Suspect in Downtown Assaults Arrested, Mayor Dailey Issues Statement

Suspect in Downtown Assaults Arrested, Mayor Dailey Issues Statement

The Tallahassee Police Department’s Violent Crimes Unit has made an arrest related to a recent string of battery cases in the downtown area. Detectives have found probable cause to charge the suspect, 30-year-old Nitravian Henderson, with two counts of felony battery.

The incident prompted a number of people to comment on Twitter about the homelessness issues in downtown Tallahassee,

Mayor John Dailey released a statement this evening about the arrest.

“I commend TPD for ensuring our beautiful downtown remains safe. We never want to conflate compassion and care with those committing criminal acts. This is an enforcement issue. There is no excuse for criminal behavior. Individuals who commit crimes should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I expect TPD to arrest those who commit crimes,” said Mayor John Dailey.

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  1. I completely support the Mayor’s comments “no excuse for criminal behavior..” & “prosecute to the fullest extent of the law…”. Contrast that with other cities across the US that accept ANY excuse for their citizens violent & unlawful behavior, with no repercussions much less “prosecute to fullest extent of the law”. I don’t care if he was motivated by twitter, & I hope this public statement in favor of law enforcement will reverberate throughout our Community & ALL criminals will be arrested & prosecuted!

  2. “There is no excuse for criminal behavior. Individuals who commit crimes should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law: John Dailey”

    SO TRUE. NOW just get the DA to hand down the proper Charges and give them the MAX.

  3. You are correct Nitravian has many mental or psychological problems without proper medication putting him in jail won’t help.

  4. Not sure who’s more delusional, Brandon or Mayor Dailey. Tallahassee has a “beautiful downtown” Mr. Mayor? You wouldn’t know what a beautiful downtown looks like if it bit you in the …

  5. I’m with Snidely on this. I think this is the first such public statement of this nature I’ve seen from the Mayor. It can’t be a coincidence that it followed a twidiot tweet. Does the Mayor personally know Mr. Henderson? Where is the follow up question regarding his thoughts on the dozens of b-on-b murders that have gripped the City low these past few years?

    @Joe… your compassion and empathy are commendable to be sure. But some people are just wired wrong, and there’s nothing you can do about that except keep them from harming others by keeping them out of circulation. Perhaps you could contact the progressive Marxicrats on the commission and offer this as a potential use for their planned new taxes.

  6. Honestly, I would have thought any statement from the Mayor would say, “Crime Problem? We have a Crime Problem? I didn’t know.”

  7. Mr Lash

    Good comments, but filled with leaks so let me plug a few of those holes. Only months ago you were carrying the pro Mayor Dailey flag and on the misogyny bullying train along with many others for anyone who disagreed.

    Congratulations as what you have helped create is from the Ron Klain/Joe Lie-den playbook which is now the Peter S/Mayor DAILEY buffoons publicity stunt.

    The Peter S driven publicity stunt in his attempt to help Mayor DAILEY fools no one.

  8. Nitravian is at the age where dormant, genetic schizophrenia will become more pronounced if he has a genetic predisposition to that mental disorder. A review of his past will quickly reveal if that possibility is something to consider. Children & Family Services will probably have lengthy records on this man.

    Understanding him does not mean his behavior is justified or acceptable, but does mean there’s a much better chance he can get the help he may need, and probably not know he needs the help.

    It’s a win-win-win if he is diagnosed and treated. That way society wins because the streets are safer, the tax payer wins because there’s no need for ineffective & very costly prison time and Nitravian wins because just possibly he might, with training & medication be able to lead a more positive, meaningful life.

    Again… his behavior is not acceptable, and is inexcusable. But incarcerating him will only delay further injury the society will experience because being incarcerated is not lifelong for the crimes he is alleged to have committed.

    Sooner or later he will be back on the street, and the Violence,Injury to Victim, Arrest, Prosecution, Incarceration, and Ultimate Release cycle will repeat.

    Along with the feelings of anger and strong disapproval for Nitravian’s unacceptable behavior, wouldn’t it be better for everyone if the true source of what makes him tick is understood and effective treatment be provided.

  9. Peter S pretends to be a journalist-publisher but he is a PR hack for Mayor Dailey. They know any publicity is better than no publicity. Dailey’s focus is on 24/7 publicity attempting his next step-up politically. There is no focus attending to the needs of citizens and have you ever heard him address the crime issue? Never ever, not once.

  10. So there you go citizens Mayor Flintstone just showed us the way to get him to do stuff. Twitter. The fool thinks twitter is more important then his constituants. So what are we waiting for? Everybody open a twitter account and the Mayor will do whatever you ask on twitter.
    Meetings? Dont waste your time. Push Mayor Flintstone’s buttons on twitter forever more if you want him to do stuff.

  11. What about all the other crime? C’mon Mayor Dailey, where is your statement about that? The only reason this guy was arrested is because Peter S. wrote a thread on Twitter today.

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