South Monroe CVS to Close in March 2023

South Monroe CVS to Close in March 2023

On March 16th, the CVS store located on South Monroe St. will officially close their doors, and all prescriptions will be transferred to other CVS locations. Many members of the community were disheartened when finding out another resource for their community would soon be gone.

Long-time community member Ms. Reed spoke with WCTV reporter Jacklyn Harold. She spoke about her and the community’s disappointment especially for those without a form of transportation. She stated, “We need to make sure that we are afforded the same types of opportunities as Southwood, Killearn, Golden Eagle, all of them have everything they need in walking distance. We have to travel a distance.”

After the closing of the South Monroe CVS, the nearest store for that community will be about 3.5 miles away.

According to a Daily Briefing by the Advisory Board, CVS Health announced that they would be closing 9% of their stores, which is around 900. The company plans to close an estimated 300 stores each year for the next 3 years.

The Advisory Board indicated that CVS will continue to expand its retail clinic presence and establish both in person and virtual locations. They stated their goal is, “making health care more affordable, accessible and convenient for consumers.” As reported by the Advisory Board, CVS said they consider certain facts when deciding what stores will be shut down such as, local market dynamics, population shifts and storefront density.

According the Wall Street Journal, CVS has plans to offer employees that are affected by any closure other positions within the company.

According the Advisory Board, Suzanne Delbaco, an executive director for the Catalyst for Payment Reform, thinks that CVS will likely focus on closing its least profitable stores due to increased demands for digital health services and decreased foot traffic. The Advisory Board reported that Ms. Delbaco stated, “It just reflects what a broader understanding of what the American health care consumer wants and expects especially post-pandemic.”

CVS store closures began in the Spring of 2022

6 Responses to "South Monroe CVS to Close in March 2023"

  1. First off…screw CVS. I left them years ago. Second off, screw the Southside. Do you really think businesses want to work in the area with the highest crime in the City? Worse than that, a City management that doesn’t fight crime.

    I wish I could have a free cell phone. I wish I could have free food. I wish someone would pay my light bill. I wish I could have free lodging. I wish my nephew could have a free education. I wish that government would have paid my child support. I wish I had free legal representation. I wish I could buy a case of snow crab legs with an EBT card monthly. I wish I could sell my EBT card for $0.50 on the dollar.

    The first thing I learn in the Marine Corps was put what you want in one hand and $h1t in the other and see what fills up first.

    Where does it end? With full blown socialism.

  2. Ms. Reed: Your whining belies your ignorance. As Mr. Lyle and FBI said, much of the problem is caused by those believing they are entitled to free stuff (i.e., the thugs). CVS, like other companies, have the right to protect its property as they see fit, even if it means closing up shop. Too bad if it means you’ll have to “travel.” The roads, sidewalks, and public transportation that you may have to use exist and are maintained mostly from the taxes paid by the other parts of Tallahassee about which you complain. Either pay more into the pot, Ms. Reed, “travel” as required, or help rid the community of the thug mindset. It isn’t all about you.

  3. Oh goody, another issue for the city Marxicrats to whine about… Pharmacy Deserts.

    Here’s a thought… focus on the 70% out-of-wedlock birth rate, rampant crime, fatherless homes, entitlement mattress mentality, and the thug lifestyle that permeates our communities of color.

    “You will never solve a problem you refuse to recognize”. ~ Edward Lyle

  4. Another example of shoplifting and other crime has consequences in the retail world..same reason grocery stores avoid that area like the plague

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