The Tallahassee Reports Morning Briefs: Tuesday, Feb. 14

The Tallahassee Reports Morning Briefs: Tuesday, Feb. 14


Today, at 9 a,.m., the Tallahassee Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) will consider a request by Global RER Workforce, LLC (Global City) for a $7 million loan for the development of a 7-story, 300-unit workforce housing complex.  The complex will also consist of 10,000 square feet of ground floor retail for a small grocery store/coop and will be located on property currently owned by Bethel Missionary Baptist Church.

Tallahassee Police have arrested Canard Tinson in connection to four recent armed robberies in recent months. The man was known to law enforcement and had an active warrant out for his arrest. His most recent attempted robbery was a Thomasville Road bank this past Saturday and Tinson was taken into custody.

Tallahassee Police is also investigating a shooting that occurred last Friday on West Pensacola Street at an apartment complex. Two adult male roommates had an argument and one male produced a weapon and shot the other in the shoulder. No arrests have yet been made and the injured man was transported to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

With the Tallahassee/Leon County Animal Service Center’s dog kennels close to capacity, a special adoption event on Saturday, Feb. 11 aimed to relieve the overcrowding. The happening, dubbed “Pooches and Smooches,” brought lots of people and pups together.


After losing a campaign last year for governor, former state Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried has launched a bid to chair the Florida Democratic Party.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced proposals that will combat environmental, social, and governance rankings, known as ESG. Among the proposals include bans on “discrimination for religious, political and social beliefs,” a ban on the use of “social credit scores,” and a ban against housing deposits in “institutions pursuing this woke ESG agenda.” DeSantis said, “We will be standing up for folks in Daytona and Destin, not following the elites in Davos.”

Potential 2024 GOP presidential candidate New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu called Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis a “big government conservative.” He continued by saying DeSantis efforts to fight rogue school boards and Disney’s Reedy Creek Improvement District is what “our Founding Fathers tried of avoid.” He also contended that Florida’s taxes are going up while New Hampshire’s are going down, and that DeSantis signed a tax increase package.


The No.18 Florida State swimming and diving teams will compete at the 2023 ACC Swimming and Diving Championships at the Greensboro Aquatic Center from Feb. 14-18.  All sessions will air on the ACC Network Extra. “We’re excited to get the week started,” FSU head coach Neal Studd said. “Our student-athletes look great and we’re eager to compete.”


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  1. @Pat — Public Universities are no longer about education or career placement, they’re about money. When I went to FSU in the 70s, full time tuition was $570/year. It’s reported to be about $6,500 today.

    We need to ask why so many of our college professors are paid 6 figure salaries to teach classes that should be taught in high school by people making about $38,000.

  2. It will be built on property currently owned by Bethel Missionary Baptist Church. Is Bethel selling the Property? If NOT, what is in it for Bethel to allow them to built it on their Property? What happens to the Building if the LOAN is defaulted on? Who takes control of it, the City, the CRA, Bethel, WHO? We STILL have a huge Eyesore of Concrete behind the Leon County Court House, what is going on with THAT huge Mistake?

  3. Chris Sunnunu couldn’t find a real bad guy to go after, so he attacks his fellow GOP Governor? He’s disqualified on that bit of bad judgement alone, nevermind the fact that he’s the real rhino.

    I will NEVER vote for him or the unctuous Nikki Haley

  4. This is amazing when you think about it. The company currying the favor of the CRA for the 7 Mil loan is able to make untraceable political contributions thru a PAC or a “Rocky Hanna” styled HAA HAA corporation. For example just 1/2 of 1% of that 7 Mil loan is only a paltry sum of only $35,000.00.
    Global City’s movers and shakers would be well advised to consider such a path to cement the deal.
    Do you think anyone involved would have their vote to approve taxpayer moneys of 7 Mil being given the thumbs up for $35,000.00? Again totally untraceable and on the down low.
    Help us Govorner Desantis.

  5. Ref: workforce housing complex.

    So often we discuss how pursuing a college degree in Lesbian Dance Theory may not provide the skills needed to get a good paying job. Yet every day FSU and FAMU provide educational programs that the student should realize isn’t going to get them a good job.

    So, instead of telling this years unemployed college grads, “I told you so”, the taxpayer is about to cough up $7 Million Dollars to provide housing to those that cannot affort it.

    Maybe if you want the best teachers, fire fighters, police officers, government should postpone buying millions of dollars worth of electric bus and increase the pay of critically needed government employees.

    And where is the line in the sand that denotes, no more tax increases?

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