Nims Middle School Adopts “FULLY Uniformed” Policy for 2023-24 School Year

Nims Middle School Adopts “FULLY Uniformed” Policy for 2023-24 School Year

On January 17th, R. Frank Nims Middle School announced that the school would officially be a “FULLY uniformed institution” beginning in the 23-24 academic year.

Starting in the new school year, all students at Nims Middle School will be required to abide by the new uniform policy which includes, yellow, black or white polo shirts which must be tucked into bottoms (shorts, pants or skirts) which should be black or khaki. Shorts must have a minimum 5-inch inseam and skirts to fingertips. All students will be required to wear black belts, and sagging pants will not be permitted for the upcoming school year. Pants must fit snugly and securely around the waist. Additionally, open toed shoes or footwear that exposes the feet (in anyway), will not be permitted.

The announcement was posted to the Nims Middle School facebook page and advised parents that a link to order school shirts for next year will be sent in the next few days. The link will offer polo shirts with the Nims logo, which is preferred by the administration. No additional insignias or markings other than the Nims logo will be allowed.

Tallahassee Reports made efforts to contact the Principal of R. Frank Nims Middle School to discuss the decision to adopt the new uniform policy; however, at this time there has been no response.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, nearly 20% of public schools have adopted uniform mandates for students.

The impact of school uniforms on student achievement and student behavior is controversial.

Some of the benefits of school uniform mandates have been identified in the Manual on School Uniforms issued by the U.S. Department of Education. In reference to the Manual, the U.S. Department of Justice advised that, “Proponents assert that school uniforms may decrease violence and theft among students over clothing; prevent the wearing of gang colors and insignia; instill student discipline; help students and parents resist peer pressure; help students focus on school work; and help schools identify intruders.”  

However, critics of mandatory uniforms cite studies that are inconclusive about the impact on educational outcomes.

The announcement by Nims stated that “We are enthusiastic about the future of our school and are looking forward to the 23-24 academic year.”

8 Responses to "Nims Middle School Adopts “FULLY Uniformed” Policy for 2023-24 School Year"

  1. Excellent move! I’m no fan of “equity” (forced equality of outcomes) but fully support uniforms to promote EQUALITY (equal opportunity) …This removes social pressure. ALL students arrive to school looking tidy, ready for their work. Scholarship is their JOB and now they will look (and feel) the part. Bravo, Nims!

  2. Try ScrubBiz for the Uniforms. Scott Flowers owns it. It is located in the Shopping Center across from Sonny’s on Cap. Cir. NE.

  3. I hope that whomever is the principal of Nims runs for Leon County School Superintendent. Finally, some news about our local schools that is good.

  4. As well it should be. If affordability is an issue, as Resident stated, some non-profits will help, or the parents may have to modify their cell phone plans.

  5. Great decision Nims Middle School! I hope other schools follow your leadership.
    Uniforms level the playing field. Students will focus on academics and won’t be distracted by other students clothing.
    Opponents of school uniforms always argue that parents cannot afford them.
    With over 400 non-profits in this town, someone will step up and help.
    Now, watch those Nims test scores go up.
    This is really good news.

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