Leon County Schools Investigating Right of Student Group to Promote Bisexuality and CRT Concept of “Privilege”

Leon County Schools Investigating Right of Student Group to Promote Bisexuality and CRT Concept of “Privilege”

Leon County Schools is investigating the legality of the contents of a bulletin board controlled by the student led group called the “Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA).” The bulletin board, which is displayed in the hallway at Rickards High School, contains messages that “validates” bisexuality and promotes the Critical Race Theory concept of “privilege.”

TR learned about the bulletin board from a photo taken by a parent.

When contacted by TR, Superintendent Hanna said he was unware of the bulletin board and will investigate the constraints on the advertising allowed by student led groups based on current LCS policy related to freedom of speech.

LCS policy related to student speech states that “no speech should be prohibited except that which is offensively vulgar and profane, slanderous or defamatory, disruptive to the orderly process of teaching and learning, or promotes hatred or divisiveness between or among races, genders, religions or creeds or that which incites imminent physical violence.”

The GSA Bulletin Board

The bulletin board, shown below, is titled “Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA).” The board advertises upcoming GSA club meetings and phone numbers for various resources. The board also provides other information.

There is a flyer on the board that addresses bisexuality. The flyer states -in part – that “Bisexuality is not a phase, not confusion. It exists and it is completely valid.”

GSA Flyer Addressing Bisexuality

There are several flyers on the board that address the concept of “privilege”, which many people believe is a tenet of Critical Race Theory (CRT).

One flyer encourages people to “become aware of privilege.” The information on the board notes that the groups that should check their “privilege” are white, male, Christian, cisgender, able-bodied, and heterosexual.

One flyer states “If you can use public restrooms without stares, fear or anxiety you have cisgender privilege. CHECK YOUR PRIVILEGE.”

The board also advertises approximately 24 gender/sexuality terms. These terms – shown below – include polysexual, trigender, demisexual and pangender.

37 Responses to "Leon County Schools Investigating Right of Student Group to Promote Bisexuality and CRT Concept of “Privilege”"

  1. @DaveFL67 You and your strawman can can go argue in a corner.

    Traditional American values are and have always been inclusive. Your narrow minded indoctrination teaches you to see only the worst in everything. That belief is a more confining mold than the incredible freedom that has only ever existed in America.

    There is no reason to tear it all down except to replace it with something much worse. The people you trust are power hungry liars who will deceive you right into a mass grave if you let them.

  2. Sure. Let’s only teach “Traditional American Values.”
    You know the ones. Where America is all white and Christian and there’s a Manifest Destiny and the God given right to bomb brown and yellow people, even whole nations and cultures into submission under the shadow of he American Flag. Bow to the military-industrial complex. Watch television. Consume products. Support your corporations.

    Glad to see these kids developed the courage to be different and break the mold.

  3. TR, thank you for bringing this information to the public so we know what is happening inside our schools-even though we are continually told by our Superintendent that “this isn’t happening.” Well, the TRUTH is, it IS happening. Yes, the vast majority of teachers do a good job and those of us who have children in public school are thankful for those passionate, hard-working teachers who truly care about providing an excellent education and not pushing ideologies on OUR children!
    What we are SICK of is being lied to! It would be better for the Superintendent to say he EXPECTS that ALL of his employees will teach the standards and make sure their students get a high quality education and if he hears of ANY teachers breaking the law or trying to push an agenda or teach outside of the curriculum, he will make sure it’s investigated and dealt with.
    STOP LYING and saying it’s not happening…that’s simply not true. There are many other examples of this kind of thing happening in multiple schools. If our Superintendent would just be honest about that and then make sure it’s taken care of, parents might actually start to believe him.

  4. @inyra — Go to an FSU basketball game and check out FSU’s cheerleaders.

    2 are wearing the traditional male uniforms, with the rest wearing the traditional women’s uniforms.

    Look closely at those wearing the women’s uniform and you’ll find a ruse. A significant number of them don’t pass the “girl” test. The wrong shape to the rib cage and shoulders, subtle behavioral differences, wrong flexibility, etc. Many of the traditional routines have disappeared.

    I still remember when FSU’s students elected a guy to be the Homecoming Queen. In our youthful exuberance we all thought it was great. Well, perhaps all but the Homecoming King. But we grow up and as we do it becomes clear why we celebrate our differences.

    Putting the entire human race into a single homogeneous cell pool is just wrong.

  5. Cheerleading is an exploitation of sexual preferences. Those outfits and moves are deliberately meant to excite hormones. Ban cheerleading now! Unless they all wear long pants, full shirts, and only perform non-suggestive movements.

    Every prom that still only allows a cisgendered king and queen is indoctrinating.

    Every club that still has a “rush” type week before accepting new members, who must be just like them, is indoctrinating.

    A bulletin board made by students to welcome other students of like mind by saying you are not alone,nyou have the right to be yourself and to be loved, is not indoctrination. Hallelujah that students have such courage to be truthful.

  6. Children do not have rights, except not to be physically or psychologically abused. Psychological abuse can come from parents and teachers (and Principals & superintendents) shoving abhorrent theories like these down their throats. Children must be taught traditional American values. If they decide to explore other views independently as adults, that’s fine. But childrens’ malleable and unformed minds cannot be injected with this ideological crap as they have no frame of reference with which to process it.

  7. There is no way yall are getting your panties in a twist over some pride flags? Gay people exist, like?? Nothing discriminatory about children wanting to feel safe in their own environment. If this is where all our LCS time and energy is going, I’m severely concerned.
    – A Rickards Student

  8. This propaganda/cult recruiting board as well as Scruel clubs like this have zero place in any taxpayer funded institution. However, to be fair, this is the Godless, Atheist, Globalist, Pro-Rainbow Jihad, Bio-Medical Fascist Capital District of Florida and the overwhelming majority of it’s degenerate voters approve of this filth, especially when you read too many of the comments here trying to justifying this trash. For the few of us sane folks remaining, be glad we have Governor DeSantis at least for a little while. Without his leadership it would be much worse.

    This is just a little example of what happens to a civilization that has degenerated over the past 50 to 60 years by purging anything good, wholesome and biblically based in its culture. It leaves a vacuum and must be replaced by something. That something is exactly the Rainbow Jihad/CRT Cult. This Cult must have new recruits and clearly the satanic adults who believe in this evil, focus on our Scruels and its children as its new recruits and sacrifices. For the few remaining sane parents out there, get your kids out of these Cult indoctrination centers.

  9. As if only kids of left wing parents are LGBTQ. Pfft… I wonder how many children of right wing parents are LGBTQ and afraid to come out.

  10. As a combat veteran, I am appalled that this level of hate and segregation of people viewed as “different” is being justified by ignorant agenda. Move over Boomers, you guys planted the seeds that have ruined our society and we are tired of your antics and want to return to being neighborly to one another.

  11. Perhaps the most important part of the broader discussion is barely touched on in anything that I’ve read in a public forum. That is, there are so many ways to imprint children both positively and negatively. It’s understood that a person’s first sexual experience leaves an imprint that their experience is normal. That’s the biggest reason that we have laws that tell adults that they can NOT have sexual contact with children. If that experience is negative, sex will ALWAYS have a negative taint to it. Ask anyone, of any age, about their reactions to normal sex after having been raped. It sometimes takes years of therapy just to be able to accept sex as normal and fun. Many people never get to a point to where they look forward to sex.

    This is about sexualizing teenagers that otherwise may not have gotten to that point in their natural development. With the worst part being that the sexual experience(s) that leave the lasting imprint aren’t due to the child’s natural instincts and tendencies.

    Children will find their own path and choices. Don’t put our children in a position where other people’s choices leave lasting imprints that scar them for life.

  12. Why is there no hetero flag on that board? Are they not part of the alliance? It is the most common form of attraction. Calling other people privileged is divisive though, so the board violates the standard.

  13. Hey Merl, can we put an image of Christ up on that same bulletin board? How about an American Flag with the pledge of allegiance? Would you say the same thing regarding the impressions that could make on a confused teenager? It isn’t that we think our children are too weak to disseminate what is going on here, but rather, it is that you and the far left are making a global attempt to indoctrinate our children in a public school which is WRONG!

  14. Since when does a bulletin board count as “indoctrination?” If your kids are weak willed enough to be indoctrinated by a single bulletin board, that sounds like a personal problem. Get serious.

  15. @RockyHanna, once you open Pandora’s box, it can’t be closed. You brag that you were the first to sponsor a GSA club in our county on Leon’s campus. Well, this is what you get. There’s no room for divisive clubs, particularly when they’re based on sex or sexuality. Again, stick to educating children with reading, writing and arithmetic. What you’ve created are a bunch of little activists running around, force feeding their woke ideology onto others. Is it a hate free zone? Or is hate being bred through these activists? Too far to come back from now. Y’all exercise your right to pull your children from these public schools.

  16. Check your white Christians at the door; we don’t want to run the risk of them being uncomfortable–in a public school. Hmm, let me think? Is that divisive?

    I feel sorry for the White Christian going to Rickard’s High School right now. I’ll bet they’re being pretty quiet in class.

  17. So, if comments don’t agree with you then they are negative? Children are not supposed to run the School. The qualified adults are supposed to lead without inserting their own political ideologies. If a transgender or any student needs help they should be referred to a medical doctor and a counselor. Schools are for learning and not for students to exploit their sexual preferences which they are being exploited by the woke movement and political ideologies.

  18. WOW! Rickards has changed a lot since I went there… In 1979 it was a really good place to to get your arse whooped. It has spun 180 degrees.

  19. Interesting that only negative responses are being posted here. It’s 2023, chances are you know someone who is gay or bisexual. Stop with the pearl clutching and start with acceptance

  20. Just because you are afraid of what will happen if students learn actual words and their existence is affirmed, doesn’t mean these words don’t exist. Those of you calling for freedom are awfully quick to police schools and student’s speech.

  21. The info on this bulletin board looks accurate and good. Why all the hyper-repressive comments? Is heterosexuality so fragile that you need to crush any differing ideas?

  22. The LCS policy seems to make it pretty clear that the students are not in the wrong and have every right to share these ideas, even if the school staff cannot. If we censor children’s ideas that we don’t agree with, then we are guilty of indoctrination.

  23. First of all, that is an old bulletin board that was just never taken down. Second, the comments on this post are disappointing. Bisexuality is a valid sexual orientation and no amount of not talking about it is in the interest of young people’s health.

  24. Who is the Principal at Rickards? Is the group who put up the bulletin board an officially sanctioned group at this High School? How long has that bulletin board been up? Perhaps parents of other schools should go take a walk around their children’s school and take more pictures. Who allowed the bulletin board? Yet another example of someone not doing their job. Enter evidence exhibit A in the DOE Rocky Hanna investigation.

  25. “LCS policy related to student speech states that “no speech should be prohibited except that which is offensively vulgar and profane, slanderous or defamatory, disruptive to the orderly process of teaching and learning, or promotes hatred or divisiveness between or among races, genders, religions or creeds or that which incites imminent physical violence.””

    SO, the Bible is allowed back at Schools? It promotes Love to ALL and being Kind to ALL.

  26. I’d like to find a way to tag Rocky with the line “Bisexuality doubles your chances of finding a date for Friday night”, as that seems to be just about the only “justification” he hasn’t offered.

    Kudos to anyone that can make that stick!

  27. Leon County School Board has lost all credability. This is exactly the same scenario as appointing the fox to investigate why several chickens are missing from the chicken coop. Help us Govornor Desantis.

  28. “You Do You” says Rocky Hanna. This is exactly another example of his poor leadership. It’s no wonder that Gov. DeSantis and the FDOE are investigating the Superintendent. How is it that we are allowing this type of garbage to infiltrate our public school system? Is this also being done in other high schools? What about our middle schools?

    I am outraged and so should everyone else that pays their public tax dollars in Leon County.
    This board displayed at Rickards represents the far Left’s indoctrination of our children and it has no place in our public education system. When did we abandon academics over ideology?

    I hope Gov. DeSantis removes Rocky Hanna from office. Rocky’s leadership and his allowance of this divisive rhetoric serves no purpose in our education system. At the very least, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE vote this sorry excuse for a superintendent OUT OF OFFICE.

    Shame on you Rocky Hanna and the Leon County School Board. This is an embarrassment to every person that has every attended or has a child attending Leon County Public Schools. It is no wonder that we have issues in our community and school system. SHAMEFUL!!!

  29. Let them know they are welcome to use the bulletin board, but it should be for school related information in relation to academics, sports, service clubs and any other school sponsored approved clubs.

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