Leon County Commission Retreat Addresses “Bold Goals”

Leon County Commission Retreat Addresses “Bold Goals”

On January 18th, the Leon County Commission discussed their new priorities for the County’s 5-Year Strategic Plan at the County’s Annual Retreat. The Commission focused on 4 main strategic priorities–Economy, Environment, Quality of Life, and Governance.

After the retreat, Commissioner Nick Maddox stated, “I am proud of the Board’s work today at our annual retreat, and especially how we came together to ensure our community’s continued success and progress. Through strategic planning, we will continue to address our community’s needs now and into the future.” 

The strategic planning for each of the priorities involves a “Bold Goal” and reaching specific “Targets”. 


One of the main priorities for Leon county is economic growth with a focus on diversifying the local economy. The County plans on growing the tourism economy and promoting the expansion of business and job creation.

The Bold Goal for economic growth is to grow the five-year tourism economy to $5 billion.  In addition, the county plans to achieve the following targets:

  • Attract 100 state, regional, or national championships across all sports
  • Grow the market by 10,000 new jobs and co-create 500 entrepreneur ventures.
  • Connect 7,000 students to skilled job opportunities through Leon County Works and other talent development initiatives.
  • Increase the number of certified MWSBEs by 30%


Leon County seeks to be a responsible steward over the community’s natural resources and plans to move toward more sustainable practices. The County’s plans are focused on water quality, protecting environmentally sensitive lands and reducing the community’s carbon footprint.

The Bold Goal for the environment is to upgrade or eliminate 500 septic tanks in the primary spring protection zone. Additionally, the county plans to achieve the following targets to improve the environment:

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions stemming from county operations by 25%
  • Double solar power generation at county facilities
  • Diver 3 million pounds of household hazardous waste from the landfill

Quality of Life

Under Quality of Life, Leon County’s plans are focused on community safety and and maintaining & enhancing our parks. The County also plans to promote literacy by providing essential offerings through libraries and promoting access to basic health care and homeless prevention services.

The Bold Goal for improving quality of life for residents is to support community partners to place 100 residents experiencing chronic homelessness in permanent supportive housing.  Other targets to improve the quality of life for residents include:

  • Secure more than $150 million in federal, state and local benefits for Leon County Veterans and their families.
  • support 900 community events, sporting competitions, festivals, performances and programs.
  • Construct an additional 90 miles of sidewalks, greenways, trails and bike lanes.
  • Host 100,000 residents and visitors through county supported performances at the amphitheater.


The retreat agenda noted that the Board has made it a priority to ensure citizen engagement and fiscal stewardship. The County is committed to moving into a culture of transparency and public service. The County plans on engaging citizens through platforms to ensure communication on important issues.

The Bold Goal to improve county governance is to implement 600 citizen ideas, improvements, solutions and opportunities for co-creation.  The county will also focus on the following targets designed to improve governance:

  • Connect 50,000 volunteers with service opportunities communitywide.
  • Reach 100,000 more citizens across all county platforms and programing
  • Offer 100% online permitting for licenses contractors, engineers, and architects.
  • Communicate more than 1.5 million disaster preparedness messages to create resilient households, businesses and nonprofits.

8 Responses to "Leon County Commission Retreat Addresses “Bold Goals”"

  1. Crime, water quality, high crime rate… what’s that???… most city and county commissioners ask? Those issues aren’t up for discussion much less solve the problems and implement solutions… what can citizens do?

    Citizens can file recall petitions, put in candidates to primary incumbents, put in opposing party candidates and then it only takes one new elected official, then two to break up the entrenched – Scott Maddox, Andrew Gillum, and Curtis Richardson – culture of corruption that permeates both city and county governments to this day. The inmates are literally running the asylum.

    I would think the reason for the Tallahassee Democrat not reporting this is it conflicts with their clients political re- election campaigns.

    Terry Ryan a true hero.

  2. Environment Goal: Not one mention to reduce Harmful Algal Blooms in our recreational waters across the county nor address resident health issues associated with them.

    A 40,000 gallon massive raw sewage spill last week flowed within hours to the Toilet Bowl of Tallahassee (Lake Munson) and County staff deferred to city staff to test its waters and those flowing to Wakulla Springs! Really?

    While environmentalists and non-profit groups fight to prevent gas stations being built above our precious aquifer, the County’s Science Advisory Committee recently touted “the solution to polution is dilution” Really?

    Lastly, after decades of reporting algal blooms to the Florida Deoartment of Environmental Protection, in 2014 county staff decided to stop reporting, thus, state testing for toxins stopped. Ask residents living around Lake Munson and other water bodies about skin and respiratory issues from Harmful Algal Blooms. Better yet, ask reporters why they are not investigating and reporting.

  3. The Memories
    And all of looked fondly at our past retreats we used to hold at Ameila Island.
    Meeting up in Andy’s room later at the fancy resort for the finest of drinking, drugs, and the most perverse of twisted $ex most of you could not even imagine ahhhh the good old days. Now that guy Steve Stuart watches us like a hawk and your elected Nannies are forced to get a nearby hotel room to escape from Steve in order to get our swerve, curve, and perve on.

  4. Saturday, I left the safety of my farm and ventured to southeast Tally to a dinner banquet on Apalachee Parkway. Before I left around 10pm, I receive notice my sister-in-law, who lives in Killearn Lakes area, had her car vandalized. Her other car was vandalized a couple years earlier. As I slowing pulled out of the parking lot, in pitch black darkness, a black guy stepped in front of my car. I was barely moving, stopped the car and nothing happened. I guess the black guy felt his right to step in front of me, with out my knowledge was his privilege. As soon as I was underway, I saw a TPD car stopped with lights flashing. Before I got to Monroe, another TPD car was stopped with lights flashing.

    Going north, before I got to I-10, a 3rd and 4th TPD cars were stopped with lights on. After I-10 I stopped at Market Square to grab a bottle of adult beverage. The parking lot had about a dozen black youth hanging out. Inside, three black youth were paying for a purchase. The smell of marijuanna reaked from them. The had to have just smoke some. After they left. I said, it smells like weed in here. The clerk said, there was going to be a huge party on the southside.

    That was my Saturday. Good luck Tallahassee. Crime is getting worse and the County commisions, city commission, mayor, and police chief are not even trying to save us.

  5. Winners and losers of the week…

    The high crime rate that goes unchecked by city and county officials and elected officials… continues. They certainly aren’t winners.

    Why is a city commissioner taking to the streets ranting and raving for a “queer theory” curriculum which is an educational issue not even in his lane?… Loser Of The Week… City Commissioner Curtis Richardson.

    When will the Vincent van Gogh Immersive Exhibit be on the schedule for Tallahassee? This has already appeared in other cities and on the schedule for more cities, but not Tallahassee. Why? Seems that only times the subject of the Arts come up is around election time when elected officials pretend they have their finger on the pulse regarding Arts.

    Winner of the week.. Governor Ron DeSantis – Best Governor in America! The Department of Education is holding the Leon County School Superintendent, Rocky Hanna, accountable via an investigation into pushing his political party ideology on teachers and students and not following basic curriculum guidelines.

  6. That’s weird… you would think they would have at least mentioned the ever-growing violent CRIME rate… even if in their minds it may only warrant a “mild” goal… say, a goal of achieving a tad less burglary, car jacking, and murder.

    … just a thought

  7. “support 900 community events, sporting competitions, festivals, performances and programs.”

    Repeating what I have said during my Campaign, there are many Acres available to play with at the Appalachee Regional Park SO………

    ONE: Build a 3 Acre BMX Bike Track that has the Banked Curves, big Hill Jumps, Whoopty-Doos, where one lap is about a Half Mile. You could hold several Annual Races.

    TWO: Build a Two Acre Paint Ball Battle Field. You can hold many types of Competitions such as Rival Schools, Rival Businesses and even Costumed Battles.

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