The Tallahassee Reports Morning Briefs: Monday, Jan. 30

The Tallahassee Reports Morning Briefs: Monday, Jan. 30


This past week Leon County Commissioner Bill Proctor did not mince words when he addressed the recent controversy over the Florida Department of Education denied approval of an AP African American history course. During the closing minutes of the January 24th Leon County Commission meeting, Proctor addressed the course and said “I think it’s trash.”

Four minors were arrested after stealing a car from a woman who gave them a ride. The woman gave them a ride from West Tennessee Street to Basin Street, then to Joe Louis Street. When they arrived at the destination, they battered the woman and stole her car. A handgun was found as a result of the investigation. The minors were between the ages of 13 and 15.

The Leon County Sheriff’s Office is renewing an effort to crack down on drugs in Leon County after 21 cases of fentanyl over the last six months. Sheriff Walt McNeil said the goal is to educate the public before drug abuse even takes root on top of increased enforcement.

The longest-serving member of the Leon County School Board now has part of her district’s main thoroughfare named in her honor. The ceremony took place on Jan. 25 at Raa Middle School for the dedication of the “Georgia Joy Bowen Roadway.”


According to the Biden Administration, approximately 1.5 million Floridians applied or were eligible for student loan relief. The program was a priority issue for the Biden administration and progressives, however the plan was halted after numerous groups filed suit saying it was an overreach of executive authority. The Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on the issue beginning Feb. 28.


Yesterday, Florida State women’s basketball got a huge win by pulling off the upset against the No. 16 Duke Blue Devils 70-57. Makayla Timpson had her 11th double-double this season with 21 points and 10 rebounds. Freshman guard Ta’Niya Latson recorded 15 points. The Seminoles return to the Tucker Center in their next game on Thursday, Feb. 2, at 6 p.m. as they host Wake Forest.

The No. 9 Florida State men’s tennis team fell 4-2 to 12th-ranked Baylor on Saturday. Florida State is now 5-1 on the season and will be back in action Thursday when the Seminoles travel to Lake Nona, Florida, to play in-state rival No. 16 Florida at 5:30 p.m.


8 Responses to "The Tallahassee Reports Morning Briefs: Monday, Jan. 30"

  1. @Sarah.
    Good points you make. Maybe some day Tallahassee will get a real newspaper. Not exactly sure what the purpose of the Tallahassee Democrat is.

  2. @ Sarah, If the Tallahassee Police Chief would inform you about all the crime in Tallahassee, the Chief would be going on the record showing the results of his failed programs. Plus, you have to save room on their Youtube Channel to talk about Breast Cancer Awareness and how they all wore pink shirts and came up with a # hashtag. And give credit where credit is due (insert sarcasm) the Leon Co Sheriff is on top of crime with his new iPhone App.

  3. There is something not right about the carjacking stories. 1) TMH story that was never released by TPD – kids arrested. 2) The ride share driver that was carjacked – kids not arrested by might be the same kids from TMH story 3) The Target carjacking – kids arrested but are coincidentally same age and descriptions as the other kids.

    Media is staying fairly quiet on all this… basically just reporting the press releases the TPD has put out when they get caught not releasing info.

    Wonder when an investigative reporter will actually dig in to these stories and start to connect the dots.

    Are they the same kids?
    How many instances have actually happened?
    Where the kids released and committed another crime?
    Why is it not being reported released publicly?
    If it is more than one set of kids, is it gang related?
    How did the kids get back from Port St Joe?
    Why were they not in school?
    Where were the parents?
    Is the TMH victim okay?
    If TPD or LCSO not releasing info, has this happened before?

    So many more questions, but everyone is scared of the 4th Floor of City Hall.

  4. NE Moderate

    I believe the two people to do something about crime would be Curtis Richardson and the City Manager. Start there. One more vote and the city manager is gone and a nationwide search is underway and the new city manager can clean house as he or she sees fit.

  5. The two people in position of power to actually do something on crime: Lawrence Revell and Curtis Richardson. They have led the way to today and their decisions have governed.

  6. Sheriff Walt McNeil, I got news for you………Your goal to educate the public before drug abuse even takes root is way LATE. It has taken Root many YEARS ago, Your Programs are not working. The Judges need to give the Dealers a Life Sentence no mater WHAT Jack Campbell charges them with.

  7. Another group of 13-year-olds committing felony crimes in our community and the Sheriff thinks telling them fentanyl is bad will fix everything.

    When will Sinclair Media put less emphasis on this weeks episode of “Name That Tune” and start reporting on the growth in crime.

    With our local elected officials ignoring crime, what can we do?

    If a certain group of youth is now committing felonies in there early teens, is there really any hope or need to continue throwing money at them?

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