & Dem. legally and properly use those type of accounts the concern is this – did Rocky indicate to your DBPR and your DOAC licenees that a contirbution to his PAC type of account was recomended to get their contracts expidited thru the School Board system and signed off on. And while such PAC type of contributions…again…are legal – is it “Ethical” for a State of Florida licensee to participate in that type of quid pro quo activity.
    Start an investigation, put the squeeze on your 2 licensees, you will likely be amazed at what comes out of “that squeeze”.
    That is all. Thank you

  4. “there is a group of kids out there that need special protection.”… and notice she spoke with like-minded principals, not concerned parents.

    Letting boys sh!t and shower with girls is not a “protection”

    Mentally-underdeveloped and impressionable children suffering with the proven scientific, medical, and phytological syndrome known as Gender Dysphoria/Dystopia do not need affirmation or special accommodations. They need help, family, parents… and to be kept as far away from these groomer freaks like Wood as possible.

  5. The total cost of remodeling and renovations will total $426,070 for Building 7 at Leon High. How big is Building 7? I ask be cause the REPLACEMENT cost for the Cafeteria replacement project at Hartsfield Elementary School is just $319,664.63. How big is the Cafeteria compared to Building 7 and does the Replacement include every thing? Walls, Roof, Appliances, Tables, Chairs, Windows, Flooring, HVAC, Electrical, etc? I like construction and am trying to understand how a Replacement is cheaper then a Remodel by over $100,000.

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